My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 10

Chapter 10: To be a Hero

Izuku greeted Bakugou as he sat down, "Yo, I'm back. You miss me?"

Bakugou glared at him, "I'll kill you nerd. Don't talk to me."

Izuku just shrugged and smiled. Izuku knew that, although not noticeable, he was slowly opening up. If it was about a year ago, he would have blasted Izuku to space for just sitting next to him. Then, a yellow spike haired man walked to the middle of the stage, "Welcome, one and all to my live show!".

< I am too lazy too write the description and rules of the entrance exam so I hope you read the manga or watched the anime. If not then do it, or not, whatever, your loss. What are you doing here if you don't even know the plot of My Hero Academia?>

"Now let's move to the main event. Plus Ultra! And may you suffer gladly the trials to come."

Present Mic finished explaining the rules of the exam and led the participants to their respective areas. Izuku and Bakugou also stood up and left the main hall.

At the exit Bakugou glanced at Izuku, "You're lucky that participants from the same school won't be together in a same area. Now I won't be able to overwhelm your ass."

Izuku just smiled, "I'm also glad that we don't have to compete against ourselves, Kacchan. That means we could end up together in classroom when we pass the exam."

Izuku patted Katsuki's shoulder and left to his designated test area.

Katsuki woke from his stupor a couple of seconds later, "Tch, as if you would pass." Then he also turned and went to his test area.


Izuku arrived at his test area and was shocked. The whole area was as big as a town. Izuku smiled bitterly, maybe I underestimated this test.

He glanced around and saw about 19, or 20 counting himself, participants in this test area. After he finished counting, he found out the brown haired girl from earlier was also in the same test area as himself. I should go see how she's doing. She almost crashed this morning.

Izuku was about to go greet the girl when a hand grabbed his shoulder, "Are you planning to go distract that girl over there. I would advise otherwise. She is currently trying to concentrate on test."

Izuku looked over his shoulder at the owner of the hand: a tall young man with glasses and strange looking legs. Izuku slightly frowned and smacked the young man's hand off his shoulder, "I don't plan to distract her, I am an acquaintance."

He turned to face this young man, Appraise.

Name: Tenya IIda

Quirk: Engine

Status: Suspicious

Izuku glanced at his legs, Engine, huh? An agility type Quirk, doubt it could rival my Whirlwind Dash. The young man, IIda , narrowed his eyes, "Even so, you are here to take an official hero test, not to have a friend reunion. I think I remember you from earlier, you're the boy that was gawking at Present Mic earlier, weren't you?"

Izuku blushed a bit as his hero geek genes turned on when he saw a famous pro hero. He awkwardly coughed, "Ahem, I understand. I will let others concentrate on the test and I myself will prepare."

The other participants looked over at their argument and felt joyous, "Heh, another fanboy thinking he has what it takes to be a hero./ The kid that has an appearance that he didn't pay attention to the rules?/ Well that means less competition for the rest."

IIda's glare softened and said, "Thank you for your comprehension. Forgive my rudeness."

A voice, at this time, a voice resonated on the test area, "Aaaand start!"

All the participants: "eh?"

Present Mic started again, "What's the matter? There's no such thing as a countdown on a real battle. Run everybody! RUUUNN!!"

Everybody understood and ran into the town like stage. IIda boosted himself with his Quirk and ran in front of the crowd. He looked behind him over his right shoulder but didn't find the green haired boy from earlier. It's a shame. Another boy will find his dreams crushed at the end of the day.

IIda then focused again on the situation in front of him when he saw a green haired boy running by his left. How's that possible?! IIda was always proud of his speed, little to none could surpass him. Now there was this boy running side by side with him, and calmly at that, making look like he was jogging.

IIda was so shocked that he staggered, almost tripping. I don't believe he can still catch up like this. He then switched to third gear and basically flew across the test area.

Izuku had no idea he just caused an existential crisis to the young man he argued moments ago. Agility was currently his highest stat, being faster than the average adult by five times. Seeing IIda running even faster to, Izuku guessed, destroy some robots, Izuku felt motivated and ran to catch some robots to himself in another direction.

It didn't take long to find a robot. This robot appeared to be the 1p robots in the pamphlet that they received earlier. Izuku looked at this robot with an inquisitive stare. Appraise.

Name: One Pointer

Abilities: Fast but not the best defense.

Status: Fully charged. Core found on the head.

Izuku read its information and smirked, Fast? I'll decide that. He arched his back and activated Cruel Claws, his fingers covered in keratin, making three inch long sharp claws and, Pounce! Izuku immediately jumped at the robot at great speed, knocking the robot over and, before the robot could even lock into his target, clawing the core out of its head. The claws shredded the metal head with ease, produce screeching noises, and yanked out the core, ripping wires and throwing sparks into the air.

The core was glowing a red color and was a bit bigger than a fist and having some wires still attached, its ends still causing some sparks. Izuku crushed the core, earning himself a point. He was a bit unsatisfied with the speed he  earned points so he began his machinery massacre.

He also encountered the other two robots.

Name: Two Pointer

Abilities: High defense but low attack power.

Status: Fully charged. Core found on the head.


