My Dad Is The Galaxy's Prince Charming Chapter 127


The incident with Euphoria was considered as one of the greatest catastrophes in the past million years. Fortunately, the virus carrying meteorites weren’t as contagious as everyone had expected. After all, the virus wasn’t airborne.

Ever since the beginning, Li Zheng’s motives had never been to kill off the bloodling race with the virus. He had only been targeting Yao Si so that Mu Xuan would be triggered and destroy everything.

Thanks to the persistent efforts of the bloodlings, the virus was thoroughly eradicated. The Alliance troops who had joined in the fight didn’t leave unscathed either. Without Li Zheng’s mental strength suppressing the bloodlings, they had gone all out with revenge.

In order to defend against the misuse of the doomsday virus for evil, the Elders started to mass produce the vaccine. Mu Xuan mentioned that it had been created a long time ago or the bloodlings would have never lasted that long. However, ever since they had entered the Galactic period, the doomsday virus vanished, rendering the vaccine unnecessary.

It was, however, not the end for Euphoria. Bloodlings weren’t people who easily let gothose who offended them would definitely be repaid the favor! This had always been their motto. Even though Euphoria’s head was Li Zheng, many other races had played important roles in it. The final battle had publicly exposed the organization to the world, and in time, every single soul would be caught.

Qu Ze grabbed such a perfect opportunity to act presumptuously and started to spread havoc! Not one race was left untouched. He even called for war against the races who had participated actively in the fight.

This made the Galaxy remember that even though the bloodlings acted neutral about the worldly affairs, they were never afraid!

Both Yao Si and Mu Xuan steered clear of it, however. Neither of them participated in such matters, entrusting them to the Elders Council. In truth, Mu Xuan had tossed away all his duties, even chasing Qu Ze away when he had come to report about the latest happenings.

He dedicated his time to being a good and wholehearted father.

[News: There was a large scale explosion at W985, which is at the edge of the Galaxy. There was a total of 368 asteroids, 187 of which were destroyed. Among them were three stars and fifty-seven satellites… This explosion caused millions of species to go extinct and unparalleled damage. Fortunately, there weren’t any fatalities. Currently, the source of explosion still remains a mystery! Please take a look below for the latest update from the civilized planets nearby…]

Yao Si grimaced. Her heart sank as the scenes flashed through the screen. She then turned to glance at the culprit.

“Mu Xuan…”

“Mmh?” He lifted his head to look at her, his gaze bright and deep.

“Er… nothing!”Whatever makes you happy.

He continued to look at her calmly as though he hadn’t hear the news report. Instead, he focused on pushing wayward strands of hair behind her ear before passing her a drink.

He sat down beside her and pulled her into his embrace.

Yao Si was at a loss, but she had already given up on resisting. Ever since they came back, he was a changed person, craving desperately for closeness, always pulled her into his embrace. If she left his sight for more than five minutes, he would definitely appear before her the next moment.

He was… a complete nanny dad from hell.

Yao Si, his victim, could only to get used to it…


She had slept for five short minutes, but he nearly destroyed the entire Galaxy. She couldn’t imagine what the situation would have been like if she had awakened any later…

Bloodlings were indeed the race which loved their cubs the most, one could even say to the point of insanity. It was hard to imagine how a kind and friendly being such as Li Zheng could have ended up at the state he was in because of the loss of a cub.

That daunting experience had fortunately ended without much trouble, but Yao Si couldn’t figure out how she had managed to survive.

“Mu Xuan, are the test results out yet?”

After they had returned, Mu Xuan had anxiously led her to the research center for a full checkup with almost all the tests available. Only after multiple reassurances that she was fine and healthy did he finally heave a sigh of relief.

As for the reason for her survival, they had to wait till the results were out.

Mu Xuan switched open his optical computer, and right then a message popped out. It held her tests results.

“How is it, how is it?” Yao Si leaned over, watching as he opened the file. Her heart started to race even though they already had a rough idea about it. Mu Xuan mentioned that he had once experienced a similar incident during the doomsday war period. Back then, he had awakened his ancestral bloodline. Since she was his cub, it…

Yao Si pulled the document out to look at the last row stating her bloodline – Fifth Generation!

Why was she still a fifth-generation bloodling? Where was the promised prowess? She hadn’t awakened the ancestral bloodline, so how did she awaken?

“No worries.” Mu Xuan caressed her head, pulling the document back to the front page to take a closer look at every line. As he read, his frown deepened. As a thought struck him, he turned toward her with a troubled expression.

“Yeah?” The screen was filled with data, but there shouldn’t be anything wrong, right? Why then did he look in pain, as though there was much to be said?

“Sisi…” He paused, trying to figure out how to speak the question before continuing, “Do you remember… how you became a bloodling?”

“I don’t remember?” She straightened. What’s with this sudden question? “Didn’t you ask this before? I just suddenly no longer wanted spicy food and switched to duck blood curd.”

“Before that, did you experience… anything big?”

“Nope!” She shook her head.

“Nothing at all?” he verified once more. “Car accident, natural disaster, or any major injuries?”

“None at all!” She used to be a homebody who barely left her place. “I told you before, I have no idea when I was converted by you.”Didn’t you forget it as well?

“I’m not asking about that.” He sighed and glanced at her with a grave look. “Sisi, do you know how… earthlings are converted into bloodlings?”

“By the transfusion of blood.” Wasn’t that common knowledge?

“How else?”

“Ah?”There’s more to the conversion process?

“After the transfusion of blood, the earthling has to experience something before turning into a bloodling.”

“Something?” What something?



“Only when the earthling self dies will one embark to be a full-fledged bloodling. That is the true process of conversion!”

“You mean….” Yao Si was slightly confused. “After the blood transfer, one can only become a blooding after dying?”

He nodded.

“That’s not right, I didn’t die, I just suddenly changed…” She stopped mid-sentence and inhaled sharply as understanding struck her. Wide-mouthed, she turned toward Mu Xuan. “You mean… I have been an earthling all this while and only just converted?”

“That’s right!”


All these years, she had been a fake bloodling!


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