My Father in Law is Lu Bu Chapter 342

Translator: Charlotte

I arrived in Legias.
I didn't see a lot of other players there.
They were probably hunting event monsters, or raising their levels.

But, there was one player I was interested in.
Someone with an unfamiliar-coloured marker was at the village gate.
A grey inverted triangle.
I instinctively usedIdentify, but my gaze was automatically broken and the skill failed.
What on earth?

Could it be

Looking at the descriptionDiscerngave me, I was right on the money.
It was the same colour I saw when I used the skill on someone usingDisguiseorCamouflage.
A Player Killer?
I had no way of confirming that, though.

I gave up.
I decided to just keep it in mind and keep going with my day.

Oh, good afternoon.

Good afternoon. Although, maybe "good evening" would be more suited to this time.

Yeah, I suppose. You have some more items today?

Of course.

I immediately found Mio's stall.
Rick was serving customers.
I gave him a quick nod of greeting.
Yuka was in the middle of cooking, but she still made some time and came over.

I soon found out the reason why.
Today's menu was stew.
I usedAppraiseon a bowl.

FoodDongpo Pork Stew
Satiety +25%Grade C+Rarity 1Weight 0+
Striped Boar Meat lightly boiled and then steamed.
Herbs complement the meat's flavour.

I was given some bread, but I would've loved to have some rice too.
I ordered some vegetable soup.
The total satiety was +35%.
Very nice.

Hey! I'm back!


Welcome back.

Hey, if it isn't Keith. Welcome!

Good evening.

Fiona and the others came back right as I finished my meal.
Along with Fiona were Saki, Reina, Mio, Shinohara, and another player I'd never seen before.
They looked tired.
Fiona and Saki had shields on one of their arms, and they were covered from head to toe in solid-looking leather armour.
Hanging from Fiona's hip was an axe. Saki was carrying a sword.

Good evening. I decided to come drop by.

Nice, welcome. Ah, Helga, this is the Summoner Keith. Keith's a very frequent customer.

Nice to meet you.

And Keith, this is the Alchemist Helga. She belongs to our guild.

Nice to meet you too

An alchemist, huh.
She was carrying a bow and a quiver on her back.
Looking closer, she had a mace hanging from her hip.
I could see leather armour under her robe.

Oh, I heard from Adele she was taken as an NPC's pupil.

No I wouldn't call them "pupils", Saki

Something similar. It's close enough.

No, no, not at all.

Oh yeah, by the way, I sent over the equipment you ordered.

Ah, is that so. Thank you for all your help.

Don't worry about it, it was a commission, after all.

Speaking of commissions, I brought some more items.

Show me!

I placed all the items I wanted to sell on a desk.
Items I had been saving up for the past few days.
Horse Meat and b.l.o.o.d.y Burdock, along with a lot of pheasant eggs.
I put the pheasant eggs in a pile a little further away from Mio's gaze. Although she would probably run off with them anyway.
I pulled out a lot of Evil Ant Stings and Evil Ant Sh.e.l.ls, Wild Pheasant Wings, some Obsidian Rocks, and two Striped Racc.o.o.n Skins.

But the main focus was on the Colourful Pheasant Wings and the Wild Horse Hide.
I had six pieces of Wild Horse Hide.
Enough to make any kind of equipment.

Fiona, Mio, and Reina gathered around the table.
I looked up to see Mio snacking on something.
A skewer that wasn't on the menu.
I saw Yuka smile wryly out of the corner of my eye.
The horse meat won't run away Mio, you can sit down.

Wow. All this in just a few days?

I wan' all 'e horsh me'!

Mio. Finish your food.

An instant retort.
Nicely done.

What are you going to do with the Wild Horse Hide?

I wanted to renew my equipment. If you could do it before the tournament starts, that'd be great.

Tournament? Keith, are you partic.i.p.ating?

Yeah. I was the target of someone's conspiracy.

Sorry I have other requests too at the moment. My schedule up to the qualifiers is already filled.

Ah, that's unfortunate.
It made sense.

Ah, it's alright if you can't make it in time.

Well then, I'll take on the commission. But with this much material, you'll have some left over no matter what you decide to make.

Is that so? No, yeah you're right.

Saki Let's finish eating before you get into that. Sorry, Keith.

