My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Chapter 78

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The three guys ignored Jiwoo complaining about their meager dinner. They started slowly drinking their coffee and talked.

"You know what? I'm kind of full."

"Your stomach probably is just numb because you're too hungry. Or maybe your stomach shrunk so much that it filled up quickly."

"Oh man, my poor stomach…"

"We will get used to it after a few days, so don't worry about it."

"I think we are pretty much okay on our group choreography, so let's start on our singing."

"Well, we don't have that many songs of our own since we only released one album so far. We will have to sing other singers' songs during the concert. How should we pick them?"

"We just need to pick a theme."

"We already did, remember? It's mystery…"

"No, not that one. We need a theme just for song selection. We can pair up and come up with two themes or we can have individual themes too."

"Yeah, one theme for the four of us might be boring… so why don't we sing all of our own songs together and then

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