My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Everyone stared at Hyoyoung in shock.

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"I checked the online forums and fan cafes and it looks like there is no one who is able to form a logical defense for you guys. It's because no one knows your identities. You people have no proper spokesperson who can represent you."

"Well, obviously it's because no one knows who we are."

"But I do."


"I will become your anonymous acquaintance who speaks the truth. I will use Myunghee's own trick to our advantage."


"Yup. I will say that I am Red M's cousin and I am willing to tell the truth about the group."

Jiwoo asked in confusion, "Hey, Hyoyoung, why not just say you are my younger sister? Why do you have to say you are my cousin?"

"Just to be safe. It would be too risky to say I am Kiwook Oppa's sister. It would be even riskier to say I am Hyojun's sister. I might make a mistake and reveal something about myself, which might cause even bigger problems. The best thing would be to pretend to be a cousin

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