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My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will summary:

Born with a unique quirk, Midoriya Izuku strives to become a hero.That's it. That's the synopsis....Don't look at me like that!...Alright keep staring, I don't care anyway.Well, since Midoriya has a quirk, he will be a bit (more than a bit) OC in terms of his character. He'll be strong, and more than a little OP so, don't complain as I have warned you here. Don't expect a wimpy stuttering mess of an MC in this story. I might make it a harem or keep it a nice and simple relation between MC and a girl (Don't even think I'll add yaoi in this, or any of my stories).Also, there will be no genderbend like in my previous work, so, all those genderbend haters, breath a sigh of relief. No female Bakugou and stuff.About the language, yeah I will be pretty loose while using appropriate language for ceratin people or certain situations. Alright, make this an almost completely OC Midoriya fic..

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