My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The First Day of School

Izuku prepared his schoolbag in a giddy manner. Notebooks, pencils... yep looks like it's everything. He puts on the schoolbag and heads towards the door to leave when, "Izuku", his mom calls for him.

Izuku turns back and sees her smiling proudly, "You look very cool."

He smiles, "I'll be going now. See you later, mom!" He then heads outside.


When he reaches the main building at UA, he starts to search for class 1-A, 1-A... Where is it?... Ah here it is! He finds the classroom that had an enormous door, big enough to even pass in some of his monster forms.

He reaches towards the sliding door handle before stopping mid air. His heart is beating very fast, he had never imagined he would have been able to enter UA. He takes a deep breath to calm himself and opens the door.

Inside, his ears are assaulted with arguments from inside, "Please put your feet down from the desk! Don't you think it's disrespectful towards the school and your classmates.", IIda exclaimed.

Bakugou, sitting with his feet up, said, "As a matter of fact no, I don't think so. Which middle school are you from anyway, four eyed extra?!"

Ah, looks like Kacchan is making friends already. Izuku smiled bitterly as these two won't be able to get along, the rule breaker and the rule enforcer. I better separate them for now. He walks forward and stops at Bakugou's desk, "Good morning Kacchan."

Bakugou didn't even turn his head and just glanced at him, saying coldly, "Deku."

Bakugou had been in a bad mood when he knew that Izuku had passed the entrance exam. Izuku was only one rank below him, at 2nd place while he was at 130p, claiming 1st place.


After school, after receiving the principal's congratulations, Izuku and Bakugou both left for the day. Bakugou grabbed Izuku's collar and spat, "Deku, what dirty tricks did you use to pass the exam?! How did you cheat?!".

Izuku just smiled, "I didn't cheat Kacchan. I used my own power to do it."

Izuku's easy attitude just added fuel to the fire, "Bullcrap, if you are not going to tell me, I'll just have to beat it out of you."

Before he could even lift his fist to punch him, Izuku grabbed his arm that was holding the collar, a tremendous force came from it, "Bakugou," his cold voice sent Bakugou chills down back, it was the first time to call him something other than Kacchan.

Izuku looked up, right at his eyes, shocking Bakugou. Izuku's pupils were now vertical and his irises were a creepy sick yellow, he smiled, "Could you please let go?"

Bakugou's legs felt weak and let go of his collar, "J-just remember I got a better score than you, proving I'm better than you." Saying that, he just left, leaving Izuku behind.

End Flashback

I would have never thought on using Intimidate on Kacchan but it looks like it worked. Izuku then turned to IIda and extended his hand, "Hello, I'm Izuku Midoriya. This is my best buddy Katsuki Bakugou. I believe we met before in the entrance exams."

This sentence lit up Bakugou's already chaotic temper, "Who's your buddy?!? Shut up Deku!"

IIda didn't pay much attention to Bakugou's temperament and shook Izuku's hand, "Yes, we have Midoriya. I'm Tenya IIda, pleased to make your acquaintance. I must hand it to you, you actually figured out the true meaning of the entrance exams didn't you? I... was blind to it. I completely misread you. I hate to admit it but you were the better man."

I actually didn't know either. Good thing he doesn't know I spent a whole week worrying if I had screwed up or not. Then, another person entered the classroom, "Eh? Green haired boy?"

Izuku turned and saw that the brown haired girl he saved earlier had also been assigned to 1-A. He greeted her, "Good morning, I'm Izuku Midoriya . I see you have recovered already. That's good."

The girl bowed, "I'm Ochako Uraraka. Thank you for saving me twice already."

Izuku just waved her off her bow, "Don't worry about it. It was within my capabilities so it is-"

Izuku was interrupted by a scruffy voice from behind Uraraka, "If you want to make friends go somewhere else."

Behind Uraraka, there was a man with long unkept hair, mustache and beard on a yellow sleeping bag, laying on the ground. He had bags under his eyes and the eyes themselves were red, as if he hadn't slept enough. He sucked on a food supplement and continued, "This is the department of Heroics."

