My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Chapter 74

Chapter 74

Jiwoo slowly turned around to face Hyojun, who looked furious. Jiwoo stammered, "H-hey man… y-you look like you want to stab me to death. Hyojun, calm down. I will explain everything."

"You better have a damn good explanation."

"Well… umm… the thing is…"


Hyojun continued to stare at Jiwoo without blinking. After a few seconds of hesitation, Jiwoo started to explain. He told the guys that at first he planned to tell Mikyung the truth, that he was a member of The M. But when Mikyung incorrectly guessed Jiwoo to be The M's manager, he just went with it.

Hyojun, Kiwook, and Hyunsuk stared at him. Hyojun murmured, "You… were going to tell her that you are Red M?"

Kiwook said as well, "So, I heard it right then. Jiwoo did just say he was going to tell her the truth."

Hyunsuk added in shock, "So… Jiwoo was going to tell Mikyung the truth but she assumed wrong and that was the only reason why he didn't tell her…?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

When the guys surrounded him and talked as if h

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