My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Chapter 35

Chapter 35

Kiwook wondered loudly, "Do you think Hyoyoung will get here soon?"

"Yes, sir. I am actually right here."


When Hyoyoung suddenly appeared from a dark corner, Jiwoo jumped in shock.

Hyoyoung asked curiously, "Jiwoo Oppa, why do you keep freaking out whenever I show up?"

"Why do you keep scaring me?!"

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"No! I am a brave man, but… you are so freaky!"

Hyoyoung grinned at him as Hyojun started to set up the camera for their live show. Hyoyoung helped the members fix up their clothes and makeup. Afterward, she announced, "I will stay inside the changing room. We need to make sure that I don't appear on this show."

Hyojun replied, "Yeah, that sounds good. There is a bed and a water cooler inside the changing room, so you might get bored but it won't be uncomfortable."

Hyoyoung nodded and checked all the members one more time. Strangely, the guys looked different here than when they were at home, laughing and joking around.

Here, they

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