My Mcv And Doomsday Chapter 648

Chapter 648 Cruel Angel


“Yes, your guess is right. I’m Genesis’ Chancellor. Although it’s the first time we meet, I’ve been paying close attention to you ever since you killed Shen Hai. It’s a pity that I couldn’t deal with you earlier. You see, I don’t have much time to spare” said the Chancellor meaningfully. His body was concealed in a layer fog, so nobody could clearly see his face.

Listening to him, Jiang Liushi felt confused. His every word carried a deeper meaning, and Jiang Liushi was unable to confirm whether the Chancellor knew that he possessed Starseed. Maybe he didn’t even know about Starseed’s existence, but it was likely that the Chancellor had made a few conjectures. Evidently, he believed that Jiang Liushi must be privy to some secrets related to the relic/

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi narrowed his eyes, betraying a hint of killing intent. It was obvious that they were destined to be enemies that couldn’t live under the same sky.

“You expected that I would appear here, didn’t you? Have you been waiting here ever since we came to Japan?” asked Jiang Liushi.

“Yes. Don’t you find it weird that Shen Kui was so cooperative and you got the relic’s location that easily?” replied the Chancellor with a strange smile.

Jiang Liushi was yet again shocked. But he soon calmed down as he had also made a lot of preparations to fight against the Chancellor.

Ever since they killed Shen Hai, Jiang Liushi knew that he would have to face the whole organization and its top members one by one. As a result, no matter who took the initiative to attack, the final outcome would be the very same. Moreover, the last battle would be a bitter one.

“It seems you haven’t brought any of your subordinates with you. Fighting on your own, aren’t you a confident one?” Jiang Liushi flew the Chancellor’s kite.

“Since you asked such a question, it proves that you are not confident. It’s game over for you! Although I don’t know your secret, as long as I discover it, my life will undergo an unparalleled change! I will uncover the mysteries behind life and death, and I will become the God of the world!”

When the Chancellor finished speaking, the space around him was suddenly distorted in a violent way. Then, a large tear appeared, and a black ball of energy emerged out of it. In the next instant, the black ball flew and entered the Chancellor’s body.

The Chancellor’s body started changing at a fast pace, while a black layer of energy covered him whole. The potent energy burned his clothes to ashes, and what seemed like a black battle suit took form around his body. Next, the Chancellor became three meters tall and a claw capturing a black energy ball formed in the middle of his broad chest. At the same time, a futuristic metal helmet formed around his head, and only his deep black eyes were visible; they were like dark stars shining faintly in the darkness. Behind him, two huge pairs of dark wings, exuding a metallic luster, appeared.

‘The Battle Suit!’ Jiang Liushi was sure that it was one of the so-called Weapons. Naturally, in regards to value, Starseed was far superior to it. However, Starseed’s biggest drawback was that it was just a core, which did not possess its main body the Battleship! On the other hand, the Chancellor’s Battle Suit was a complete and operable artifact!

“This is my battles suit! It’s also the only fully operating Weapon our organization discovered. I named it Cruel Angel!” said the Chancellor.

After equipping the Cruel Angel, the Chancellor’s voice became very low. “It’s this kind of feeling again! I’m so intoxicated with it. Whenever I equip the Cruel Angel, I feel like God! I can look down on the heavens and earth, and all the people! Jiang Liushi, you should know that no person can fight against God. Give me your everything!” shouted the Chancellor and then he dashed toward Jiang Liushi. He flew at breakneck speed and appeared before Jiang Liushi like a ghost. Then, he stretched his hands, aiming for Jiang Liushi’s throat!

“Brother!” screamed Jiang Zhuying.

The Chancellor was the most powerful individual amongst Genesis’ members, and coupled with the Cruel Angel he was unstoppable.

At the crucial moment, Jiang Liushi drew a sword attached to his waist, directly blocking the Chancellor’s sharp claws. It was one of the Weapons! He had obtained it after killing Tsukuyomi and carried it on him ever since. Fortunately, it could fend off against the Cruel Angel.

‘What powerful energy!’ thought Jiang Liushi.

Although he blocked the attack, Jiang Liushi was forced backward, and the pain from his left arm was equivalent to breaking his bone. Ever since Jiang Liushi underwent his countless evolutions, he could be considered unbeatable in terms of psychical strength. However, now, he found it very challenging to even block the Chancellor in a frontal attack.

“Jiang Liushi, I told you that it’s impossible for a person to fight against God! You are doomed to die!” said the Chancellor.

Suddenly, black balls of energy jumped out of the Chancellor’s chest, and they attacked Jiang Liushi from every angle. Jiang Liushi’s hair stood on end, while his clothes were about to be torn to pieces.

“Brother Jiang!” Seeing Jiang Liushi in great danger, Ran Xiyu tried her utmost best to protect him. Suddenly, a green sheen appeared between her eyebrows. Even though the odds were against them, she had to fight hard!

At the same time, Xiang Xuehai joined the fray. She gathered all her energy, forming a raging wind-blade which she then released straight toward the Chancellor’s face!

“Oh, wonderful! You’re all young, powerful women, but it’s a pity you don’t pose a threat to me!” The Chancellor waved his hands, blocking their attacks directly. Meanwhile, he created more black balls of energy and shot them toward the Shi Ying Squad.

“Ah!” shouted Ran Xiyu and collapsed heavily on the ground with a pale face. Mental attacks were like a double-edged sword; once it failed, Ran Xiyu would suffer a painful backlash.

Xiang Xuehai was struck by a ball of black light and was sent flying. She crashed against the tour bus and blood flowed out from her head!

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