My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Chapter 80

Chapter 80

One week before the concert.

All the costumes, shoes, and accessories were completed. Most of them were already at home, and there were only a few more items that needed to be delivered.

Hyoyoung smiled and handed the outfits to the guys as she explained, "So we are almost ready! I asked the designers to make two of each outfit so that one can be used during your practice and also as a backup in case the real ones get damaged. From now on, you should practice in those costumes so you get used to them. Do it like you are really performing in the concert!"

Hyunsuk exclaimed, "Wow! That's impressive. How did you think of making backup costumes?"

Hyoyoung shrugged, "It would be disastrous if you ruined your outfits during your practices, right? And you'd want to practice in the costumes to get used to them. However, I only got one pair of shoes for each of you since it's very unlikely that you will ruin them. Also, shoes become more comfortable as you wear them, so just practice in them, okay?"

The members nodded eagerly like students listening to their favorite teacher.

And finally, it was the day before the concert.

"Let's finish our practice early today so we can rest up for tomorrow."

When Hyojun announced that, Jiwoo asked, "What time are we going to go to the concert building tomorrow?"

"I told the manager we will be there before 9 AM. I think President Kim will be there as well. He is supposed to come right from the airport."

"That's so crazy. I mean, we are the only debuted idols he has, so how could he come on the day of the concert? He should've come much sooner, don't you think?"

"Yeah, Hyunsuk made sure it happened this way."


"President Kim probably had a horrible time. Hyunsuk asked someone to make sure things happened to our CEO so his return gets as delayed as possible. Making him lose his passport, messing up his hotel reservations and rental car insurance… Making sure he lost his baggage… I bet he lost a lot of weight during this trip. Poor guy…"

Jiwoo turned to Hyunsuk and asked, "Oh my god, Hyunsuk, you did all that?"

"Well, not so much me but my compa… I mean my acquaintances."

"Poor President Kim… it must've been very hard for him."

"He probably thinks he is incredibly unlucky. I even made sure he lost his cell phone."

"You made it happen?"

"Just don't ask. It's better that you don't know. Anyway, he would've 'found' his cell phone before getting on the flight back."

"Oh my… you are incredible! Wow!"

Hyojun asked Hyunsuk, "Was all this really necessary?"

Jiwoo agreed, "I know! I mean, we had enough help that we were okay preparing for this concert, so we didn't really need our CEO, but… I feel bad for the guy."

Hyunsuk replied coolly, "It was just better to do things without President Kim. His presence here would have made things even more complicated. Myunghee would've tried to use him, I'm sure. The bigger problem is President Shim."

"Oh… so he was deported from Bali?"

"Yup. His flight will arrive in two hours."

"This is going to be very awkward…"

"And how many times did Myunghee go see our manager?"

"Like four times, I think. Our manager ended up screaming at her the last time she went to him. He threatened her to call the police."

"Gosh… and we are still ok with inviting that girl to our concert?"

"What if she throws something at us during the show?"

Hyunsuk tried to calm everyone down.

"I made sure there is a solid row of security guards surrounding the stage. They all have a photo of Myunghee, so they know who to look out for."

"We just have to get through the concert tomorrow safely, and then…"

"And then we can fight back legally if necessary."

"So tomorrow, Hyoyoung will be just one of the audience?"

"Yup. She will be watching with her friends."

Suddenly Jiwoo gasped, "Oh…!"


"Oh… I… I promised Mikyung that I will get her backstage so she can get a photo with The M."

"Jiwoo Kang! You promised her that?"

"Well… she thinks I'm The M's manager, so…"

"I don't know if we can make that happen."

"Oh my god… so you are going to make me into a liar?"

"It's your fault for making such a stupid promise!"

Hyojun offered, "If nothing crazy happens, maybe we can just get Mikyung and Hyoyoung backstage for a photo. We will see how things go tomorrow."

"Oh, will Hyoyoung be coming to the staffroom after the concert?"

"Yes. I will get a separate security guard to escort her backstage."

"Myunghee won't recognize her…. right?"

"It will be too dark, so I don't think so."

"Hyunsuk, are Myunghee and Hyoyoung's seats separated?"

"Yes, and it will be dark and hectic there so I doubt they will ever see each other. After the concert, we will ask Hyoyoung to move quickly to get to us."

"Ok, got it. Well, that's it for today then."

The members decided to take a break for the rest of the day.

Hyojun put on his headphones and quietly listened to some music. Jiwoo turned on the tv to watch some reality shows. Hyunsuk stared at his laptop for a while before making a call.

"Oh, so he arrived already?"

His face looked grim as he continued, "Then as we planned, you need to follow him… What? He disappeared? You don't know where he went?"


Meanwhile, Kiwook left the house quietly. It was about time for Hyoyoung to return home from school.

'She should be here now…'

Kiwook waited for her on the street near the crosswalk when suddenly someone hugged him from behind.

"Guess who!"

It was Hyoyoung. Kiwook grinned and pulled her towards him. Before she could stop him, he lowered his face to kiss her.

"Are you crazy! What if someone sees us?"

Hyoyoung's face became red as she looked around to make sure no one was nearby.

"It's called a surprise kiss."

"You've lost your mind, Oppa. You need to be more careful!"

"I can't think straight when I'm with you, Hyoyoung. You know that!"

"Gosh… what if Hyojun Oppa sees us?"

"Whatever. Tomorrow's the concert, so it's not like he could hurt me or anything, right?"

"Are you kidding me? Of course he would! He would break your legs!"

"Well, if he did, you would be there to take care of me, right? I will get to spend even more time with you, so… it would be a win for me!"

"OMG! You are impossible!"

Smiling broadly, Kiwook kissed her again. Hyoyoung glared at him mockingly before asking, "Are you guys done with your practice for the day?"

She tried to change the subject. Kiwook nodded and put his arm around her. He couldn't help but caress her back and shoulder constantly.

Hyoyoung grumbled, "Oh, come on! You gotta stop!"

"Why should I? You are mine, so it's all good!"

"It's too embarrassing!"

"What is?"

"Just… everything!"

"But why?"

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