My Dad Is The Galaxy's Prince Charming Chapter 126

Yao Si never expected to open her eyes again. When she did so, she saw fragments of broken planets floating around her.

Where was this? She pinched herself instinctively. Hurts! It was not a dream! So she was still alive? She was still alive!

Lowering her head, she found that her originally pierced chest had healed, and there wasn't even a sign of the wound.

Did it just send her into hibernation and not death? Was it like back during the internal war when she got buried? That's great! Yao Si broke into laughter as she glanced aroundit seemed like she had woken up in space.

She remembered being dragged to a foreign planet by Li Zheng, so how had she ended up here? She glanced in front of her. Was that the planet? She suddenly remembered the previous time she had woken up. At that time, she had killed the planet within which she was sleeping, and this time...


With a loud explosion, the yellow planet burst into a bunch of tiny fragments.

"..." Yao Si.


Were exploding planets a symbol of her awakening? Why did another one explode again?


Yao Si turned toward the familiar sound of laughter. Not far away from her stood a familiar-looking man, and she started to guess for how many years she had slept...

What rubbish!


Isn't that Li Zheng?! Why is it him? Why is it him again?!

"That's right! Just like this, destroy the world!" Li Zheng laughed hysterically. "Do you finally understand my pain? Why can they still live when our cubs are dead? Destroy everything! Not just these uninhabited planets, but the Red Planet, the Alliance, and every other one out there!"

He was just like before. As he encouraged enthusiastically, his body got more and more drenched in blood. He looked horrifying, yet he continued to stare ahead unwaveringly.

Yao Si followed his gaze to fields upon fields of ruins. The surroundings were filled with fragments that revealed hints of the planet's previous appearance. On its main body stood a figure emitting a black aura as he strode forward like a king seeking vengeance. With every step he took, the area disintegrated into ashes. His aura darkened and intensified, concealing his appearance. In a few moments, only a pair of striking blood-stained eyes could be seen.

Mu Xuan!

Yao Si's heart sank when she recognized him.

That kind of scene, that kind of image...

Heh! She finally figured out how long she had slept.

If she was being conservative, it was about... five minutes!


She glanced back at the planet which seemed unsalvageable, her heart sinking. How many planets had he exploded? Who could explain how so much could have happened in just five short minutes?

Suddenly, multiple lasers shot out from the ruins. All of them were pointed directly at Li Zheng.

His face changed, and he dodged the endless beams. Missing him, they fell on the planet behind him.

With another explosion, the planet erupted into pieces.

The lasers danced all over the sky. Even though Li Zheng was a fourth generation bloodling, he still barely made it through the attack. Every time he dodged, another planet would suffer what should have been his fate. When he was finally hit, the laser shot through him with a loud piercing noise, which resulted in a hole in his side. Blood poured out of it, drenching him once more.

There wasn't a hint of fear at the impending death on his face. Instead, his laughter turned hysterical. "Good work! Mu Xuan, kill me! Then... make the entire Galactic accompany me. Hahahaha..."

Disregarding his injuries, he used the last of his strength to turn around and rush toward a blue planet. With a wave of his hand, he summoned a whirl of flames and made a final gamble. "Let's start with this inferior civilized planet!"

Inferior civilized planet... It had to be an inhabited one!

Mu Xuan rushed after him without a care, bent on killing Li Zheng. Thousands of lasers appeared once more, aiming straight for the planet.


Yao Si's heart sank. With the help of an unknown force within her, she dashed forward. Even though there was quite a distance to the planet, she somehow managed to reach a place in-between the two men in an instant.

"Can you f*cking stop!" I told you not to look for revenge! Couldn't you respect my final words?!

There was fire on the right and light on the left side of her. Did you spare a thought for the planets?

Yao Si felt energy surging through her and spreading across the entire Galaxy. It didn't matter whether it was Li Zheng's flames or Mu Xuan's light, everything disappeared as though they had never existed. Even the fragments of the planets that were destroyed went away.


Eh?! What did I do?

"Si... Si?"

She heard a familiar voice filled with uncertainty and caution, so soft and fleeting it disappeared into the wind.

"Mu Xuan, can't you tell that he deliberately..."

She was going to reason things out when her vision darkened. A force enveloped her waist, and she was crushed in a slightly chilly embrace. Two ironclad arms held her in a death grip.

Yao Si felt... suffocated.

She just slept for five minutes so what's the big deal?

"Si... Sisi..." Mu Xuan's voice trembled, and Yao Si couldn't figure out if it was joy or fear that did it, but her heart clenched nonetheless.

"Wait, Mu Xuan..." She hugged him instinctively, her hands caressing his back reassuringly. "Let go..." Too tight, too tight... Can't you loose it up a bit? I'm about to suffocate here... Air at last!

"Impossible! How can you be alive?" Li Zheng exclaimed with wide eyes as he stared at her in disbelief, his blood-drenched body trembling. "No! I don't believe this! Mu Xuan, why? Why are you always so fortunate, why..."

He spat out a mouthful of blood, and his trembling body finally collapsed, as his voice got softer and softer. Suddenly, a red glow engulfed him. The blood drenching him began to re-enter his body, and Li Zheng jerked in a spastic movement, curling into a ball. His face distorted while twitching uncontrollably.

What's happening to him?

"Brother Li..." Yao Si felt her heart sink, but a certain someone was still crushing her in his embrace. "Mu Xuan, he Ooww!"

Before she could finish her sentence, Mu Xuan suddenly lowered his head. His lips went straight for hers, and he kissed her aggressively.

Yao Si froze. A buzzing sound rang in her head as everything turned blank, and her irregular breath grew heavier from the lack of oxygen.

Her world seemed to be spinning...

Just like that, her first kiss ended honorably when she passed out from suffocation!

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