He then got up from the ground and removed the sleeping bag, tossing it a side. He was wearing a black jump suit and white scarf, or so it looked like. Is this our teacher? Izuku found it hard that this kind of man would be teaching them. Appraise,

Name: Shouta Aizawa/ The Erasing Hero/Eraserhead

Quirk: Erasure

Status: Sleepy


Izuku had heard of him before. He was an underground hero that wasn't fond of the media. Perhaps the reason of his sloppy appearance was that he is a nocturnal hero. The man continued, "Took you long enough to quiet down. Life is short kids. You're all lacking in common sense. I'm your home room teacher, Shouta Aizawa, pleasure meeting you."

The class was shocked this scruffy looking man was their teacher. Izuku raised his hand. "What is it, kid?", Aizawa said.

"Umm, by Shouta Aizawa do mean The Erasing Hero, Eraserhead?"

Aizawa lifted an eyebrow, "Looks like you did your homework. Yes, that's me."

The class was confused as they hadn't heard of "Eraserhead" before. "Anyways, just wear these immediately and then shove off to the P.E. grounds.", Aizawa said as he pushed training uniforms to the classroom.

He then headed outside the classroom towards the training grounds. The girls went to the bathroom to change while the boys stayed back in the classroom.


"A Quirk apprehension test?"

The class exclaimed as Aizawa explained what they were doing outside. "Softball pitch, standing long jump, 50 meter dash, endurance running, grip strength, sustained sideways jumps, upper body exercises, and seated toe touch. These are activities that you should be familiar from middle school. Naturally, you are now able to use your Quirks to aid you achieve higher scores. Bakugou, how far were you able to pitch a softball in middle school?" Aizawa turned to Bakugou and asked.

"67 meters", Bakugou answered.

"Stand in the middle of the circle and try throwing the softball with the assistance of your Quirk.", Aizawa continued.

Bakugou nodded and went to the middle of the circle, grabbed a softball and got into position. He stood sideways and extended his arm, "DIE!"

He threw the softball into the air, boosting it with an explosion.


The softball went flying through the air and disappeared in the distance.


All the students questioned the phrase.

"705.2 meters", Aizawa announced the score of Bakugou's blast throw.

The students got excited and started rambling, "705 meters!/Amazing!/This looks fun!"

Aizawa's face began to darken, "It looks fun, huh? So you were planning to spend three years having a good time? What happened to becoming heroes?"

Aizawa stared at them with dreadful eyes, "All right then. In that case, new rule: The student who ranks last in total points will be deemed hopeless and will be expelled!"

The students were shocked to hear that the last students will be expelled, "What?/But this is the first day!/It's too unreasonable!"

Aizawa just shrugged and opened his arms, "Welcome to the department of heroics. This is Plus Ultra. I expect you to overcome this trials and climb on top."

Izuku wasn't worried that he would come last but he pitted the one who did. And so, the trials began:

Trial 1: 50 meter dash.

Whoosh! 3.04 seconds! IIda went through the finish line at an amazing speed. Began to feel proud at his speed when, "2.98!."

Shocked, he turned to see Izuku decelerating out of  the finish line. What? Even more shocked was Katsuki next him. He had used his Blast Rush to get a boost but he was still behind Izuku for a second and a half. He stared shocked at Izuku's back as he headed to the next trial.

Aizawa lifted an eye brow as he didn't see Izuku use a Quirk, but he shoved it off as a boost Quirk. His suspicions were correct as Izuku didn't use any skills. Izuku's Agility was five times more than the average man so he found it unnecessary to use Whirlwind Dash.

Trial 2: Grip Strength

Izuku gripped the measurement instrument: 166kg! Impressive for a normal human but not the best score. 450 Kg! Mezou Shouji with his Quirk used multiple arms to stack force. Izuku wasn't discouraged, he just moved on to the next trial.

Trial 3: Standing Long Jump

Izuku stood at the starting line. He took a deep breath and crouched, arching his back and, Pounce! He jumped forward with decent speed. Pounce alone would only get him a better than average score so, in mid air, he used Glide, his sides grew membrane-like skin. He Glided through the air until he descended: 12.8 meters!

This was about a meter better than Bakugou, 11.9 meters, before his hands started hurting because of Quirk over exhaustion. This caused Bakugou's pride to take another hit. I won't believe he will surpass me. The highest score went to Uraraka at 50 meters before she had to puke.

