My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Chapter 9

Chapter 9

"W-what are you guys doing?! You are all pervs!"

Hyoyoung screamed at him on the phone, but Hyojun replied calmly as he set his cellphone on a shelf so she could see everything.

"What are you talking about? We can't be embarrassed in front of our own stylist. Besides, I am your brother and we've lived together for years, remember? Why are you so embarrassed?"

Even after Hyojun explained nonchalantly, Hyoyoung remained red-faced as she replied, "B-but… it's not that I'm having weird thoughts or anything, but… I mean… I don't know what I'm saying anymore! It's just that everyone seems so… naked that it looks odd! Gosh… what am I even saying??"

While she continued all flustered, Jiwoo came to the phone and looked at her affectionately. He said to her, "Hey, Young! There is no need for you to be shy around us! After all, you are now a professional stylist, right? So just have a look at the outfits we picked out and tell us what you think. Let's start with me first. What do you think of this?"

Jiwoo showed her a bizarre double denim outfit. Hyoyoung replied, "Uhm… you look like a miner from the '50s. Oppa, if you insist on the double denim outfit, you need to pick different fits. The jeans you have are too baggy. Look for something with a tighter fit and roll it up to show your ankles. You can keep the denim jacket, but inside wear a simple white t-shirt."

Jiwoo's eyes widened at Hyoyoung's suggestion. He nodded.

"Wow, I can see why Jun was bragging about you so much. I'm impressed. Ok! I will go and find what you just said!"

When Jiwoo left excitedly, the other three stood in line in front of the phone for her as well.

"No, not that! Hyunsuk Oppa! That's not it! You look like a grim reaper! Find a shirt with a brighter color… NO! Hyojun Ahn! What the hell is that? Do you really think that suits you? I can't believe you are my own brother! Just drop that outfit, RIGHT NOW! What's that behind you? Yeah, that beige robe. Yes, that would be a better top for you… Kiwook Oppa! What are you doing?? What are you wearing?? Are you going to join the priesthood? Why are you wearing that thing? GYAAA! Jiwoo! I told you to find a pair of skinny jeans, not blue tights! Oh my god! What is wrong with you people? Just wait there, this isn't working!"

After trying to help them through the video chat, Hyoyoung became too frustrated. The guys were terrible at following orders and their fashion sense was indeed out of this world. She needed to be inside the store to make it work.

"Go open the door!"

She screamed at the phone and got out of the car. Hyoyoung looked around quickly to make sure there was no one watching and when she was sure, she ran into the store. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

She moved fast and picked out the clothes quickly. She was like a hurricane as the men gaped at her in awe.

"Oppa! You should wear this. Go try it on so I can check. Your mask is black, so why would you think a red spangle shirt would work? Try this on! Hyunsuk Oppa! Take this. Let's try a dandy look, ok? You need to wear things that accentuate your long legs! Got it?! Jiwoo Oppa! Drop that thing right now and take this! You have amazingly broad shoulders so show them off! Go wear this and you will be able to melt any girl's heart. Move faster! And Kiwook Oppa, you need to wear this. You need to wear things that are well-fitted…"

"And what part of my body do you think I need to accentuate so I can melt a girl's heart?"

"Oh, your arms! Beautiful arms! Veins! Long slim fingers! Gorgeous white skin…"

Hyoyoung was so absorbed in her job that she didn't even realize what she was saying to the guys - the things she secretly liked about them. When the room became quiet, she realized what she had done, but it was too late. The four men were all holding the outfits she had picked out and were staring at her.

"Long… legs?"

"Shoulders…? Amazingly broad…?"

"So my arms…"

"Melt any girl's heart?"

The guys all looked surprised and Hyoyoung couldn't be any more embarrassed. She desperately wished she could disappear.

"Uhm… what I meant was… oh."

When Hyoyoung stammered, mortified, Hyojun sighed deeply.

"What an idiot…"

With that, the members went into the changing rooms to try on the clothes. They smiled at her, making her feel even worse.

'This can't be happening…'

She blamed herself for being such a klutz and lowered her head in shame. She wanted to hide somewhere, but without the guys opening the store door for her, she couldn't leave.

When she looked up, she saw that one of the changing rooms had its door slightly ajar.

'Oh, I can go in there for a while. I need a private space for myself to recover from this humiliation. I'll just go in there and hide for a while...'

She walked towards it, opened the door and walked in.

However, she immediately bumped into something.


She looked up, and in front of her was Kiwook.

He only had his pants on and was holding a shirt in his hand.

While Hyoyoung stared at him in shock, Kiwook grinned and pulled her closer to him.

He hugged her tightly.

'This has to be a dream.'

Hyoyoung felt Kiwook's firm, hard chest against her cheek.

She couldn't believe that this was really happening.

Badum, badum.

Hyoyoung could hear Kiwook's strong heartbeat. It was beating fast and the sound seemed to be getting louder and louder. Hyoyoung wondered if this was a dream, but she knew that it couldn't be. Kiwook's hands were holding her head and he slowly moved them to her neck.

However, before his hands reached the back of her neck, Hyoyoung tensed up. Feeling her nervousness, Kiwook carefully stepped back from her. He said gently, "You scared me. You barged in so suddenly that I thought something was wrong."

She was in his arms for only ten seconds, but it felt like ten years.

Hyoyoung replied, "Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry."

After a quick apology, she ran out of the changing room. Thankfully, there was no one outside.

In just a few seconds, it was Kiwook who was the first out. He asked her sweetly, "Are you ok?"

"Oh, yes. I… I didn't mean to walk in on you like that... I didn't know."

"I know."

Kiwook patted her head gently, making her face red again. He replied with a grin, "Well, you seem upset, but I liked it."

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