My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Chapter 56

It didn't take long for Myunghee to realize that she was wrong.

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Myunghee witnessed how hard they worked to achieve their success. Nothing was given to them on a silver platter like some idols. All the members were extremely kind and genuine, always treating everyone with respect, including the staff and nobodies like her.

The members were polite but not cold, considerate but not weak. They knew how to make people laugh, but not become laughingstocks themselves.

Plain and simple, the four of them were great guys.

Myunghee thought to herself, 'I wouldn't care even if they are really ugly underneath the masks… I would still love them no matter what.'

She had never seen their faces before, so all she could do was imagine what they might look like underneath the masks, but their appearances didn't matter anyway. Myunghee was falling in love with them. It was the way they moved, their voices, and their thoughtfulness.

It was, of course, a one-sided love,

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