My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Chapter 84

Chapter 84

Mikyung had an unreadable expression on her face. She looked at Hyoyoung, Hyojun, and Kiwook, before asking Hyoyoung in a trembling voice.

"H… how c-could you… do t-this to me…?"

Jiwoo stepped in, "Hey, lady, I'm so sorry, but it couldn't be helped."

"Jiwoo Oppa? You are Red M? Not The M's manager?"

"I… I was going to tell you everything that day at the café…"

When Jiwoo tried to explain, Mikyung replied sarcastically, "Wow, I can't believe this! The Ahn siblings… and every member of The M. All liars, huh?"

Hyoyoung finally opened her mouth, "Mikyung, it's not like that…"

"Hey, Hyoyoung. Just shut up. As of today, we are no longer friends. Have a nice life with your M oppas. You are such a b*tch."

Mikyung glared at Hyoyoung coldly and turned around to leave.


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Seeing Mikyung leave and hearing her say they were no longer friends, all Hyoyoung could think was to get to Mikyung.

Hyoyoung couldn't see anyone else. She didn't even notice Myunghee anymore

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