My Extraordinary Achievements Book 2 Chapter 139

My Extraordinary Achievements Volume 2 Chapter 139 1 Girl Streamer In The Gaming Category

Mr. Sleepy brought in several fans of his novel, and there were several local netizens who were also local tycoons, spreading out C spot halos in the live comments. 8th Station decided to give him some face and add him to the recommended list on the home page. In addition to Meng Fan's existing popularity, his viewers broke the 300,000 marks in half an hour. And it was still growing.

There were several people watching the stream, and even more who had clicked on the link on Penguin Animation Network directing them to the collections page for "There's A Spirit Underground". When the grand prize had just been given out for the 100,000 follower landmark, the collectors immediately jumped to 110,000.

Meng Fan continued to draw the prizes. This time, he didn't pull out anything but presented a GIF instead. "This is the newest magical array wireless charger from Japan, isn't it super cool? Five winners."

The GIF showed a black circular disk, and when the phone was placed in the center, a magic inscription lit up around the center. Following closely, the light would form into a six-pointed magic circle. When everything was lit up, the phone turned on as well, showing the charging display.

"Holy! This is whack!"

"Insanely Chunnibiyo isn't it?!"

"I want it !"

"Pick me!"

"I probably won't win, so can Mr. host send the link to the product!"

"What what what can Mr. host tell me the price so I wouldn't want to buy it, thanks!"

"Don't worry, it'll be on Taobao in a few days hahaha!"

"I feel like the phone's gonna grow wings anytime now!"

"Wait so Sakura isn't going to appear next?"

"That's too cool!"

"Can someone tell me how this works?"

"Magnetic sensors, its high school physics."

"Wireless charger? Hehe, I have to buy a phone that supports wireless charging!"

"Garbage, I can't even play a game as it charges!"

"Hahahahaha I got selected, I'm slapping myself, I want to retract my words!"

Meng Fan and Mr. Sleepy had meticulously selected the gifts for the stream. More accurately, Mr. Sleepy was the one who had done most of the work. After all, he was proactive in everything, asides from updating his novel. Of course, the premise of his generosity was that his family owned coal.

So far among the eleven gifts given, excluding the books that were given in the first round, the gifts were not cheap, in addition to being well thought. Like the figures, which had been handmade by one of the best companies in the country. Although they were tiny, one figure cost several hundred... And the five fox girl costumes were also made by a famous cosplay studio. He had ordered ten outfits in total but was only giving away five. On average, one costume cost about 1300-1400 HXB. It was the most expensive product given away on stream.

In the first 11 draws, the total cost of the projects was 30,000.

Meng Fan and Mr. Sleepy had prepared 20 gifts in total, after calculating, the total cost was over 100,000 HXBthere were even more luxe gifts to follow.

Spending 100,000 hxb for gifts? Are they crazy?

Depends on the situation.

If it was some small-time streamer, five dollars was already an incredible reward. However, it was different for a broadcast with over 100,000 viewers.

100,000 viewers... If you were to really host a press conference, it would be considered well run if you could even get a few.

If you wanted to throw money, you need a venue to do it.

Meng Fan's stream had always maintained a viewer count of 50,000 or more, and when there was an event happening, it was normal to reach 100,000.

Even so, it was still hard to spend 100,000.

If he wanted to distribute 100,000, he'd need to satisfy the 20 rounds of gifts, which meant they would need 200,000 collectors. 200,000 collectors... Assuming you were a saint, you'd still need at least 200,000 views on the stream, right?

On the other hand, it was impossible to get 200,000 legit collectors anywhere else with only 100,000 HXB.

It's not that all the netizen accounts on his stream were active ones, but the ratio of real to fake users was pretty touching. After all, Meng Fan and Mr. Sleepy's fans were all active users. They might not be able to follow his manga, but there would be at least 1/3 followers or 1/10 who were willing to.

But can it compare with the ones who were willing to pay and collect his novel?

Either way to Mr. Sleepy, this 100,000 was worth distributing no matter how it was spread.

Additionally, there were some viewers of the stream from Meng Fan or Mr. Sleepy's follower base who were willing to spend thousands if not millions on gifting the host or the author simply for the joy of it, especially when Mr. Sleepy comes from such an affluent family.

When they planned this, Meng Fan had thought about taking this opportunity to complete [Wealth Distribution Cherub], so he suggested to Mr.Sleepy that he had some gifts too so he would pay for half, however, he was immediately rejected by Mr. Sleepy's statement of "Who are you looking down on?"

Of course, Mr. Sleepy had also mentioned he rejected Meng Fan's contribution not because his family owned coal, but because Meng Fan had provided the platform already, which could compensate for his 100,000.

Meng Fan listened to this and gave up. He could distribute wealth whenever he pleased.

The lottery continued. When the collector count reached 150,000 on Penguin Animation Network, the rate of increase began to slow down.

At this time, there were over 450,000 online users in the stream, creating a new record high for Meng Fan's channel.

450,000 online, 150,000 collectorsthere must have been some otakus who collected the novel as well from the animation network's platform. Let's not mention the quantity of these viewersthis kind of ration was already very extraordinary. It was unrealistic to expect a 1:1 ratio!

Seeing that the count had stopped increasing, the draws began to slow down as well. The atmosphere was a bit awkward, and Meng Fan debated if he should work on his ill.u.s.trations while he waited for the collectors or give out the remaining prizes in one go.

After all, he couldn't just stare at the growth chart.

Chatting with the viewers didn't seem as comfortable as drawing ill.u.s.trations. Plus, he could gift the drawings to his netizens too.

At this time, Meng Fan saw the viewer count of the stream suddenly skyrocket.

In a blink, his view count increased from 450,000 to 500,000. Then 550,000 viewers, 580,000 viewers, 600,000 viewers 700,000 viewers, and it was still growing!

Then, the live comments all collectively said one statement.

"Ms. Bunny is making her rounds, present all your carrots!"

"Ms. Bunny is making her rounds, present all your carrots!"


Ms. Bunny?

Meng Fan thought for a moment. Someone with the word Bunny in their name sounded too imposing. He could only think of one person; 8th stations biggest video game streamer, BunToothJi.

BunToothJi could be considered the number one female video game streamer on the 8th station. She was one of those female gamers who was very good at the game, could operate several different genres of games, and her specialty was always streaming with a bunny mask on. No one has ever seen her appearance before, but the eyes that were exposed were very delightful to look at, beautifully large and round.

Meng Fan had seen her live streams before, only he couldn't think of any connection between him and her no matter how hard he tried. Could it be that she just happened to make her rounds at his channel?

These so-called 'rounds' was a term these famous streamers deemed for when they were bored or had time and wanted to take their viewers to visit someone else's stream.

Generally speaking, it was more common for male streamers to make rounds in female streamers' channels, as this was more interesting as well.

Meng Fan was wondering as well when suddenly someone gifted a 1024 Gunpowder cannon. It came with a message too.

"Meng host, do you remember that night in Wuzhen?"

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