My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Chapter 67

Chapter 67

When Hyunsuk mentioned the fact that Kiwook would not be home either over the weekend, Hyoyoung paused for a second before continuing to eat. She didn't say a word about it.

Hyojun watched her carefully before asking, "Why aren't you asking us about why Kiwook won't be home tomorrow? Aren't you curious?"

He seemed to have noticed something. Before Hyoyoung could say anything, Jiwoo answered for her, "Hey, Hyojun, Kiwook must've told Hyoyoung about it already, right? Oh, but unless… Could it be?"

Hyoyoung looked up nervously at Jiwoo. Did he figure out their plan to travel together?

She asked anxiously, "Could it be… what?"

"Did Kiwook not tell you his plan for the weekend? Is that it?"

Thankfully, it seemed that Jiwoo knew nothing. Hyoyoung continued to eat and pretended to be calm.

"I already know about it. He told me."


"Anyway, I'm going to Mikyung's house early in the morning tomorrow. Make sure you guys keep the house clean even if I'm not here."

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