My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Chapter 59

Chapter 59

None of the guys answered.

Hyoyoung looked around the room and continued, "I have known you guys for only a little over a week, but I already know your bodies well. Even if you wear your masks, I can recognize you by your hands, shoulders, voice, and eyes. Do you really think that Myunghee, who has worked with you for such a long time, wouldn't know that the strangers you send out to meet her aren't you guys? You can't be serious"


"Oppa, that's called arrogance."

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"She may have chosen the wrong way to express her feelings, but her love and devotion for you were genuine. You must know that, right? So for you to make light of her feelings… that's arrogance."

Hyunsuk replied, "I didn't mean to be…"

"I have a better idea."


"Give her a ticket for the best seat at the concert. Front and center."

"What! But who knows what she would do? She could ruin the entire concert! We could be in danger!"

Kiwook agreed with Hyunsuk, "That sounds too risk

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