My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 1846

The four-clawed dragon on the robe the young man was wearing showed that he was the royal prince of a powerful dynasty.

Xue Lin was disappointed at the sight of the young man. She had thought the new comer was her husband Qingfeng Li, but instead it was just a stranger.

The young man was very dashing with an overwhelming presence ever stronger than that of the four-eyed demonic snake.

Standing in the void, his clothes were dry as if the stormy rain drops dared not to get near him. The two old men standing behind the young man were also extraordinary.

When they stood there, the rain drops gave way to them and even the aura emitted from their bodies made the space unstable.

The young man gazed at Xue Lin with heat in his eyes, but he concealed it before anyone noticed.

He had seen millions of beauties but none of them were as beautiful and charming as Xue Lin.

More importantly, he had sensed the aura of a godly beast from the chaotic universe from Xue Lin.

Arrogantly, the young man introduced himself, “Beauty, my name is Yifan Feng, the royal prince of the Wind Eagle High Tier Dynasty. Nice to meet you.”

Frowning, Xue Lin rolled her eyes and ignored him.

Yifan Feng was not displeased at her silence. To the contrary, he was excited since whenever he introduced himself, he would be greeted ingratiatingly.

If the person was a male self-cultivator, he would kneel down and kowtow to him or bow. As for the female self-cultivators, they would even try to flirt with him with their eyes.

It was because of Yifan Feng’s powerful identity as the royal prince of a high tier dynasty which was 100 times more powerful than the Country of Lingyun.

The emperors of high tier dynasties were all sixth level spirit monarch realm masters and ranked among the top 50 on the Crimson Fire Continent spirit monarch realm masters list. Even Yifan Feng ranked among the top 100 on the spirit monarch realm masters list.

As a handsome and powerful royal prince, Yifan Feng had met many self-cultivators who offered to be his subordinates and female self-cultivators who offered to be his women.

Having slept with too many women, Yifan Feng was tired with women who offered themselves.

That was why his interest was piqued when Xue Lin ignored him. He thought of her as a unique beauty worthy to be pursued.

Beside Xue Lin, the Dark Ice Sect leader was astonished when she heard Yifan Feng’s self-introduction.

Although she was only a first level spirit monarch realm master, she knew the Wind Eagle High Tier Dynasty was one of the top existences on the whole Crimson Fire Continent.

Joy appeared in her eyes when she whispered, “Xue Lin, we are saved. If Yifan Feng is willing to help us, he can surely kill four-eyed demonic snake.”

Xue Lin remained silent. For some reason, she missed Qingfeng Li with great longing at this very moment and was repulsed by the heated glances from Yifan Feng.

Fury appeared in the four-eyed demonic snake’s eyes since it felt his dignity was challenged when it saw Yifan Feng ignore it and keep talking to Xue Lin.

Thefour-eyed demonic snake said coldly, “Human, you launched a sneak attack on me, yet you are now ignoring me and talking to the beauty. But she is my food and so are you.”

Hearing the four-eyed demon snake’s vicious threat, Yifan Feng laughed arrogantly, saying, “You do think highly of yourself. Since you ask for your death, I will grant your wish and have a taste of my power.”

Thefour-eyed demonic snake opened its mouth and spat out a black flame which melted the void and arrived before Yifan Feng instantly, like a flash of lightning.

Standing in the void, Yifan Feng was calm and indifferent. Abruptly he raised his right hand and grabbed the black fire in his palm. Putting force in his grip, he shattered the black flame into black sparks which disappeared in the air.

The four-eyed demonic snake’s expression changed at the sight, knowing he had met his match and had to launch its most powerful attack.

Circulating the demonic energy in his body, the four-eyed demonic snake abruptly whipped out its huge tail, which drew an arc in the air and exploded a giant crack in the air, crashing viciously toward Yifan Feng.

It would have crushed Yifan Feng into a meat pie if it had landed on him. But the four-eyed demonic beast underestimated Yifan Feng’s strength.

Pointing his right forefinger forward lightly, Yifan Feng instantly pierced a big hole in the snake’s tail where blood gushed out and even white bones and red flesh were exposed.

Thefour-eyed demonic snake screamed in pain, not expecting the young man could be so powerful that it was not his match.

“Four eye super power!” With a furious roar, it opened all four eyes and shot two beams of black light from two of its eyes.

The black light beams could control and burn up everything. Instantly, they were before Yifan Feng.

With a calm expression, Yifan Feng again reached out his right hand with indifference. From his forefinger shot out two beams of blue light which, like flashes of lightning, instantly shattered the black light beams into countless pieces which disappeared quickly.

Then, he whipped out his right forefinger again and pointed it forward four times, shooting four beams of blue light.

Faster than lightning, the blue light beams all shot into the demon beast’s four eyes and blinded it.

The four-eyed demonic snake screamed pathetically. Blinded, it tumbled in the sky and writhed on the ground, breaking all the rocks on both sides of the valley.

With a faint smile, Yifan Feng said with killing intent on his face, “Your life ends here.”

Channeling the vital essence in his body, he punched out abruptly his fist which turned into a vital essence fist at least 40,000 feet high. It crashed onto the demon snake’s body and exploded it into a rain of blood and flesh which disappeared in the air. Even its soul was shattered by the fist.

From the beginning to the end of the battle, Yifan Feng didn’t move an inch from his position in the void. He had killed four-eyed demonic snake as if it was an ant. With such great power, he well deserved his status as a royal prince of a high tier dynasty.

No wonder he could rank among the top 100 on the spirit monarch masters list. His power was so great it was beyond imagination.

The four-eyed demonic snake, a third level spirit monarch demon beast, was killed by Yifan Feng with one strike.

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