My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Chapter 61

Chapter 61

When Hyoyoung quietly called Jiwoo's name, he fell silent and nervously turned towards her.

"Why, my Hyoyoung?"

Hyoyoung had an eerie look on her face and all the guys tensed up. She replied in a low voice, "Do you really not know what the problem is here? The problem you caused?"

Jiwoo replied cheerfully, trying to lighten the mood.

"Yup, I have no idea. I don't understand."

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"Hmm? Well, no…"


"Oh, come on, Hyoyoung. It's all good! Everything is ok, right? Guys? Help me out here!"

Jiwoo turned to the other three members for help, but they all looked away. Hyoyoung replied quietly, "Oppa, it sounds like you really don't understand what you just did, so I am going to explain it to you very slowly."

Jiwoo nodded nervously.

"Ok, Hyoyoung…"

"First question. Whose friend is Mikyung?"

"You, Hyoyoung…"

"And who did Mikyung come here to see?"

"You, Hyoyoung…"

"Very good. Then second question. Who are you, Oppa?"

"Jiwoo Kang."

"No, I mean,

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