My Brother Is An Idol Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Chapter 94

Chapter 94

Hyunsuk showed Hyoyoung's parents the articles that were released that morning.

He sighed as he read the titles again.

-Purple M's lover is his sister?

-Purple M and Black M both have the same sister!

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Hyoyoung's father became pale as he read the articles. Hyunsuk explained, "When we first saw these, we were shocked too."

He continued explaining calmly. The first article was released around 3 AM that morning. 10 hours before that, the reporter Byungjun Lee heard the story from Jaehoon Shim as they sat at the expensive Japanese restaurant.

When President Shim ordered the most expensive dish in the restaurant, which cost a third of Byungjun's monthly salary, the reporter became suspicious. He turned on the voice recorder, wondering if he was being fooled by Jaehoon, but after the meal arrived President Shim finally revealed the story he promised.

"The girl Purple M fell for, she used to be his sister. An adopte

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