My Father in Law is Lu Bu Chapter 341

When Xin Qing met Meyer on campus, he immediately congratulated her, "You are famous here. For many years, there has not been such an excellent Chinese!"

"I'm more curious about how you know it?" Xin Qing asked.

Ka.s.s, who was next to her, said with excitement, "You know Meyer, our uppercla.s.sman!"

Xin Qing looked at her, "Meyer... uppercla.s.sman?"

"Uppercla.s.sman Meyer is the best student in architecture of last year. He is now a teaching a.s.sistant in the college." Ka.s.s suddenly leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Eva has always liked him. Unfortunately, Meyer didn't like her."

While they were talking, a sharp voice came from behind, "What are you doing?"

Eva rushed over and squeezed between Xin Qing and Meyer, pointing at Xin Qing and scolded, "You're so shameless. No wonder you can be selected. It was because of Meyer."

"Please pay attention to your words." Xin Qing frowned. She didn't want to cause trouble, but it didn't mean she could be insulted.

Meyer stepped in front of Xin Qing. "When can you learn to be polite? Or do you think I have such a power to be the head of the school?"

"You..." Eva still wanted to talk, but was scared by the coldness from Meyer's eyes. She bit her lip and kept silent.

Xin Qing pushed Meyer away and looked directly at Eva, "I came to study. Your racism or jealousy has nothing to do with me." Xin Qing sneered, "How n.o.ble are you? If you are really n.o.ble, how can you not recognize the clothes I wear?"

Eva stared at her with hatred. Xin Qing decided to deal with this woman once and for all to avoid future problems.

"Do you know why I can be selected?" She pulled out the necklace from her collar. It was a simple puppy-shaped pendant, but with complicated lines of jewel, which formed into different patterns. When Eva saw this, her face turned pale. Ka.s.s was standing beside her, with a piece of joy in her eyes. Meyer didn't have too much reaction, just throwing a glance at Xin Qing.

"I can be selected because half of those works are in my possession. I watch them everyday and of course no them very well!"

"You... you have this? It must be fake! Fake!" Eva shouted. This was one of the CK works that they referred to when they wrote their thoughts. Each of these works was privately customized. Every item had won an international prize. How could a Chinese like Xin Qing have them?

If this was true... then she... she was not the person to be messed up with.

"Fake?" Xin Qing took the necklace back into the clothes. "You can't even tell if it is real or not. You're just so so " After that, she turned and asked Meyer, "I'm going to have some food. Are you going with me?"

Meyer smiled and said, "Do I have this honor to invite Miss to lunch?"

"Of course!" Xin Qing smiled, and the two left, leaving Eva standing there with a pale face. Ka.s.s shook her head and said, "You probably think you are very good, so no one is in your eye. Everything Xin Qing wears is top brand customized. It's ridiculous you can't see it." Ka.s.s smiled. "Spend more time on fashion magazines! It's a good way to fill your empty brain."

"You... you already know?" Eva asked in a bitter tone.

Ka.s.s cast her a glance, "I'm afraid everyone knows except you. It's so obvious. Are you blind?"

Meyer looked at the girl sitting in front of him and having pudding. She looked so different from the person with a cold face just now.

"I didn't see. You are so awesome!"

Xin Qing stared at him and said, "There's an old saying in China: Goodness does not mean weakness. My concession is not an excuse for you to take advantage of me."

"So that's what you really look like!" Meyer said with a smile. "I almost thought it was two different people."

Xin Qing put on a serious face at once. "Then I'll show you the face. Get used to it."

"Hehe!" Meyer laughed. "Don't. I still prefer the look of a Chinese doll."

Xin Qing remembered something and asked, "Do you know that Eva?"

"I don't know her." Meyer shook his head.

Xin Qing stared at him, "How can I hear that she is secretly in love with you?"

"That's her business. I don't know her anyway." Meyer shrugged. "The CK Academy is no longer simple, like when it was first built. Now, many people here are looking for money and reputation, especially a lot of girls. It is good if they could perform well and become a famous designer. But when they have the opportunity to reach the upper cla.s.s, becoming a designer will only be their second choice."

Xin Qing understood what he meant. CK had always followed the high-end route. The guests were either rich or n.o.ble. Once they got them, they would become phoenixes. Xin Qing pouted. Fortunately, Shi Qianqian reminded her to bring her clothes from home, or she would have nothing to slap Eva on the face today.

The college gave Xin Qing three days to prepare. Three days later, she should go to the design room of CK every afternoon to partic.i.p.ate in the design of this work. Xin Qing went home with the doc.u.ments, which explained the requirements for these works.