Name: Three Pointer

Abilities: Flight based. High offensive power but low mobility.

Status: Fully Charged. Core found on the head. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Izuku began grinding points from the robos as he escalated ranks.

Two points...

Eight points...

Twenty points...

Fifty points!

Izuku claimed the number one position of the test area, ten points above the number two, IIda. His strategy was to Pounce at one and two pointers and to claw their cores out of their heads. Three pointers were handled by covering their rotors with Sticky Web, making them crash and then finish by crushing its head with Heavy Strike.

Of course everything didn't always go perfectly, there times of time miscalculation or a second robot where Izuku got hurt. Luckily, he prepared for such situations as he had packed some honey with him to use Healing Honey. He took a small breather and ate some honey to recover Hp.


In a dark room located inside the UA Highschool facilities, the judges were discussing Izuku's performance. "There are some dark horses this year, it seems.", one shadow said, "There is Izuku Midoriya from sector D, with great reasoning and mysterious abilities. Katsuki Bakugou of Sector A, high efficiency and great combat power. These two in particular have great potential." The other shadows nodded in agreement.

A shadow significantly smaller than the others said, "Indeed, a strict time limit and vast battleground, nothing quite like it to get people blood boiling and uncover skills. 'Insight': the ability to grasp the situation quickly and accurately. 'Agility': the ability to stick a dynamic entry without ever being late to the party. 'Judgment': The ability to face any obstacle with coolness and composure. And, of course, sheer fighting prowess."

The small shadow stood from his seat and walked up to the panels next to the TVs, which were playing the scenes in different test areas live. There was particular red button with the label ZERO that was pretty eye catching. The small shadow continued, "We can measure their respective levels of those foundational skills by way of the points system. The thing to really test their value is this!" The small shadow then pressed the button.


Rumble Rumble Rumble

There was a sudden earthquake in the test area. Izuku's Danger Sense immediately started to ring inside his head, as if there was fire alarm in there. He narrowed his eyes as the robots from earlier had not made Danger Sense ring, not even a warning. He looked at the corner of the ceiling of a building at a street intersection. An enormous mechanical hand grabbed the corner, making the building's structure to crack and crumble.

A giant humanoid robot that had an ill proportioned rectangular head had appeared in the test area.

Name: Zero

Abilities: Enormous strength and defense but not the best speed

Status: Fully charged. Core found on the head.

Everybody started to scream and run as fast as they could. IIda also figured it would be fruitless to stay behind and confront the zero pointer so he also began retreating. Izuku was also ready leave the battlefield, he already had enough points anyways, when his Detailed Ear caught a low but distinctive groan behind him, "Aah, owww."

Izuku slowed down to a stop and look back.

The brown haired girl had been knocked done by a rather large piece of concrete, perhaps from the building Zero destroyed, squashing her left leg. The colossal robot was approaching her.

Izuku didn't even think twice before he extended both his arms forward, aiming towards both sides of the street and shooting Sticky Web from his wrists. When the Sticky Web stuck to two buildings, Izuku started to pull back, as if he was in a slingshot, using Suction Pads on his feet to resist the force.

IIda noticed his actions and was startled, "What are you doing? It's the zero pointer! You won't get anything from trying to be the tough guy!"

Obviously IIda hadn't noticed Ochako in imminent doom so Izuku didn't pay him any mind. When he stretched the Sticky Webs far enough he said, "I'm here to become a hero."

Saying that, he deactivated his Suction Pads on his feet, shooting forward. He activated Glide to help with the maneuvering of the shot, membranes growing from his sides as he made his way through the air at high speed. He doubted that Pounce alone would be enough to topple that colossal mecha so he used a tandem with Heavy Strike, holding the power for the max of 5 seconds.

2 seconds, he flew over Uraraka.

4 seconds, he reached the zero pointer.

5 seconds, Pounce!

With both Heavy Strike and Pounce working together, BAAMMM, the colossal robot fell backwards, as if encountered an invisible wall.

Izuku, on top of its massive rectangular head, shot a large amount of Sticky Web on its arms and then its legs, preventing it from moving. The zero pointer tried freeing itself, all for vain, as the Sticky Web didn't rip at all. On top of its head, Izuku used his Cruel Claws to slash at its head, making a large gash. He then extended his hand inside his head and grabbed its core, yanking it out in a savage way.

The core was significantly bigger than the other robots' cores but Izuku just dropped it and, like an empty can of soda, stepped on it. The zero pointer immediately halted all resistance as the core was crushed, resting there as a an enormous mount of metal.

*You have defeated a special opponent and completed a hidden special achievement- To be a Hero - You have been rewarded a gift box.*

Huh? A hidden achievement? No, never mind, I'll look at it later. Izuku didn't pay much attention to the notification as he used Glide to reach Ochako. He deactivated his skills such as Cruel Claws and Glide and removed the concrete from her leg. Izuku then checked her Status,

Name: Ochako Uraraka

Quirk: Zero Gravity

Status: Dazed/Slight injuries

That's good. Izuku was glad the brown haired girl was mostly fine. He then picked her up and headed towards the rest of the test takers.

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