No worries.

I couldn't get any new leather armour in time for the tournament.
I was kind of worried.

Sorry, can I summon a Summon Monster in the back?

Sure, go ahead.

I figured it was better to take care of some business while I could.
I gave Fiona a quick heads-up before taking Zangetsu and the other Summon Monsters to the back of the stall.
I recalled Zangetsu, but not before taking off Zangetsu's equipment.
I recalled Helix.
Night-time was closing in.

I realised that I could just decide on the new Summon Monster right then and there.
I pulled up the Summon Monster list and chose the field below Jericho.
A different list of monsters I could summon appeared in a separate window.

I noticed something strange
The number of candidates had increased again.

Wood Puppet
Beast Ape
Red Fox

Skeleton? Slime?
No, I guess I had encountered and usedIdentifyon them before.
While I thought about which would be stronger, I felt another question burn stronger.
How would I use them?

I thought about which one would be a more reliable, useful ally.
It was kind of exhausting.
Both of them didn't seem very useful.
I decided to at least read their explanations.

SkeletonSummon MonsterBattle Position: Land
An undead humanoid skeleton. Its method of attack depends on its weapon.
Its physique is equivalent to a human's. It can do well as both the vanguard and the rear guard.
It can use any weapons a human could use.
It can see perfectly in the dark.
As long as the skeleton's two cores are not destroyed, it can continue to regenerate its HP.
But be careful, as it weakens when exposed to sunlight.

SlimeSummon MonsterBattle Position: Land, Walls
It is said to be a synthetic monster created by an alchemy experiment.
Its main method of attack is dissolving its target.
It can shapeshift and change its centre of ma.s.s at will.
While its movement speed is slow, it can crawl on walls and ceilings.
It can change its size, but its weight stays at about a human's weight.
The slime is completely immune to physical attacks. Fire is its one weakness.

It looked interesting, but I decided to pa.s.s on both of them.
I decided to summon a monster I was thinking of summoning for quite a while.

Summon Monster!

A human-like figure appeared in the magic circle in front of me.
A little smaller than I was.
But its chest was very thick and its muscles were p.r.o.nounced all throughout its body.
I could see small canine teeth peek out from its closed mouth.
I chose to summon the Demon.
I quickly got to naming it.

Summon Monster
GokiDemon Lv1

[ ][ ][ ]BlockEvadeHide

It didn't have any weapon skills.
It just had a blank [ ] instead.
I focused on the [ ] and a message appeared.

Please choose a weapon or defence skill.

The players choose the skills for them.

I took a look at the candidates.
Then I thought about what I was missing.
I was definitely missing a rear guard.
I decided to make a bow its primary weapon.
But I felt like just a bow would leave it too weak.
I had to think about what to do if it ran out of arrows. A sub-weapon.
I chose a hatchet and a buckler.
That way I could leave it to take care of the vanguard if I needed to.

Summon Monster
GokiDemon Lv1


Then I realised it didn't have any equipment.
It only had a pair of pants on it.
I had to buy it weapons too
The soles of its feet looked like shoes, but the strange shape would probably mean it couldn't wear anything other than slippers.
Other than that, it looked like human equipment would suit it just fine.

Huh That's one amazing Summon Monster.

Oh, you think so?

It's actually kind of scary

Uhh No thanks.

I should've expected the girls to not like it.
Fiona said "amazing", but the expression on her face said otherwise.
Saki's comment was valid criticism, but Mio was just being mean.


Goki made a low, sad-sounding sound.
He wasn't angry, but definitely wasn't happy either.

Well, appearance was just one of the downsides I had to deal with.
Its identification marker was the normal green, so no issues there.
I decided to cover it from the head using my coat.
To be safe, I took out my raincoat from anItem Boxand handed that to Goki too.
I wanted to keep his head as hidden as possible.

Oh, Fiona, you're selling archery gear at your place, right?

Of course. Reina and Shinohara are Wood Workers after all. I'm selling their goods.

Great, could I have a bow, a quiver, and arrows please? I'd like to get Evil Ant Arrows, Bat Fang Arrows, and Obsidian Arrows if possible.

How many? In bundles please, that'd be great. Oh, you want to try the extended range type arrows? They'll cost you extra though.

