My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Chapter 62

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As expected, she was greeted by Mikyung, Aran, and her other friends as soon as she walked into her classroom the next morning. The looked very excited and expectant.

Hyoyoung replied wearily, "I heard you dropped by my place yesterday, Mikyung?"

"Yup, I sure did. I suddenly missed you last night, so I went to your house. I really really wanted to see you."

"You could've called, you know."

"Well, Hyoyoung, I just wanted to talk to you in person. And now that I think about it… I think it was meant to be. Fate."


"Don't get me wrong, Black M is still my idol, but I finally found a man who could be the one for me in real life! Your distant relative… what's his name? The guy I saw at your house yesterday! The hottie!"


Before Hyoyoung could say anything more, Aran stepped in. It was obvious that Mikyung already told all her friends about Jiwoo. Aran exclaimed, "I heard he is super hot! Can I meet him too? Please? I want to see him! Why is it th

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