My Brother Is An Idol Book 2 Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Book 2: Story 1. A concert just for one-Chapter 45

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Story 1. A concert just for one.

Chapter 45

All the members looked panicked at Hyoyoung's question. They looked at each other nervously and started to blame each other.

Finally, Hyojun replied to her, "Of… course, we feel sorry."

"Are you sure? Are you really sorry?"


"And what are you sorry about?"

At her unexpected question, the members seemed speechless. Hyojun scratched his head while Jiwoo coughed awkwardly. Kiwook kept glancing at Hyoyoung, trying to figure out what she was thinking. The only one who was calmly watching Hyoyoung with interest was Hyunsuk.

Hyoyoung offered, "If you guys are really sorry, then you need to do me a favor."

"A… favor?"

The guys froze and asked at the same time. Looking at each one of them, one by one, Hyoyoung announced, "I want you guys to do a concert."

"A concert?"

Again, all the guys asked at the same time. Hyoyoung replied, "Yup. You were gonna do a concert anyway, right?"

"Well, the thing is…"

"You were planning a fa

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