My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Chapter 82

Chapter 82

Thankfully, Hyoyoung wasn't the only one crying at the concert. There were plenty of other fans who were sobbing as they watched the show.

Mikyung handed her a tissue and consoled her, "Hey, I understand that you are super happy to be here, but don't you think crying is a bit too much? Come on…"

Mikyung thought Hyoyoung was crying because she was too happy to be at the concert. She had no idea that the real reason was because Hyoyoung felt proud yet upset for the members.

While Hyoyoung cried, The M finished three additional songs. They took a bow and the fans went wild. Slowly, three of them disappeared and only Hyunsuk, Blue M, was left on the stage.

Blue M was the most mysterious member of The M. There was only minimal information on him available to the fans. The audience screamed in excitement and slowly, Hyunsuk started to sing.

The song he chose was a sweet ballad, which suited his deep voice. Unlike the modern music The M created, Hyunsuk chose a folk ballad from the '80s. It had beautiful lyrics and the fans quieted down to enjoy the song. It was like sweet hot chocolate, calming the fans' hearts.

After the song was over, the stage slowly lit with five different colors. The rest of the members ran out to the stage and they started to dance as one again.

After the group performance, it was Jiwoo's solo. He was adorable as he showed off his magic tricks. His performance was like a lovely musical.

After his portion of the show ended, Hyojun appeared on the stage. The audience went wild with excitement.


Without a word, Hyojun started to dance. His performance was charismatic. He was unexpectedly dancing to heavy metal music, and the fans stood and clapped to the beat of the song.

After dancing to the three songs straight, Hyojun stood in the middle of the stage and finally said to the audience, "Hello!"

It was the first word The M said to the audience during the concert. The fans screamed passionately as Hyojun continued, "I am Black M of The M!"

As the fans applauded, Hyojun bowed. His voice wavered as he said, "And I would like to introduce you to the other members!"

He gestured and the other three members appeared to greet their fans.

Hyunsuk, Jiwoo, and Kiwook.

The four members together looked out at the sea of adoring devotees. They each had a speech they wanted to give to their fans, but as they stared at the people in front of them, people who loved them, all four members became speechless. The camera captured closeups of each member and the audience became even louder. After a few minutes, Hyojun finally brought the microphone to his lips.

"Thank you… and we love you!"

All the members bowed deeply and respectfully.

The next to go on the stage to perform a solo was Kiwook.

Hyoyoung swallowed hard. 'Oh, it's Kiwook Oppa's turn.'

The stage became dark except for a single ray of light on Kiwook. He started to dance like a beautiful bird. One moment, it looked like he was dancing alone, then the next moment, it appeared like he was dancing with his shadow. After the intro, Kiwook grabbed a microphone and whispered, "You are not alone."

When the Michael Jackson song began, the fans became wild. Kiwook was amazing and at the end, the camera closed-up on his face. He looked straight at it and mouthed the words, "I love you, Hyo."

The audience saw it as Kiwook giving a kiss to the fans, which made them scream happily. The camera still held Kiwook's face as he mouthed again, "I love you, Hyo."

The fans clearly didn't catch the word "Hyo," but Hyoyoung did. Her heart danced violently. She held her hands together and replied, "I love you too."


The concert was over, yet the fans screamed for an encore. Hyoyoung quickly got ready and whispered to Mikyung, "I have to go to the bathroom. I need to poop really badly."

"OMG, you are overexcited, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I'm going to lose it. I gotta go."

"Oh, then… do you want me to wait for you?"

"No, go ahead without me. I don't know how long this is going to take. I will see you tomorrow."

"Oh, what about Jiwoo Oppa's promise that I can get a photo with the members…"

"Umm, Jiwoo Oppa couldn't make it to the concert today. The agency got him to do something else."

"OMG, seriously?"

"Yeah, but he said he will get you autographed photos of the members with your name on them."

"Oh, ok. They'll be my good luck charm for the SAT. Anyway, alright. Go ahead."

"Ok, thanks."

Hyoyoung left quickly. A security guard was standing by to escort her to backstage. Hyoyoung was nervous her friends might see her being guided by a guard, but thankfully, an encore song started, and the fans stared at the stage.

Hyoyoung sighed in relief and was about to follow the guard. No one was watching her…

Except for one person.

It was Myunghee.

Myunghee was unhappy during the entire concert. She realized that the members of The M were clearly out of her reach. They were stars and she was a nobody.

On top of that, she remembered what her uncle, President Shim, said to her last night.

"Kiwook Noh… that bastard is apparently dating someone. I am still not completely sure if he is a member of The M, but if he is… this would be huge news. And that girl he is dating… she is…"

The photos President Shim showed Myunghee were those of Hyoyoung and Kiwook together from afar. President Shim took them secretly when Kiwook walked her home the day before.

The photos showed Kiwook hugging Hyoyoung, kissing her, and looking down at her adoringly.

Myunghee stared at the pictures and stammered, "T… this is the girl? I know her."


"I know this girl.'

"How do you know her?"

"She is the new stylist for The M."

"Oh… is that so?"

"Uncle… you are saying this girl is Kiwook Noh's girlfriend?"

"Yes, and the more I think about it, the more I think Kiwook Noh is a member of The M."

"So this girl is dating either Black or Purple M…"

"Well, I'm not 100% sure, but we can do more research to find out. They will not be able to get away from me now that I know about them. Let's see who wins here."

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