My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Chapter 43

Chapter 43

Hyoyoung asked curiously, "What do you mean?"

"I sometimes meet people like that. You know, people who don't have to do anything to shine. People who aren't greedy at all, yet have everything without trying. People who make you feel like life isn't fair because they have everything. To me, Hyunsuk and Hyojun are those people. I'm guessing that to Mikyung, you are that person."

"No way! That doesn't make sense. Why would she think I have everything? Or anything at all?"

Jiwoo just smiled and patted her head. He replied patiently, "You just don't know. You have no idea how beautiful your smile is and how it makes everyone around you happy. It's not a matter of your looks. It's not about being pretty, but it's about the way you are. Someone who grew up well-loved and trusted. Someone who sees the world with clear and joyful eyes. Someone so genuine and innocent you feel inadequate. Those people make you unhappy, yet you can't help but be drawn to them because you hope that by being with them, you will become clean as well. Of course, what usually ends up happening is that you end up getting even more hurt because you realize it's not how it works."


"These untainted people shine wherever they go. They don't have to try at all to look like they have everything. This can be very annoying and frustrating for those of us who always need to try our best just to survive. We want to boast about our success and achievements, but we always end up becoming envious and jealous of people like you."

"And you… felt like that too?"

"At first, yes. But soon, I realized something."


"I realized that I am also a person who can shine. I learned that everyone can be that person. Someone worthy. It's greed that destroys the person. If you learn to be happy being who you are, that is when you can become the person you want to be."

"That's deep. And it sounds like it would be very hard to achieve that."

"But it's not. It's actually the easiest thing in the world. It's all about learning to love yourself. Once you admit that you are the most important person in your life, then you can feel assured of yourself. With good self-esteem, it comes easy for you to be kind and genuine. It's the key to everything."

"And how do I explain that to Mikyung…"

"Don't tell her. You have to show it to her."

"I will do my best. By the way, this side of you is… very unexpected."

Jiwoo grinned and replied, "Oh, you mean my serious side? Well, I have many interesting sides to me!"


It was a perfectly beautiful day. The sun was shining brightly, and the sky was clear without any clouds. It seemed like the world was a happy place, except for Hyoyoung.

All the guys were asleep as it was very early in the morning. Quietly, Hyoyoung got ready and left the house to go to the nearby playground. She looked and acted like a hooligan, playing on the swing, hanging on to the metal pole, and kicking the sand.

After goofing around for a while, Hyoyoung laid down on a bench.

Suddenly, someone said to her from behind, "You could've just asked me to go for a walk with you."


"Sorry if you were expecting Jiwoo."

It was Kiwook.

He continued, "Jiwoo was right. You must have many sins since you get shocked so often. Why did you scream?"

Kiwook smiled and hugged her gently. Hyoyoung replied, "You know who makes me commit these sins."

"I know. It's us, the guys."

"If you know, why do you bother asking?"

"Cause I feel sorry. I feel guilty and horrible that we are making you take on the whole burden on your own."

"Gosh, it's fine. Don't worry about it. Just go back home. I thought you were asleep, when did you get up?"

"It's because all my senses are tuned to you. Even when I am asleep, I can still hear you."


Hyoyoung was starting to feel happier with Kiwook around. She felt like perhaps she could make things okay with Mikyung somehow. When Hyoyoung smiled, Kiwook leaned forward and whispered, "You need to go to school now, so I won't kiss you."

He blew gently onto her lips, making her blush. Kiwook winked wickedly and added, "I'll be going now. We will do the homework you have for us. I'll go and wake up the guys."

After watching Kiwook leave, Hyoyoung stood up and headed towards school. She looked determined and her footsteps were confident.


It was still early in the morning, so the classroom was empty when Hyoyoung arrived.

Except for Mikyung.

Mikyung was sitting alone in the room, and when she heard Hyoyoung call her name, she glanced at Hyoyoung briefly, then ignored her.

Hyoyoung took a deep breath and ran towards her and hugged Mikyung tightly. Hyoyoung whispered, "I'm sorry, I will tell you everything. It's all my fault, ok?"

When Hyoyoung rubbed against Mikyung affectionately and tickled her, Mikyung couldn't hide her smile as she protested, "What do you think you're doing, you weirdo?!"

Mikyung looked more relaxed, and Hyoyoung took her chance and hugged her even tighter. She asked with a grin, "I may be a weirdo, but you still love me, right?"

"You are acting strange. Did you eat something bad?"

"Nope, I had a good hearty breakfast this morning. Why did you come to school so early?"

"Stop tickling me!"

"Come on! Are you still angry?"

"Hey! Stop it!"

Mikyung objected, but it was clear that she was no longer angry. Hyoyoung asked, "Fine! But why are you here so early?"

"Oh, I woke up early. I couldn't sleep."

"You were upset after you got angry at me on Saturday, right?"

"And yet, you didn't even text me or anything over the weekend."

"But… I figured that I might make you even angrier. I thought it would be best for me to see you early in the morning in person and apologize."

"Good excuse."

"I swear I'm telling the truth! You have no idea how hard it was for me… I was really upset too."


Mikyung turned away from Hyoyoung. Afraid that things weren't going well, Hyoyoung murmured, "Mikyung…"

"No, let me speak first."

Mikyung remained facing away from Hyoyoung as she spoke calmly,


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