My Extraordinary Achievements Book 2 Chapter 126

My Extraordinary Achievements Volume 2 Chapter 126 Someone Elses Sister

"I'm at the school gate."

"If you want to get them today, you can make it if you go now."

"I'll head over now."

Meng Fan hung up the receiver and called Xing Ta Ge. Soon, Xing Ta Ge pulled up in his highlander outside the school gate to pick up Meng Fan.

The publisher was located in Hangzhou, and the printing factory was there too. It was not far from the art academy, about a 20 minute drive.

Books could be picked up or delivered, but they were close by, and Meng Fan was looking forward to seeing it early, so he wanted to pick it up himself.

Since Qin Jiao called him, he didn't have to show the receipt before receiving the books.

"Do you want a car to deliver these to you?" Said the guy who awaited Meng Fan. He was a very polite middle-aged man.

"It's fine. We drove here, so it should fit."

The middle-aged man saw the car and told some staff members to help pack the boxes in. The highlander had a lot of space in the back, and the trunk was not small either. They had no problem loading 1000 books.

In half an hour or so, the highlander appeared outside Meng Fan's neighborhood. Foreign vehicles needed to be registered to enter, so the car was parked outside the unit. Meng Fan carried a box of books in each hand as he walked in without missing a breath while Xing Ta Ge struggled under the weight of one.

"Pigeon, the body is the capital of the revolution. If you continue conducting your 'business' in a car, you'll have to exercise."

"Get lost. I don't have hand strength, but my h.i.p.s are great. I don't have godlike hand speed like you."

"What do you mean good h.i.p.s, look at your slouchy spine?"

The two bickered as they quickly loaded the books in the elevator. Once they arrived at his floor, they moved the boxes out while Meng Fan unlocked the door.

"Do you have any water?"

"In the fridge. Go find it yourself."

Xing Ta Ge entered the apartment while Meng Fan continued to move the boxes.

"Holy sh*t! It's huge!"

"This renovation is too much!"

"Motherf*cker! A loft! You live in a loft!"

Shortly after Xing Ta Ge entered, he began to scream hysterically. Before this, he and their other two roommates already knew that Meng Fan's family owned a property near the academy which was surprising enough on its own as houses near the academy were not cheap.

Xing Ta Ge and the other roommates all had decent family backgrounds. If they wanted to stay and develop their careers in Hangzhou, their families would have no trouble securing them a property. At the very least, they could fund a down payment.

But it was unlikely for them to buy a property near the school during their studies; unless they wanted to invest in it beforehand.

Of course, the premise was that it would be a smaller unit layout.

When Xing Ta Ge entered, he could tell it wasn't a small apartment. It was at least 160. He finally had a further understanding of Meng Fan's family background. After looking at it closely, he realized that it was actually a f*cking loft. This was shocking for him.

Their families didn't even live in such extravagant conditions, let alone invest in properties like this outside of their homes.

After looking at the renovations, Xing Ta Ge could not take it anymore.

The interior was not tacky or screamed new rich in the least. After looking at it carefully, it wasn't even a problem of "lux" or not. Everywhere he looked was high class!

"Fatty! Does your family really have a coal mine?"

Xing Ta Ge wandered around, grabbing a bottle of ice cola from the fridge to calm his excitement.

Soon, Meng Fan moved all the boxes to the living room. He accepted the drink Xing Ta Ge passed to him. He opened it and then said, "Although the apartment was renovated recently, we bought the place a long time ago. I think we purchased it while I was in elementary school or junior high, so it wasn't that expensive at the time. My dad's in architecture, so the interiors look good, but didn't cost that much."

"You bought it that long ago? Aiyah, is your family the famous real estate tycoons from Wenzhou?" Xing Ta Ge was very curious about this. After all, they were once the renowned Zhen Asia Corporation!

"You're overthinking it."

Meng Fan found a pair of scissors and began unpacking.

"I'm gonna keep taking a look around, heh."

Xing Ta Ge's interest was all on the apartment. No, the decor in particular. He was curious, so he browsed the rooms again before returning to Meng Fan's side. "Fatty, I have a small immature suggestion..."

Meng Fan gave Xing Ta Ge a side eye. "Then tell me when it's more mature."

Xing Ta Ge rubbed his hands on his temples for a moment. "It's maturing..."

Meng Fan didn't even look at him. He continued to unpack the manga carefully then said, "You can come anytime you want and live here too if you'd like. But if you want to bring a girl over... No way in hell."

Xing Ta Ge sneered. Suddenly, he was stunned for a minute before walking toward the side. There were several photographs on the table and the walls as well.

The sets of picture frames were brought by his sisters with individual photos, group photos, and ones with Meng Fan in them...

"Holy f*ck, fatty, who are all these pretty girls?" Xing Ta Ge's eyes lit up as he saw them. Then he screamed. "They're all so pretty... Ah ah ah ah ah Meng Cai Wei!"

Xing Ta Ge picked up one of the pictures Meng Fan had with Meng Cai Wei and stuck it in his face. "You have a photo with Meng Cai Wei and so intimate too!? That's too badass. How did you get a photo with her? I heard her temper is huge. Even if she did take a picture, she wouldn't be this intimate... Wait, wait! Your last name is Meng! What is she to you?"

Meng Fan had forgotten about these photos. He didn't expect Xing Ta Ge to have such a sharp eye either, but since he already saw them, Meng Fan didn't see any reason why he needed to keep it from him. He picked his nose. "My sister."

"Your older sister? Your sister is Meng Cai Wei?!"

After confirming this surprising information, Xing Ta Ge didn't know how to remain calm. Someone else's sister!

Meng Fan folded all the boxes up and tied them together, sitting in between them as he posted to his social media.

Meng Fan very seldom posted to his social circle, posting twice a month. Sometimes he would go months without updating. But he had to share his published manga, as it was very important to him, and he had paid for it himself.

After posting to his social circle, he sniffed the new books. His face was full of satisfaction as he sat in a mound of his manga, flipping through the novels.

The quality of the individual publications was also very high. Meng Fan had ill.u.s.trated the cover himself, with a delicate binding and high-quality paper.


Meng Fan's rumbling stomach was enough to calm Xing Ta Ge down. They went downstairs to eat, and afterward, Xing Ta Ge drove the highlander back with the remaining box of books.

Once Meng Fan arrived back home, he once again sat among his mound of books and smiled dumbly to himself before heading to the study.

He sent Wu Tong a special picture of himself grinning in his pile of books. He then began to familiarize himself with the new attributes he got.

Drawing skills +3, set design +3, scriptwriting +3.

These were the rewards from [Manga Artist].

Before this, the system had already c.u.mulatively rewarded Meng Fan with +6 drawing skills. Adding these three, he had gained 9 points from just the system alone. Even if he started out with 0 skills, these +9 points would allow him to be beyond proficient in drawing.

And Meng Fan already had existing drawing skills. Everything combined, the value was a bit scary.

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