My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Hyoyoung took her cell phone from Kiwook and squealed in embarrassment. She went under the blanket to hide, but Kiwook lifted it slightly and whispered to her, "I would love to get underneath this blanket with you and repay your kiss with a deep kiss, but I guess I will have to take a raincheck. Thanks for the kiss! I will make sure to repay you later."

Kiwook smiled and left the room, leaving Hyoyoung alone and horrified.

"AHHHH! Why did I do that? I must have lost my mind! What's wrong with me?"

After kicking her blanket a few times, Hyoyoung turned on her cell phone. She wasn't surprised to see that she had received countless texts and missed calls from Mikyung.

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After a deep sigh, Hyoyoung dialed Mikyung's number.


Two hours later, Hyoyoung met with Mikyung at a café in front of the school. Mikyung looked at her coldly. "What the hell? You have been ignoring my texts and my calls, yet this time, you honor me by meeting me in person, Ms. Hyoyoung Ahn."


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