Two bundles of Evil Ant Arrows and Bat Fang Arrows, and one bundle of Obsidian Arrows please. I'll take the normal ones for now

Alright. They'll all get used up sooner or later anyway, right?

I received five bundles of arrows.
They were just enough arrows that one bundle took up one unit of weight in anItem Box. In each bundle you could fit 20 Evil Ant Arrows, 20 Bat Fang arrows, or 12 Obsidian arrows.
In the meantime, that would do fine.

I chose a general-purpose quiver.
For the bow I usedAppraiseon all of them before choosing the one with the best Grade.
It was the only one with a Grade B-.
I had enough money on me to cover the price of everything.
It was a worthy investment.

Weapon: BowElm Wood BowGrade B-Rarity 3
AP 0Power 0Weight 1Durability 120Range 50
A bow made from elm wood.
The bow is standard size and relatively easy to handle.
[Custom] Strengthened with tree bark and resin, its Durability is improved.

Pretty good, for a first item.
Now, the hatchet and the buckler.
I decided to start with the hatchet.
Fiona recommended a nata hatchet a guild member made.
It did look pretty high-quality, even if it looked closer to a cleaver than a hatchet.
A good choice.
Next was the buckler.
I chose a small, light, wooden shield reinforced with a metal frame.
Of course, after usingAppraiseto find the best one.

Weapon: AxePure Iron NataGrade C+Rarity 2
AP +4Power 3Weight 2Durability 110Throwable, Range 10
A weapon that uses its weight rather than its sharpness to inflict damage.
Can also be used as a general-purpose tool.

Armour: ShieldCedar Wood Shield+Grade C+Rarity 2
Def +7Weight 2Durability 130
A small shield made from cedar wood boards. Light and easy to handle.
[Custom] The surface is reinforced with a metal plate and tree bark.

I got Goki to put the bow and quiver on his back, and hold the hatchet and shield in his hands.
I urged it to move around and get a feel for the equipment.
It looked alright.

Would it be possible to fix a sheath for the nata at the back of the shield?

Just a second. Reina!

I can do it! But after I finish eating!

Well then, I'll be counting on you.


Saki finished her food first, and came over to check on the Wild Horse Hide.

What are you going to make out of this?

Leather armour for me. Oh, and for the demon too, I guess.

Huh? You can put equipment on it?

Weapons and armour, yeah.

Huh So there's actually quite a bit of freedom on your part.

Yeah. I'm planning on having this guy take care of the rear guard from now on. Full-body armour please.

Great. Could you get it to sit still for a while? I'm going to take measurements.


I silently told Goki to stop moving for a while.
He became as still as a statue.
I was actually quite impressed.
Saki was still visibly afraid, but she managed to somehow complete the measuring process.
What a professional.

Oops, I almost forgot.
I only had Obsidian and Goki with me. I still had to summon another Summon Monster.
I decided to summon my strongest Summon Monster, Volff.

Goki would join me in that night's hunting.
With Volff there, I could relax a little more.
Volff could beat a male Wild Pheasant in a one-on-one fight.
The only monster Volff still had some problems with was the Stray Horse.

Fiona looked like she finished eating.
I took the opportunity to talk to her about something.

Hey Fiona, can I talk to you about something?

Oh, what is it?

It's about magic. I learnt a new magic spell

Just a second

Fiona called out to Mio, Reina, and Helga.

Mio and Helga, you two help out in the tent. Reina, can you man the stalls? And get Rick to come over too.


Got it!


The three of them immediately went on their duties.
Rick showed up after a while and took a look at all the items I had arranged on the table.

Rick, calculations please.

Yes, yes. All the food ingredients are going to Mio and the Wild Horse Hide is going to Saki, right?

That's right.

Got it.

Fiona was the same as always.
The same strong, big sister type.

Unexpectedly, aUnionrequest came from Fiona.
Of course, I accepted it.
Looked like she wanted to use the whisper function to communicate in secret.

We can talk this way. What is it you wanted to tell me?

Well, a lot of things. A lot of it will probably come off as idle nonsense you can ignore.

Really? Is that all? My intuition tells me otherwise though.

I peeked at her face, but she was wearing her usual smile.
She was really on an entirely different level.

