My Extraordinary Achievements Book 2 Chapter 230

My Extraordinary Achievements Volume 2 Chapter 230 Voice Acting Tv Show

The third stop in Su Qing Cen's concert tour was Nanjing. The previous two stops had been a success, which allowed her and her team to breathe a sigh of relief. They were more confident too.

The third stop on the tour was in twenty days, so they didn't need to rehearse just yet, but they had been busy. Her schedule had been packed full, with each day being filled with some sort of promotional shoot, TV show, event, all under the spotlight. Even if Su Qing Cen was a talented idol, she still needed to feed off of popularity. She couldn't withdraw from this kind of tight itinerary.

Su Qing Cen might not have been willing, but her company would have packed her schedule full. For a popularity type idol, their companies would always have an upper hand in their schedule. Su Qing Cen had been treated well too since she had a degree of say in what she did. At least she could reject some arrangements that she did not like—even if the company would replace it with other plans afterward.

This time, Su Qing Cen had asked for two days off to accompany her MV filming. Aside from the film shoot, she was basically taking a short vacation.

Bai Zhi had much more freedom than Su Qing Cen since her company would only arrange for her a large event twice a year or so. Bai Zhi had complete say over the smaller arrangements and events.

In the dozen or so days since she returned from the 11/11 gala, she had attended one entertainment show and picked some scripts and script readings, selected some songs, etc. She was a relatively free artist.

Bai Zhi arrived early at the meeting point and asked sister Sun to pick up Meng Fan. Soon, Su Qing Cen arrived, and the two went together to greet the responsible film crew. Then they headed into a private room and started to chat.

"Did you see Meng Fan's video?"

Bai Zhi asked. As they talked, the topic of Meng Fan came up. Su Qing Cen shook her head, so Bai Zhi immediately pulled out her phone and played the video she saved.

It was a video clip of Meng Fan's spooky imitations from last night's promotional stream. It had stitched all thirty of Meng Fan's celebrity impersonations together, including the song he sang with ten other impersonations.

Celebrity impersonation skits have long surfaced and had been a popular thing. Especially singing impersonations, but there weren't many people who would imitate celebrities speaking, which was much more difficult than singing as well. After all, it didn't have music for back up. Of course, there were speech impersonators too, just very little. However, Meng Fan's impersonations had within them a kind of mystic quality, which was very refreshing and interesting.

The video was uploaded at midnight the night before and was shared and commented on by several people already. Although it didn't make front-page news, the clip had garnered some fame already, especially among the mystical and demon category audiences.

But at 8th Station, Meng Fan's creepy impersonations had been made into a demon/mystical genre video and sound clip.

Su Qing Cen smiled as she watched the entire clip. Afterward, she watched it again then took out her phone and shared the video. "Meng boss, I didn't know you had so many faces!"

After sharing, she continued to laugh. "I didn't think he could impersonate so many voices, and they're so funny too!"

"This kid has some tricks up his sleeves." Bai Zhi scrolled through her phone and said, "Let me show you another one; it's even better."

She pulled up a sound clip this time. It was about five to six minutes long, line after line. They weren't the voices of the same person, and all the content was different.

Su Qing Cen looked confused. "What's this?"

"Voice acting demo." Said Bai Zhi.

Su Qing Cen was puzzled. "You mean to tell me these demos are all... Meng Fan's? No way! There's got to be a dozen roles in here? Men, women, and children too, and their tones are all so different!"

Bai Zhi spread her hands. "I didn't believe it either, but it really is Meng Fan." As she spoke, she scrolled further through her phone and found another short video clip.

"When I first saw this in the group chat, it had advertised him as a voice actor who had dubbed ten roles in a short period of time, all next to each other, even more difficult than the dub clip from Han Xiaoxue. I recently attended a voice acting TV show, and last season, Han Xiaoxue's brain churning performance was extraordinary, so I got curious and took a look and saw that the name of the voice actor was Meng Fan. I thought it was just a coincidence, but after I watched Meng Fan's advertis.e.m.e.nt stream, I believed it was him. Then I searched and found the source of this short film and got someone to find me a collection of Meng Fan's voice demos."

"I even have a clip of Meng Fan's voice acting, it's a long one too. Listen for yourself!"

Bai Zhi dug out another video clip that was saved as well. This one was of a character in an animation, and the lines had been in the style of a monologue. There was a lot of text, and the content was complex as well, but Meng Fan's acting had been very accurate, and his emotional expression was touching beyond compare!

Su Qing Cen listened to the clip and felt her emotions begin to overwhelm her. She had felt the sentiment just from listening to the script alone. She took a deep breath. "Their family's genetics are a bit too powerful!"

It was a coincidence to be good at impersonations, but this clip really demonstrated a high level of skill and technique in voice acting.

Bai Zhi once again spread out her hands, expressing her confusion in these abnormal things. "Meng Fan has previously asked Meng Cai Wei to help him find a voice dubbing teacher, but I didn't think he was this good, and I heard from the staff members that he had no prior experience beforehand. Maybe you're right, it's all in the genetics!"

Su Qing Cen could no longer contain her emotion. "These siblings are both demons!"

'Not just the siblings, their whole family's like that too!' Bai Zhi thought to herself.

Only, she didn't say it out loud.

Only Bai Zhi knew that Meng Fan was Meng Cai Wei's little brother, but not many people in the industry knew about the rest of Meng Cai Wei's family.

"Oh right." Su Qing Cen asked, "Sister Bai, did you say you had some year end show after that show you were on? You said you needed a guest star. Why don't you just ask Meng Fan?"

Bai Zhi heard this and smiled. "I thought about it. Everyone in the group was saying how busy they were, and their lines weren't good enough, or they were the enemy of Mango TV. I even asked Meng Cai Wei since her enormous presence would definitely be welcomed, but when I told her the time, her crew wasn't able to arrange it, but now the perfect fit has just walked in! I'll go ask him when he arrives."

Su Qing Cen thought for a while, and suggested, "I think you should let the crew at the TV station know first. If Meng Fan agrees but the channel says no, the situation will be very awkward."

Bai Zhi nodded, understanding what Su Qing Cen meant. Although the TV station had asked her to select a suitable person, they still had a requirement for their reputation. No matter how one put it, Meng Fan was no celebrity.

In half an hour or so, Bai Zhi received a call from her assistant, sister Sun. She sounded urgent. "Something happened! Meng Fan hit someone! At the door! It's a foreign celebrity too!"

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