My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Chapter 73

Chapter 73

Jiwoo didn't know how to answer regarding the whereabouts of Hyoyoung. While he hesitated, Mikyung suddenly clapped as if she realized something. She seemed very excited.

"Oh, Oppa! Okay, I got it. I understand now."

Jiwoo looked at her in confusion. He asked, "Huh? I didn't even say anything, so how would you know?"

"Oh, come on, Oppa. It's so obvious. You had to send her away for some errands, right? Secret The M stuff. But you had to keep it a secret from Hyoyoung's brother."

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Jiwoo looked surprised, but Mikyung didn't noticed. She was in her own little world as she explained, "I mean, a manager's salary must be meager, but I can imagine you have so much to do… After all, it's THE M! So you probably have been using Hyoyoung as your assistant for less than minimum wage. And since you are her family, she must've been helping you out. Maybe even for free! Of course, Hyojun Oppa wouldn't like his little sister being used like that… especially since she needs to

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