I learnt a new magic spell.

A spell?


Just a second

She looked like she was thinking about something.

Could you stop right there? You're going to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament, after all.

What's that supposed to mean?

Since the tournament announcement, posts relating to skills and spells in the forums have been decreasing by a lot.

Oh, really?

Yes. The tournament won't announce your name before the compet.i.tion, but everyone is still doubtful of everyone else.

Doubtful, huh.

Yes. Well, if you knew your opponent's skills beforehand, coming up with a counter strategy is a piece of cake.

She had a point there.
I really wouldn't want to face someone who already knew what tricks I had up my sleeve.
Gathering information before even stepping into the arena would be an important factor to one's victory.
You would essentially have won before the first blow.

I think it's better I don't hear anything about your skill set. I might not be able to fight the temptation to write about it in the forums.

Huh Is that so

That's exactly so. I don't trust myself a lot.

Well. Could you listen to me after the tournament, then?

That'd be a lot easier on me, thanks

I understand. But I'll just tell you this for now.

What is it?

It's about PK. Apparently, there's a skill that lets you find out which players are likely to commit PK.

Huh? Oh, you have theDiscernskill?


Is that so It really does exist, huh

Fiona thought for a while before continuing the conversation.

It hasn't been confirmed on the forums, but it looks like it's true

Not confirmed?

It wasn't anything more than a rumour. I know the rumour about there being a chance of gettingSafeguardadded to your learnable skill list if you're killed by a PK character is true though.


Yep. A skill used to decrease the chance of losing items and money to PK characters upon death.

Is that so

I see
A little consolation prize for PK victims.
Discernmay have been a reward for killing a PK character.

Well, myDiscernskill gave me a result on a player I saw earlier.

Were you there?

Yeah. I couldn't look at their face though.

Yeah, they would do that. Be careful, Keith.

Do you have any countermeasures? As someone in a production job?

I don't know any reliable methods. We just have an important rule to always move in groups whenever we're leaving a town.


Looking strong is the best deterrent.

I see

Do you have anything else you want to tell me?

No, that's all.

Sorry. Looks like I couldn't be of much help.

No, not at all. Please let me talk to you again after the tournament.

Tournament Do your best, alright? We'll probably swing by to watch the later stages.

There's a chance I might not make it past the qualifiers, though. A pretty big chance, I reckon.

Is that so?

I think that's a natural conclusion, isn't it?

Who knows. My intuition is telling me you'll go pretty far.

Easier said than done, though.

You were supposed to say, "I'll do my best, even if I'm not so confident".

Sorry, I can't declare that with any degree of self-confidence.

Ahaha, don't worry about it. Should we stop whispering?


Once we finished our little secret talk, I turned around to see Mio glaring at me.
Her face was actually a little scary.

Muu. Well as long as you're not just playing, that's good.

What the heck? Good?
I had no idea what she was thinking.

Keith, I'm done taking measurements.

I fixed the sheath of the nata to the back of the shield!

Thank you so much, Saki, Reina.

I don't think I can do anything about its shoes though. I feel like it would be better for it to just go barefoot.

What about shin guards?

Oh, that'll be alright. There's a lot of material, after all.

Well, I'll be counting on you then.

Okay. So leather armour for you, and leather armour, a helmet, arm guards, and shin guards for the monster.

When do you think you can finish by?

Well, I'm pretty efficient with tanning skin now, but it would still take at least four days.

Four days

I'll message you like always when it's done.

Please do.

I finished everything I had planned to do.
I couldn't talk to Fiona aboutIce Magic, but I suppose it could wait until after the tournament.
I wanted to see how Goki would fight too.

Oh yeah, there's something I need to tell you Keith.

What is it, Fiona?

It's about cultivating the logs you've been giving us. I managed to borrow a piece of land where the forest is periodically thinned, and started testing it there.


Don't worry about it. I'm not growing Magic Mushrooms.

That would be a completely different kind of cultivation.

What? What?

The Alchemist Helga b.u.t.ted into our conversation.
We brought her up to speed.

Originally, the Magic Mushrooms were brought by boat to the port towns dried.

If you could cultivate them here too, the price of MP recovery items would probably go down by a lot.

