My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Story 2. I am not your brother- Chapter 14

Story 2. I am not your brother.

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After washing up, Hyoyoung returned to her bed. She was so tired that her body felt heavy like a piece of wet cotton. Her head was filled with too many thoughts so even though she was sleepy, she couldn't fall asleep.

"It was such a long day today…"

Lying on her bed, Hyoyoung went through the day in her head. She had an awkward day at school with Mikyung, who was constantly talking about The M, then she was practically kidnapped and forced to work as a stylist for the group. She watched the show at a café and returned home late. This all happened in a single day and it was the most pressure she had felt in her 18-year life.

'By the way…'

Hyoyoung suddenly sat up.

'The strangest thing about today was that jerk! My own brother!'

She remembered the things Hyojun said and how he acted.

'He has never shown that he cares about me, yet today, he declared to the world that he loves me? What the heck? Why did he do that? Was it because he want

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