My Dad Is The Galaxy's Prince Charming Chapter 125

Yao Si felt her entire body rise. The next moment, she was smashed straight back against the ground. The impact was excruciating, and she even heard the sound of her joints shifting. Even though she knew she had to fight back, an irresistible force had pinned her down, robbing her of the ability to react.

This is... bloodline suppression!

She felt the grip around her neck tighten as the person lifted her up by it. Her breathing choked up as the force around her neck started to increase!

It hurts!

She was aware that she was no longer on the planet she'd been before. The moment the stranger had caught hold of her, a portal had opened once again, and he took her through it. All of that was to gain enough time to kill her.

She was suddenly reminded of Qu Ze's words. He had mentioned that the target of all Euphoria's recent activities had been her. So regardless of whether it was the doomsday virus or the exploding meteorites or thisall of it was just to kill her. She had always been their target.

The force on her neck began to increase, to the point that even her vision started to blur. She could vaguely make out a sword made of congealed blood come slashing at her chest. This was the only way to kill a bloodling, by using the blood of their kinsmen. Yao Si felt like her flesh was being ripped apart when the sword pierced her chest.

Am I really going to die?

Yao Si lifted her head instinctively, but her vision was already blurry. Maybe due to the anxiety of an impending death, her mental strength exploded, allowing her to see through the other's barrier made by mental strength. The face in front of her shocked her.

"Brother... Li?!"

The man froze, and the death grip on her neck loosened slightly. After half a second, he exhaled, but his hands remained relentless. "Eh... you recognized me after all. Wouldn't it have been better for you to just leave silently without any worries?"

It really was him, but how could it be?! Was he really the Li Zheng from the past that sold duck blood, the first one that realized who she was, the person who introduced her to the bloodlings?

She suddenly understood why there was a traitor within and why the fourth elder hadn't been able to say a word. It was because Li Zheng was from the fourth generation, just like Mu Xuan!

Bloodlings within the first ten generations possessed absolute bloodline suppression, able to force those with less pure bloodlines into submission without them being able to rebel. Even if they knew it was wrong, they could only act as per orders.

"Why?" Never would have Yao Si expected that the person who was against them might be someone so familiar. And from the looks of things, he seemed to have recognized her as well. So why then... did he want to kill her?

"Blame yourself for being Mu Xuan's cub." He tightened the grip on her neck. "I have planned for so many years and failed so many times. But right now, I have finally understood. There is only one way to make the entire bloodling race disappear. I'm aware that I don't have that ability, for it is something only Mu Xuan can achieve! I have been enduring the pain of losing my cub for millions of years, and now it is his turn to experience such pain."

His intention was to kill her so that Mu Xuan would take revenge against the society?

At that thought, a memory came to her. It was about the time when Nephew Gu had wanted to die when Luo Ying had been infected. He'd been on the verge of a breakdown at that point, and if he'd had Mu Xuan's abilities, killing an entire race wouldn't have been impossible!

"Sis, don't blame me!" He covered her eyes. "A long life might not always be a good thing, because there will come a time when you will grow tired of everything to the point you wish for death to take you. Endless time will eventually send a person to their grave. Brother doesn't want you to experience that agony, so I'll end everything for you a little earlier."

"Brother Li..."

How had he become like this? He used to be such a passionate and friendly person, helping even those he was seeing for the first time. That year, if it hadn't been for him, she would have never accepted her bloodling identity so readily.

"Sis, you're a fifth generation, but there aren't many first and second generation people left." His eyes lowered as his smile grew bitter. "One day, you will feel the pain of not being able to die. Before that day arrives, let brother here help you out."

He's crazy!

Yao Si began to realize that the wide-eyed familiar yet foreign face no longer belonged to the loyal person from before, someone who had been proud to be a bloodling and had been puzzled by her lack of passion toward being alive.

There wasn't a hint of guilt or fear in his eyes. Instead, they were filled with reassurance and peacefulness, as though he was really doing it for her with the best intentions.

Could time really change a person so thoroughly? Was the loss of his cub the reason for his hatred toward his identity of a bloodling?

But... he really intended to kill her!

Keep calm, keep calm! In that short instance, a million emotions flashed through Yao Si as she tried to come up with a solution. Mu Xuan would definitely save her; she just had to give him time.

Li Zheng didn't use his ability, so she couldn't activate hers either. Besides, he was a fourth generation blooding, which meant that her ability would not be comparable to his. All she had was her mental strength.

She activated all her mental strength, forcing it all out at once.

It was worth a try!

A large mahjong tile rushed out from within her, hurtling straight at the person in front of her.

Startled, Li Zheng released her as he was forced back.


She breathed in a mouthful of fresh air as her neck came free from the choke hold.

She fell onto the ground, panting frantically as she ripped away the necklace on her neck. It was imbued with a hint of Mu Xuan's mental strength, so even if Li Zheng had brought her to where Mu Xuan wouldn't be able to find her, she could notify him of her location with the necklace.

Indeed, the moment it broke, space started to morph, near her a slit appearing.


"Why didn't you listen to me!"

Yao Si's blood ran cold as something pierced her chest.

The moment Li Zheng broke out from the mental strength encapsulating him, he appeared in front of her. He held the blood sword in one hand, and he used it so pierce her heart.

Yao Si felt like her chest was a tumbling mess. She spat a mouthful of blood, drenching Li Zheng's face, but he remained motionless, with a peaceful smile on his face. Calmly, he said, "Sleep, the pain will go away when you die!"

"Sisi!" A strained cry pierced through the air, and Li Zheng was thrown away. The next moment, Yao Si entered a familiar embrace. "Sisi, Sisi..."

Mu Xuan was trembling, struggling to keep her in his hands, and an anxious expression she had never seen before crossed his face. It reminded her of a scene from a classic soap drama featuring cringey car accidents. This was why she had always wanted to mention... Don't call me Sisi, what a horrible, cliche name!

She wanted to laugh, but energy was seeping out of her like water from a tap someone had forgotten to close. An unbearable cold spread through her, engulfing her whole being, and her eyes closed against her will.

Maybe life wasn't a soap drama and she was really going to die...

Mu Xuan continued to tremble uncontrollably. She wasn't sure if she was hallucinating, but his eyes seemed to be turning red, and a dark energy started to emit from him. It turned everything into ashes, and even shook the planet.

The last moment before her consciousness faded away, she suddenly recalled Li Zheng's motive. By killing her, he would be able to provoke Mu Xuan into personally eliminating the entire bloodling race! And it was hard to say if he really wouldn't do that!

Yao Si suddenly felt like her death was really wrong!

A sudden surge of strength ran through her, and she gripped onto Mu Xuan's hand before saying her last words, "Do not take revenge on others!"

Now that the female lead is dead, the novel is... over?

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