I guess so

The prospects of that were definitely attractive.
MP was almost always the limiting factor whenever I went out to hunt or explore.

I could've kept going past the forest maze, but I didn't know if I would be able to find a place to log out.
If I only had a little more MP, I could've kept looking for a village or a town somewhere.

Rick finished his calculations and I got a small pouch of coins.
Since I had to pay for all the leather armour too, I didn't end up with a lot. Well, it was enough.
I gave everyone a bow and left the place.
I started heading towards the forest.

My first opponent was a female Wild Pheasant.
It was already getting close to night-time, so it was a small group of three female Wild Pheasants.
They hadn't noticed me yet.

Goki pulled out his bow and released an arrow.
Of course, from a far enough distance that they wouldn't notice.
A direct hit.
At the same time, Obsidian swooped down on it to finish it off.
With this double combo, they managed to take down a female Wild Pheasant.

After Goki released the arrow, Volff and I immediately jumped out to take on the two remaining Wild Pheasants.
We took on one each.
We took out the whole group without any problems.

Well, maybe it was still too early to rate Goki.
I kept hunting.

I wanted to try using someIce Magicskills.
Melt Icedidn't look useful in a combat situation so I ignored that one.
I looked atFreeze TouchandDelay.

I hadn't tested them out yet, but they sounded useful.
Freeze Touchcould do some damage too.
Of course, comparing it to the other Lv.3 attack magic skills, it was definitely inferior, but I'm sureIce Magicwould have more nice spells waiting for me.
The spell worked the same wayPyrokinesisdid.
I couldn't use it unless I was in close range.
Well, I'm sure the range would improve with its level, but for the time being I had to deal with the limitations of being Lv.1.

Just like the Snow Leopard Push Dagger, it had a slowing effect.
It had a decent range to it.
I tried it on a group of five female Wild Pheasants, and four of them were affected.
I wasn't certain, but it looked like a nice general support spell.
The only issue was that it didn't really work with my fighting style.
I doubted that I would get to use the skill often.

Evil Ant hunting.
Bows and arrows weren't good weapons to fight Evil Ants with.
Well, Obsidian arrows with their power were kind of effective, and Evil Ant arrows could pierce their thick sh.e.l.ls.
But the issue was with efficiency. With Evil Ants flooding out from all directions, it would be impossible to keep them all at bay with just a bow. It would be a pretty stressful experience too.
Come to think of it, Adele and Irina weren't very good with Evil Ants either.
Although that may have been just because they were scared of getting overwhelmed.

Well, about Goki.
It seemed like it was going to be a difficult enemy.
I got Goki to use his shield and hatchet.
Since Goki didn't have any armour, I usedPhysical Enchant: Earthto improve his defence.
Goki's fighting style inspired a sense of awe in me.
It was beastly.
No, demon-like.

Goki's STR exceeded mine when I was Lv.1, so he was a lot more effective than I ever was with the hatchet.
Looking from the side, I was having a difficult time figuring out who was the monster.
I started feeling bad for the Evil Ants.
Goki was slaughtering them with a look of glee on his face.

What a reliable partner.
I had high hopes for the future.
To be honest, I was actually kind of anxious.

But it was an effective fighting style for Evil Ants.
A bow would do better against Wild Pheasants.
I climbed some trees and stole some eggs while I watched Goki fight below.
It looked like he wouldn't have any issues.

I went further into the forest and fought b.l.o.o.d.y Woods and Striped Racc.o.o.ns.
A bow and arrow worked better on beast type enemies, while the hatchet worked better on high-defence enemies.
Watching Goki fight b.l.o.o.d.y Woods was an excellent sight.
Goki cut away the roots as they were shooting out towards him.
It was like a mini deforestation.

Very nice.

I concluded that Goki was an all-rounder. A Summon Monster I could use in both the front and the back.
Goki was pretty much like a person, except he couldn't use magic.
He had a good amount of MP though, so I could heal him usingDark Heal.
Goki was almost the polar opposite of the tank Jericho.

I continued hunting deeper into the night.
I alternated between fighting Evil Ants and Wild Pheasants.

With Goki, fighting the Evil Ants became very easy.
I had an idea. I gave Goki two of the three Snow Leopard Push Daggers I had and watched him fight with those.
It was kind of fun to watch.
The one-sided ma.s.sacre, that is.

