My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Gift Box

Tenya IIda was having an internal conflict as he saw the green haired boy flying through the air using his web slingshot. There was no gain in attacking the zero pointer as it was meant to be an obstacle. I'm here to become a hero. It was his statement that got him perplexed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Everyone here was taking the entrance exams to take the path of a hero. Although he wasn't the number one rank at the test area, he could totally pass the exam. Did he find a secret message of the exam? IIda wondered.

At this time, the green haired boy had arrived at the zero pointer's head. IIda smiled bitterly, What could a good speed and some webs do against that monstrosity. He guessed that the green haired boy's Quirk was related to arachnids, they had some explosive speeds and web making abilities.


The next moment he was dumbfounded, his bitter smile was plastered stiff on his face. The green haired boy had grabbed the giant robot's head and push it down, toppling it to the ground. "What?!?", IIda was so shocked that he unconsciously blurted out, grabbing everyone's attention.

Everyone else thought the noise earlier was the zero pointer causing wreck and havoc. Now they saw, out of the the dust cloud made from the impact of the crash, a green haired boy stood on top of the head of the colossal zero pointer, holding a red glow metallic sphere.

The zero pointer's limbs were covered with large amount of web, the robot still struggling to rip it apart yet to no avail. The boy then dropped the red sphere, stepped on it, and crushed it. The zero pointer's movements immediately stopped and its red eye- like cameras dimmed to a pitch black.

The scene of a boy with green hair standing tyrannically on the head of an enormous metal monster would be engraved on the hearts and minds of the test takers. The boy then jumped from the waste - laid robot into the air, the membrane like skin from his sides aiding him to glide in the air.

This scene not only caused awe and respect on the participants but also malice and jealousy, "Tch, another show-off trying to gain extra recognition from the judges./Yeah, it's the zero pointer we are supposed to avoid./Heh, let's hope he gets disqualified for being hot -headed and rushing into a meaningless battle."

While the other participants where shrugging off Izuku's actions as a show-off act, IIda had finally noticed the brown haired girl, from his earlier discussion, trapped under large piece of concrete. Now he realized Izuku's words and actions, They don't understand he wasn't showing off but he jumped to save the girl. If I wasn't in the middle of a big test, I, of course would have done the same! IIda justified, in his mind, his inaction.

The green haired boy landed next to the girl and removed the concrete from her leg, examined it, and picked her up in his arms before walking towards the rest of the participants. But maybe... that was part of the exam?, Tenya stared fervently at the incoming Izuku.


This dude...He is not gay is he?

Izuku had gotten closer to the crowd when he noticed IIda's piercing stare. He just looked somewhere else and continued walking forward. Present Mic's voice sounded again, "The test is over!!!"

Izuku let out a sigh of relief as he managed to get good score. He looked around with Uraraka in his arms, "Is there a doctor or treatment for this kind of exams? Although it's not severe, this girl is hurt."

The other participants, thinking that he just wanted to obtain more attention, just looked in another direction or straight up ignored him.

Then a voice sounded behind him, "That would be me!" Izuku turned around and, who knows when, a short old lady with a hair bun had appeared. He Appraised her,

Name: Kyouyu Kango/The Youthful Heroine/Recovery Girl

Quirk: Recovery Speed Up ++

Status: Happy

Recovery Speed Up ++? Is that like my Soothing Song? Izuku wonders of his own capabilities when Recovery Girl said, "Now leave her to me. Here have some gummy bears for saving this girl."

Izuku woke up from his thoughts and reacted, "Ah, yes yes, thank you." He carefully put the girl on the ground and took the gummy bears.

Recovery Girl checked her leg, Uraraka , who had already reacted from what had happened, asked, "Is it bad?"

Recovery Girl answered, "Not really it's just badly bruised but not broken. SMOOOCH." Her lips extended and landed a kiss on her forehead. Uraraka's leg starts to return to her normal peachy white color.

While everybody was in awe at Recovery Girl's miraculous Quirk, Izuku backed away slowly and activated Stealth. His body blurred  and became transparent, he then left the test area.

At the test area gates, Izuku deactivated Stealth, his body returning to normal. It wasn't as if he couldn't explain his Quirk and movements, it was just troublesome and, honestly, too lazy to keep explaining it himself. He headed to the main hall to check himself out.


Uraraka looked around the crowd and couldn't find the green haired boy who saved her twice already, "W-where's the boy? The one with green hair?"

IIda answered, "Oh, he's here- oh? Uuuuhh, he was here a moment ago!" They noticed that Izuku had left the test area a while ago. This caused admiration from IIda, A gentleman indeed! He didn't stay to keep the credit or claim fame. He is worthy to be a good hero. Uraraka felt disappointed as she couldn't thank her savior.

IIda , noticing her mood, said, "Don't worry about it, I believe that with your accumulated points are enough to enter UA. His score wasn't low either so I think we can find him when class start."

Uraraka understood and decided to wait for classes to start, "Yes!"


*Claim gift box?*


In Izuku's mind, a golden gift box wrapped with a red ribbon appeared. Then it began spinning and then flowed and opened:

*You have obtained monster egg!*


In mid air, a light flashed and an enormous egg appeared. Izuku hurriedly caught it before it fell. He examined the egg, it was as big as his whole chest and weighed about 50 pounds but with his Strength, it was nothing. The egg was colored with a light green and covered with wild dark green stripes.

Izuku was dumbfounded by this development, An egg? Damn, where am I supposed to explain where I got this egg, whose size even covers my whole chest? And when it's born, how am I supposed to explain a brand new species that was born under my care? He was now conscious that his Quirk not gave him super abilities but also super trouble.

But what monster is this? Izuku Appraised the egg, hoping it was similar to some animal in earth, or even an extinct one, so he could claim the monster is actually a mutated animal or an extinct being no one knows of.

Monster Egg

Species: That's a secret!

Abilities: It's not even born yet!

Rank: Special

Status: Spend time with it to establish link.

Hatching time: When link is created.

The hell with this remarks! Izuku rolled his eyes at his Quirk's uninformative information, didn't even tell him the species. Whatever, since it's a hidden reward it should be good thing. He pet the massive egg to his side and laid in the bed to rest to recover his Stamina. He immediately opened his eyes again, Wait, why haven't I received the notification that I completed the Quest?!?

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