My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Chapter 89

Chapter 89

On Jiwoo's computer screen, there was an article titled, "Purple M Had an Unfortunate Unloved Childhood."

The article talked about Kiwook's parents' divorce and how it negatively affected him. It made Kiwook sound like a jerk who seduced the other member's little sister. The article said Kiwook was a twisted man who couldn't control his emotions and also was very obsessive.

It also mentioned that Black M, Hyojun, was a cold man who only cared about success. Blue M, Hyunsuk, was a coward who didn't do anything to help the other members, and Red M, Jiwoo, was selfish and uncaring.

The article included proof for each claim. There were stories from the members' childhood and school days. Some were true, while others were ridiculous lies.

"Oh my god. This has to be President Shim. There is no doubt that this is his doing."

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"By the way… here it says that when Kiwook was little, he ran away from home for a girl… is this true?"

"It says that according to Purple M'

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