My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Buy! Buy! Buy!

Izuku is currently depressed. This week has not been the best. He thought that after getting enough points, he would be able to pass the exam. After the exam was finished, he should have gotten the notification that he passed the exam and claim the rewards.

Could it be I messed up when I confronted the zero pointer? Izuku couldn't understand why as he even got rewarded for stopping the zero pointer.

But if I failed, then why didn't I receive the failure notification and receive the penalty of Quirk disowning either?

He just couldn't wrap his head around it. He laid on his bed as he rubbed the shell of the monster egg. It was complicated to explain where the egg came from to his mom so he just came up with "It's a special project from biology class" excuse. Although suspicious, his mother didn't ask further and told him to take care of the egg so it didn't affect his grades.

He had spent most of his free time with this monster egg, sleeping was rather comfortable than expected. He felt a weird sensation between the monster egg and himself, as if there was a very skinny string condensing between them. Although there seems to be progressing, it doesn't look like the egg will hatch anytime soon.

What also got him bothered was that his "secret layer" was discovered by the media. Guess he has too loud, according to the witnesses in the internet. Even if the warehouse was abandoned, he was heard by the workers and pedestrians around.

He had about 3234 Unstable Elements accumulating dust in his Personal Window as he wasn't willing to get monsters without being able to try them out. He had tried searching for another base or an isolated place but all for naught. The closest thing he found was a deep forest but Izuku scratched it out as it was too risky to be in the opening as a monster.

He was stuck doing nothing for a week but accumulating Elements and waiting for the news from UA Highschool, as they had the final say if he kept his Quirk or not.

It wasn't totally fruitless week, he created a scarf with Sticky Web, albeit being a plain silvery white. He collected Fire Elements by making campfires every night, reaching 700 or so of them.

I roasted some marshmallows, that was fun, I guess.

Suddenly, a short figure opened the door and dashed in, "Izuku!! Izuku!! It-it's here! It came, honey."

Izuku's mom was kneeling on the floor with a an envelope of UA Highschool. Izuku's heartbeat hastened as he received the envelope from her, "Thanks mom."

She nodded and left the room, pacing anxiously around the house. She had been told by Izuku about his "Late Bloomer Phenomenon" so she still thought that Izuku had a chance on entering UA. Izuku stared at the envelope with dread as this would be a difference in his life: hero or zero.

He took a deep breath and tore the side of the envelope, Here goes nothing.


A small device slipped out of the envelope as it started to glow. Then a projection of a zoomed in face appeared, "I am here! On a screen!"

Allmight?!? Izuku was shocked to see his model hero in the  exam results of UA.

"Good evening, young Midoriya! You remember me?", Allmight continued his recorded projection, "At that day, I told you that those who are Quirkless wouldn't be able to become heroes. Even though you were devastated, who would have thought you would go Plus Ultra and awaken your body's dormant potential! Congratulations!"

Izuku smiled bitterly as he remembered he wouldn't be able to activate his so called "Quirk" without attempting suicide. Even though Allmight truly did hurt his feelings, Izuku understood that he would have never be able to save Uraraka being a scaredy-cat Quirkless boy.

Allmight just said the truth, a cold and hard fact is still a fact, so he didn't feel any resentment towards him. Heck, he even told him his weakness and that he still fights villains, albeit being injured. That is enough to rouse even more admiration from Izuku towards Allmight.

"Now then, the moment you have been waiting for... Your scores!"

Izuku Midoriya: 110p

Villain: 50p

Rescue: 60p

1st of sector D, 2nd out of the whole exams.

"Your courage towards saving that girl was truly captivating! Even though everyone was running away, you came to the rescue and even defeated the zero pointer! Fast, efficient and effective. You managed to stop the zero pointer without unnecessary moves or destruction! These traits are very important in the path to becoming a hero and you, young Midoriya, have taken the first step towards it. I'm proud to report to you that you have passed the entrance exams with Flying colors! Congratulations!"

Izuku felt his eyes water. The top hero is announcing him that he had managed to pass the entrance exams to the top hero school of the country. It was a reality that he had never imagined even in his dreams. Izuku let the tears fall from his cheeks as he could now truly say that his hard work had finally paid off. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Years and years of hopelessness and delusions could now be buried in the past, making the foundation to his path of becoming a hero. If he hadn't awoken his "Quirk", none of this would've happened. By now, Izuku would have given up or he would be in the hospital after his encounter with the first robot.


*You have completed urgent quest: Pass the UA Highschool Entrance Exams: Rank S! You have been rewarded with System Skill [Item Shop]: Access to System's wares to buy beneficial items with Unstable Elements for the path ahead. You can only use one stack of items a day.

You have been rewarded with a high rank monster for your outstanding completion rank: Sea Wyvern [Lagiacrus]: a blue crocodile-like wyvern with snake characteristics. When a Lagiacrus is fully sunbathed, it turns a dry grayish-blue color and its dermal spikes turn brown. When it returns to the water, Lagiacrus regains a striking deep blue color and its spikes return to their original color of a very light beige. The dermal spikes on its back glow white when it is using strong thunder attacks, and its mouth gurgles with Thunder when it is enraged.*

Extract both skills. Izuku didn't hesitate to extract new skills after his week long boredom.

*You have extracted (Active)[Thunder Discharge]: 20 Sp, expulses blue electricity around a radius of 5 meters, hurting foes while covering allies. Causes internal damage and uncontrollable muscle spasms. You have extracted (Passive)[Lord of the Sea]: 50% skill effectiveness increase against Water related Quirk users. Water users will feel an instinctive oppression towards you.*

Before Izuku continued to advance towards the Item Shop, he finished the recorded projection, "You have been assigned to class 1-A. Make sure to report in early springtime in the morning. This is your starting line, your hero academia. And",

Allmight got bit closer to the camera and said in a whisper-like manner, "Please make sure to keep our secret from the other students. I'll also be keeping an eye on you as I'll be a new teacher at UA Highschool! Anyways I have to make about another fifteen of these so, without further ado, Plus Ultra!" Allmight finished with a fist pump and ended the recording.

Izuku was surprised to find out that Allmight was becoming a new teacher at UA but right now, he really wanted to check to Item Shop out. Item Shop,

[Item Shop]

Potion: restores 50 Hp. 2 Unstable Elements. 0/10

Mega Potion: restores 100 Hp. 5 Unstable Elements. 0/1o

Rare Steak: restores 25 Sp. 2 Unstable Elements. 0/10

Well-done Steak: restores 50 Sp. 5 Unstable Elements. 0/10

Antidote: Heals poisons and ailments. 3 Unstable Elements. 0/10

Life Powder: restores 50 Hp in radius of 3 meters. 10 Unstable Elements. 0/5

Dash Juice: 50% Agility increase for 3 minutes. 5 Unstable Elements, 0/5

Demondrug: 50% Strength increase for 3 minutes. 5 Unstable Elements, 0/5

Armorskin: 50% Physique increase for 3 minutes. 5 Unstable Elements, 0/5

Whetstone: 100% efficiency increase on support equipment's next use. 2 Unstable Elements. 0/20

Izuku was amazed with the effects of these items, they were simply incredible. Hp and Sp deficiency wouldn't be a problem any more. The only restriction is that I can only buy and use one stack of items a day. I just hope I never be in a battle that requires to expend all of the items.

Izuku looked at the Item Shop, then to his Unstable Elements. Then again to the Item Shop, I guess it was a good thing I didn't use them all. Izuku then went on a shopping spree, I don't know when they will become useful so I better buy them all. I have enough Unstable Elements anyways.

Remaining Unstable Elements: 2899

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