The guest asked to design a ladies' necklace, which was given to a very important woman. The woman was also very young, only 20 years old. Xin Qing thought probably this was why CK involved freshmen in this task. Because they happened to be at this age. In addition to this, the guest had one more requirement: personality and uniqueness.

Xin Qing understood the requirement for personality, but had no clue about uniqueness. Three days later, when she walked into CK, she was very anxious, not knowing what kind of problem she would face. When she entered, Eva was already sitting there. When she saw her, her eyes lightened and then she turned around without saying anything. Xin Qing did not mind. As long as she didn't come to her and cause trouble.

"You are Xin Qing and Eva, right?" A woman came over, spell able in a suit.

Xin Qing and Eva stood up and nodded. The woman smiled politely and said, "This time, Randa will be responsible for the work. I'm his secretary. You can call me Kay!"

When she heard the name of Randa, Xin Qing was a little surprised. Randa was the designer of the puppy pendant on her neck and the youngest designer of CK currently.

"Please come with me!" Kay's behavior was as vigorous as her dress. She took them directly to the studio while introducing Randa's habits during work. "You have to pay special attention to one thing. Randa hates others to question his work, so what he said in the design process, you just have to nod."

"I got it!" Eva answered quickly, but Xin Qing frowned. In this case, they did not have to partic.i.p.ate at all.

Kay seemed to see her doubt and added, "The customer required young students to partic.i.p.ate in the design work. He probably thinks that you and the future wearer are more likely to have the same taste!"

The implication was that Randa did not welcome them. Xin Qing bit the corner of her lips.

"Randa, I brought the people." Kay opened the door of the studio. A man wearing only sweatpants was sitting there for lunch, half naked. Seeing them came in, he had no intention to put on any clothes. Instead, he leaned on the sofa behind and examined the two people. In the end, his eyes rested on Xin Qing.

"Oh! Chinese doll." He smirked. "There has been no sight of Chinese people in CK for a long time." He suddenly glanced at Kay and asked, "Are you sure the Chinese will not cause trouble?"

Kay smiled helplessly, "Xin Qing's performance is very good, I think she will definitely help you."

Eva glanced at Xin Qing proudly. She couldn't mess up with her, but it didn't mean others couldn't either.

"Okay!" Randa unfolded his hand and said, "Then, Chinese doll, clear up the garbage." He pointed to the rest of the breakfast, and then looked at Eva. "As for you, sharpen the pencils over there."

When Kay left, she whispered to them, "He is just a little grumpy, but he's still a good man. Be careful not to make him angry and you'll be fine."

In the following period, Xin Qing fully experienced the big temper of the so-called popular designer. After Eva sharpened the pencil, she was sent to cla.s.sify the various gemstones. They were already cla.s.sified. But Randa insisted on her putting them together and doing it again. Xin Qing was even more unlucky. Randa asked her to make seven cups of coffee and order three takeaways in one afternoon. Not to mention designing, she and Eva didn't have the opportunity to approach the workbench.

When she got home at night, Xin Qing was sore all over her body. She thought she had been spoiled before by Ying Qingcang, and now she couldn't stand such little work. Thinking of this, she set the alarm half an hour earlier and decided to go running every morning.

At this time, Ying Qingcang was holding Ah Sha and sitting in the garden. Le Le was playing the ball with his good male friend Chihuahua.

"Ah... woo... Yeah!" Ah Sha spit bubbles and bit Ying Qingcang's face. Perhaps because it was too hard, she pushed him away with disgust. Ying Qingcang patted on her little b.u.t.t and said, "You're so dirty. I will throw you out if you lick me again, so that your irresponsible mother can never find you."

Behind him, Uncle Fu narrowed his eyes. The young master threatened Ah Sha in this way almost every day, but he never threw her away...

"Is Ah Sha's birthday coming soon?" Ying Qingcang asked.

Uncle Fu smiled and said, "It's four months later!"

"How could it be so long? When was she born?" Ying Qingcang felt Ah Sha had been in the house for a long time. How could she grow so slow?

Uncle Fu coughed and answered, "Young master, you forgot. Ah Sha was born after you and Miss returned from Britain."

"That was September." Ying Qingcang frowned and groaned in his heart. So bad. I thought it would be next month.

Uncle Fu turned his eyes and asked, "Master, why are you so eager to give Ah Sha a birthday party?"

"Am I?" Ying Qingcang threw a glimpse at him. "I mean she grows too slow."

Uncle Fu agreed and added, "But if it's Ah Sha's birthday, can we ask Miss to come back?"

"She won't come back." Ying Qingcang's heart tightened. He then handed Ah Sha to Uncle Fu and went upstairs.

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