I felt kind of bad for the waves of ants coming in to help, but they just kept coming anyway.
Slow using the push daggers and stomp to crush.
It was an effective combo.
In no time at all, we managed to kill all of them.

KickLevel Up!
You have acquired theKickweapon arteKnee Strike!
You have acquired theKickweapon arteFront Kick!

MyKickskill finally levelled up.
And it looked like I got some new weapon artes too.
Well, I had no reason to use it until my MP ran out.
Knee strikes and front kicks were things I was already doing, so I didn't feel too surprised or happy about it.

But I did feel a slight difference.
When I dropped my heels down to crush an ant, I felt like my foot had a lot more strength behind it.
I instinctively smiled.
Ah, that was bad.
I wasn't in a position to call Goki crazy anymore.

The time was past 10 pm.
I'd been hunting a lot of monsters in the short time I had, but I still had more time.
I picked up a lot of Healgra.s.s and Obsidian Rocks on the way too.
I hadn't used any potions.
The forest wasn't a very challenging and satisfactory hunting ground anymore.
But the jump in difficulty would be fairly high if I were to suddenly move to the forest maze. It was pretty far away from Master's house too.
I decided to just wait for Goki to level up.

I decided to do my own training in the meantime.
I usedCall Monsterto call a b.l.o.o.d.y Wood.
Of course, I used mainly throws to kill it.
I took some damage myself, but I still had plenty of room.
No problems.

Volff, Obsidian, and Goki were watching me from the side.
There were no problems there either.
I hadn't used anyThrowskills in a long time.
I fought two more of them before my sense came back to me.
I kept usingCall Monsterand continued my training.

Originally, I meant to keep hunting.
But as usual, it turned into my personal judo throw practice.
b.l.o.o.d.y Woods couldn't speak either. They were essentially moving training dummies.

When the clock hit 11 pm, I decided to return to Master's house.
I went up to the second floor, organised my inventory, and recalled all my Summon Monsters.
I took off all of Goki's equipment before recalling him.
I noticed a small issue.
In Goki's case, I had to keep his equipment in the time that he wasn't summoned.

I stuffed Goki's equipment into anItem Box.
I only had to deal with Zangetsu's saddle before, so it wasn't an issue.
But now I had both Zangetsu's and Goki's equipment.
I got it all to fit somehow, but I was worried about the future, when the number of Summon Monsters I would have would increase even further.
I might have to just suck it up and get anotherItem Box.
I really had to think about what to do when I get more Summon Monsters.

Putting that aside, the tournament was in three days.
I felt a little melancholic.
I took off my equipment and got into bed.
I logged out.
I had to go to work early tomorrow.
I felt myself wanting to do some more woodworking for some reason.

RaceHumanMaleRacial Lv7
JobSummoner Lv6
Bonus Points Remaining: 8

Skill Sets:
Staff Lv6Punch Lv3Kick Lv41Joint Lock Lv4Throw Lv3Evade Lv3Block Lv3Summon Magic Lv7
Light Magic Lv3Wind Magic Lv4Earth Magic Lv3Water Magic Lv4Fire Magic Lv3Dark Magic Lv3Ice Magic Lv1
Alchemy Lv4Pharmacy Lv3Gla.s.smaking Lv3Woodworking Lv2
Cooperation Lv6Appraise Lv5Identify Lv6Discern Lv1Cold Resistance Lv3Grab Lv5Horsemanship Lv5Precise Manipulation Lv5Jump Lv1Heat Resistance Lv3Climb Lv3Dual Wield Lv2Mental Reinforcement Lv1

Kaya Wood Drumsticks x2Snow Leopard Push Dagger x3Wild Rabbit Breastplate+ SeriesSnow Ape ArmguardWild Horse Boots+Snow Ape Leather HelmetRucksackItem Box x2

Survival Knife

Old Summoner's Pupil
Guardian of the Forest
Man of the Middle Path

Monster Summons:
VolffWolf Lv5
ZangetsuHorse Lv3Asleep
HelixHawk Lv3Asleep
ObsidianOwl Lv4
JeanBat Lv4Asleep
Jericho Wood Golem Lv3Asleep
GokiDemon Lv1New!

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