My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Chapter 63

Chapter 63

Jiwoo snapped his fingers and answered, "Oh, I got it! It's Hyoyoung!"

Hyojun nodded, "Exactly. That is why we are doing everything to avoid President Shim. I'm sorry to say this to you guys, but for Kiwook and me, Hyoyoung is the most important person to protect. We wouldn't care if we lost this job... our careers obviously aren't our priorities. Kiwook and I would easily and willingly give up being an idol for Hyoyoung… She may look strong and determined, but she is not an a.d.u.l.t yet. We are. She needs to be protected."

Hyojun didn't look away from Kiwook once during his speech. It was as if he was warning Kiwook.

Hyunsuk grinned and interrupted the staring contest, "So, I think we've sated Jiwoo's curiosity for now. The important thing we need to figure out is how to stop President Shim. Our concert date and place have already been announced, so he must know. As Hyoyoung suggested, we've already invited Myunghee. I don't know if President Shim will be able to get a ticket as well, but what I think he will try to somehow use the media against us. I don't know what he will do, but… I can guess that it won't be good."

Hyunsuk had always been the one who solved their problems, but now that he seemed to be in a quandary, the other guys looked nervous.

After a few minutes of heavy silence, Jiwoo finally exclaimed, "Oh my god. I can't think anymore. Stop it! We need to rest! My head hurts. I'm sure it will all work out in the end, right? It has to. Like Hyojun said, as long as Hyoyoung remains safe, I am okay with whatever happens. If things don't work out for us, we can open up a tteok-bokki restaurant together or something. Ok?"

The other guys grinned. This was what Jiwoo was best at. Even when the situation seemed hopeless, he was always able to lighten the mood and make people laugh. It was a gift.

Of course, Jiwoo hadn't always been this optimistic and happy.

Studying abroad was hard for him as a child and a teenager. He was bullied and discriminated at school, and Jiwoo always felt like an outsider anywhere. His teenage years were rough. He was a dark, unhappy boy who hated the world. He kept to himself most of the time, until he met Hyunsuk.

Hyunsuk was able to relieve his stress through his music. At first, Jiwoo felt uncomfortable around him, but soon, he began to be curious.

Jiwoo became good friends with Hyunsuk and he learned a lot from him including music and how to deal with the unfair world. Slowly, Jiwoo was able to recover from his depression.

Jiwoo was naturally a happy person, and thanks to Hyunsuk, he returned to his original optimistic self. When Hyunsuk decided to return to Korea to become an idol, Jiwoo didn't hesitate to follow him.

Hyunsuk knew Jiwoo very well. When Jiwoo acted overly cheerful like right now, it meant that he may be undergoing extreme stress. Jiwoo hid it well, but Hyunsuk looked at him and patted his back. It was his way of showing Jiwoo that he wasn't alone.

Jiwoo turned towards Hyunsuk and grinned.

Hyojun announced with a smile. "Now, shall we go back to practice? Dancing will make us all feel better."

They were about to turn on the music again when they heard the front door slam.


It was followed by quick footsteps and Hyoyoung's sobbing.


Hyojun burst into Hyoyoung's room without knocking and asked, "Hey, what's wrong, Hyoyoung? What happened?"

Her eyes were red and puffy as if she had been crying all day. Hyojun became pale as he sat down beside her.

He asked in a panic, "What's going on! Tell me!"

When he yelled in frustration, Hyoyoung flinched and started to cry even louder. She yelled back at him, "Why do I have to tell you everything! Can't I just cry in peace? Leave me alone."

"I-I'm sorry that I yelled. I'm really sorry, but I need to know why you are crying, so I can help you. Tell me."

"Gosh, just go away! I don't have to tell you anything. It's private."

"But I'm worried about you."

"You guys are the ones who caused me all these problems! You can't do anything for me. I need to fix it myself, so go away! You just go do your thing."

When Hyoyoung replied coldly, Hyojun looked at her anxiously. Jiwoo was standing at the doorway, and after hearing everything, he pulled Hyojun out of the room and whispered to him, "Hey, Hyojun, I think she needs some time alone. Let her be for a while."

Hyojun wanted to stay and find out what was wrong, but he nodded and started to leave. He turned around to Hyoyoung and said, "Well, if you need anything from me…"

Hyoyoung shrieked, "Do you really think I would need something from you? It's more likely that you will end up needing something from ME! That's what always happens, right? Just get out! Now!"

Hyojun and Jiwoo hurriedly closed the door behind them.

Hyoyoung covered her face with her hands.

'Things can't be any worse, Hyoyoung Ahn. You are the worst!'

She was annoyed at herself as well as her situation. She laid down on her bed and recalled what happened at school.

Even after the first class, Hyoyoung didn't get a chance to continue her conversation with Mikyung. Mikyung was laughing and chatting with her other friends as if everything was okay, but Hyoyoung could tell that something was very wrong. Mikyung wasn't herself; she was just pretending to be okay.

Hyoyoung tried to talk to her again, but when she hesitantly approached her, Mikyung ignored Hyoyoung and announced to her other friends, "Let's get some snacks! I'm starving."

Aran replied, "Oh, I already opened a bag of cookies!"

She was holding a can of juice and a bag of cookies, and she gestured for Mikyung to join her. Aran also turned to Hyoyoung and waved. Mikyung grumbled, "How could you start without me? Is there any cookies left in that bag?"

Normally, Mikyung would've grabbed Hyoyoung's hand by now and walked towards Aran, but this time, she left Hyoyoung behind.

Aran called for Hyoyoung to come as well, but Mikyung glanced at Hyoyoung with a fake smile and said, "Hey, there is no need for you to come here, Hyoyoung. You must be tired, right? If you want some, I will bring it to you later."


Hyoyoung didn't know what to do, so she remained in her seat awkwardly. Mikyung grabbed a few cookies and announced to her friends, "Hyoyoung doesn't like to eat with all of us. We are too loud for her, and she doesn't want us asking her too many questions about her life. We keep annoying her and burdening her, so you guys need to stop calling for her. I will personally deliver these cookies to her so she can eat in peace."

The girls seemed to not notice the tension between Mikyung and Hyoyoung. Aran laughed and joked, "Wow, how nice of you, Mikyung. You only care about Hyoyoung and not us! You act like you are her butler or something."

Mikyung replied with a laugh, "Hahaha! I am the only one who can treat Hyoyoung right! You all know that right? Eat up, guys. The next class will start in a minute!"

After joking around with her other friends, Mikyung walked towards Hyoyoung and dropped off several cookies on her desk. Hyoyoung thanked her awkwardly, and Mikyung whispered to her in a calm voice, "Hey, you don't have to try so hard to get along with us… It's obvious that you feel uncomfortable. There is no need for you to go through that anymore. I feel awkward just to have you around now, so let's just keep our distance, ok? I won't bother you anymore, and I will make sure the other girls don't ask you questions."

Hyoyoung looked up at her uncomfortable and begged, "T-that's not it at all, Mikyung… Please listen to me..."

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