My Extraordinary Achievements Book 2 Chapter 236

My Extraordinary Achievements Volume 2 Chapter 236 Lead Roles And Support Roles

"Lead role? Director Charlie, are you joking?"

Meng Fan was shocked. After all, he didn't even attend the meeting for the run-through of the script. He would have been very satisfied if they saved him some side characters and pedestrians. But he wasn't dumb. He thought about it for a moment and realized why. It must have had something to do with the k-pop idol incident.

"Your strong voice acting abilities are evident to all."

Charlie continued to drive until they pulled up at an intersection where he lightly pressed the horn. He smiled. "All you're missing is experience and qualifications. Everyone knows how much work you've been putting in recently, and how high your efficiency is. The post-production team hasn't had an issue with you yet, so you have enough experience. As for qualifications, well, this lead role is perfect, isn't it? Besides, our studio isn't based on qualifications, but on the capabilities of the person."

"And the tonal requirements for the lead role is very suitable for you too, so there's no reason not to ask you. Do you not want to voice a lead character?"

"No that's not it." Meng Fan replied.

Director Charlie smiled. "Are you worried about the other CV in the studio? No worries. To be honest, it wasn't my intention to make you the lead. The producer spotted you on their dubbing list and specifically asked that you voice the male lead."

Meng Fan smiled. "Alright, then I'll do my best to dub this role!"

Of course, Meng Fan wanted to dub a male lead.

Being a voice actor was one of his dreams, and if he wanted to become a famous voice actor, it was important to have all the important roles prepared.

You could be a good voice actor just by doing small roles and passersby, but it was difficult to become a well-known voice actor by doing so.

He thought about it and realized he was very close to completing the roles required by [Studio Bug], but there was still a lot of time left. It's good to play some main roles with more lines.

After going over the logistics, Charlie couldn't help but satisfy his itch to gossip. "Meng Fan, what were you thinking when you hit that Kpop idol? Uhm, I'm just curious, so it's fine if you don't want to answer."

"There's nothing I can't answer, just that when seeing such an incident, anyone with a conscience wouldn't just stand there and watch. I think if you were present, you'd do the same. Who can tolerate watching some men beat up a girl?"

Director Charlie chuckled nervously. "That's what everyone says, but he was a celebrity, so not everyone would have the courage."

Meng Fan laughed. "Actually, I didn't know who he was."

"Now you're being modest, even if you don't know him, you must have known he was a celebrity. Hence, everyone respects you for being a hero"

The two bantered on their way to the studio. As they got out of the car, Meng Fan said to director Charlie, "Director, there might be some paparazzi who have found their way here. When the time comes, can you tell the guards to block them? Tell them I'm not doing any interviews."

He thought about it and added, "Of course, if the paparazzi are curious what kind of work I'm doing here, the studio can tell them of course. Count it as promotional work for our clients."

"Alright alright."

Charlie began to like Meng Fan more and more. He was talented, but understanding and kind.

Of course, the paparazzi were going to come!

With his final words, Charlie and the rest of the studio did not care if they interviewed Meng Fan or not.

Who wouldn't want some fame if it came knocking? Otherwise, the "Nine Days" producers wouldn't have asked Meng Fan to dub the main role.

As long as they were competent, they could have just found a famous person to do the voice acting.

"Iron god!"

Lou Lan, who had spent another night in the studio had been eating his breakfast in the lobby, yawning non-stop. Seeing Meng Fan arrive, his half-closed eyes suddenly burst open. His beard flailed as he ran towards him. "My god he is so badass! You're so f*cking manly! You're the number one male god of our voice acting circle! I don't respect anyone in the voice dubbing industry, but I respect you!"

At this moment, Charlie parked his car and entered the studio.

"...And Director Charlie of course!" Lou Lan's tongue was considerably fast. "Director Charlie has eagle eyes, you're so insightful and profound! If you weren't here, I would never have gotten to meet the Iron god in my lifetime, nonetheless, share anecdotes with him!"

Charlie smiled. "How come you've never said this to me before?!"

He gestured to Meng Fan and entered his office.

After he closed the office door, Meng Fan looked towards Lou Lan and beamed. "Did you save me some roles in the last two days?"

"At first we did, only..." Lou Lan was curious. "Didn't director Charlie say you were getting the lead role in "Nine Days"? Do you want more?"

"Of course." Meng Fan responded, "My experience is still severely lacking. I was going to talk to director Charlie about these roles. I think it'll take most of the morning, so I can do some demos in the afternoon. It'll have to be tomorrow or the day after before we start officially recording. I was thinking, could you help me find twenty or so roles? I want to increase my experience."

He was telling the truth.

"Do you have to be so modest?!" Lou Lan thought for a second. "These next few days, all the CVs have been busy with "Nine Days", so the other roles we've accepted don't have any voice actors yet. Why don't you go find director Charlie first, I'll organize the information for you."

Meng Fan thanked him. "Just throw it together, it's fine. Go take a nap and deal with the rest later."

Lou Lan happily chuckled to himself as he went off to make a cup of coffee, while Meng Fan headed to director Charlie's office to discuss his roles.

In the last few days, the studio hadn't taken any other commissions because of the "Nine Days" animation. However, they still had several commissions for video games and cartoon series; video games in particular. They had received even more than before since most of the clients had sent the work after hearing Meng Fan's tonal quality.

Lou Lan went off to ask around and organized everything. Soon, twenty roles had been compiled.

He walked by Charlie's office and peaked in. Seeing they were still discussing the roles, he found an empty room, pulled out a military cot and went to sleep.

Huh? He can't sleep because he just had coffee?

Yeah right.

To people with such a high godlike status like Lou Lan, he could down a cup of espresso and fall asleep on demand.

He chatted with Charlie in his office for an entire morning about the role and the plot. Meng Fan's lunch had been solved at Da Mei studio. Aside from reminiscing Chen Da Qiang's takeout orders, it was more important than the second volume and the reprint of the first volume for "Guide To Campus RoMANce" had officially gone on the market. Meng Fan had to find Qin Jiao and ask her for updates.

Both single publications didn't print much since Meng Fan didn't care for their sales. Before he'd been told they would be released for sale as soon as they were printed, and it was released today indeed. They had chosen a book retailing website as their main platform.

What Meng Fan really cared about was the publication of the third volume. He had sent it in for approval a few days ago, and because volume I and volume II had been processed, the procedure had gone much smoother. Currently, they were on their way to be printed at the publishing house.

"Alright, I'll be sure to advertise it during my stream tonight."

Meng Fan ate lunch there and headed back to the Chocolate Factory for an afternoon of test demos.

The test recording naturally went smoothly, and after going through a program, they were ready to begin official recording tomorrow.

After the test, the glorious times of Meng Fan and Lou Lan began.

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