Trial 4: Sustained Sideway Jumps

With his high Agility and Flexibility+, he completed 130 sets before his stamina lowered to significantly low levels. He was second only to Minoru Mineta, who accomplished 150 sets by bouncing from side to side with his hair Quirk. It's a bit cheat-like but all Quirks are allowed so, whatever. Izuku thought to himself as he ate a Well-done Steak.

He didn't know where they came from but when he summoned an Item, the space in his hand would blur before the Item appeared. The Well-done Steak was not undercooked nor burned, true to the word Well-done. It was a bone covered with meat, like a chicken leg. He didn't know what kind of meat was but it tasted amazing.

Trial 5: Endurance Running

Izuku was the winner to this trial with 1 hour and 37 minutes at 10 mph in the treadmill. He expended two more Well-done Steaks but things had to be sacrificed to come on top. The second place went to IIda at 1 hour and 27 minutes.

Trial 6: Upper body Exercises

This trial was the most simple of the trials: pushups, pull-ups, weights, etc. This wasn't Izuku's forte but with his enhanced Strength and Stamina, he got a decent score. Used a fourth Well-done Steak.

Trial 7: Seated Toe Touch

This trial was a joke in front of Flexibility +. He was more flexible than the girls. Heck, if needed, he could totally bend 180 degrees. Now he came to the final trial.

Trial 8: Softball Pitch

The students crowded next to the last trial grounds. One by one, the students gave their best on the trial. The most impressive was Uraraka with Infinity as her score. She removed the gravity of the softball so she just had to throw it and since the softball was small and light, it didn't burden her much. All the while, there was a person who was in a suspicious mood, Aizawa.

How come that kid is so good without apparent Quirk Activation? He was talking about Izuku's progress as Izuku had only shown Glide as physical proof of a Quirk. Aizawa had already checked on his personal file:

Izuku Midoriya


2nd place in the entrance exams.

Confirmed abilities: Spider silk, flying squirrel-like membranes, feline-like claws, possible enhanced strength, possible stealth tactics.

Aizawa thought that Izuku was being a bit low key with his Quirk. Sure, he had impressive score and a high rank but it seemed he wasn't doing his best. I'll erase his Quirk at this trial so he takes it even more seriously.

After all the students had each taken their trials, Aizawa lastly called Izuku for his turn, "Midoriya, come forward." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Izuku stepped out of the student crowd, and walked towards the throwing circle.

He began calculating, I could throw the softball at about 60 meters without my enhancements. Now with 3.6 more Strength than an average human, I can throw it at 216 meters. If I use Heavy Strike, with it

Increasing my Strength one fold every second, that's a max of five times more, making it more than 1000 meters. It should be the highest score after Uraraka' s infinity. Izuku got into a throwing position and started the count down.

Everyone was confused as to why Izuku stopped moving. (1 sec)Uraraka moved next to IIda and asked, "Hey IIda, why is Izuku not moving?" IIda didn't know either why he stopped moving.

"It's probably because Deku's scared about my score!", Bakugou intervened with a sneer.

(2 sec) Uraraka thought it was a lie, "That's not true, if he were to be scared easily, he wouldn't have been able to save me!"

IIda also supported, "Yes yes, he is not the type to cower away at challenges!" (3 sec)

Bakugou was irritated by these "extras" supporting Deku, "What do you know?! He was a coward most of his life as a Quirkless boy until he obtained that freaky Quirk!" (4 sec)

Both Uraraka and IIda were shocked at this revelation, "Impossible! Quirks are supposed to manifest at 4 at the latest."

Bakugou just sneered, "He was supposedly struck by late flower syndrome or something that hid his body's potential to a certain age. But anyways, his trashy Quirk will never-"

5 seconds!


A loud noise interrupted Katsuki, echoing through the training grounds as clouds of dust were sent everywhere, blinding the students.

After the dust settled down, everyone was dumbfounded at what they saw: Izuku standing in the middle of a two feet deep crater where the throwing circle used to be. The softball was nowhere to be seen.

The one with the most shock was Aizawa, W-what happened?! I clearly used my Quirk and erased his so why this level of strength?!

He was so shocked that his eyes that always begged to close for another 5 minutes would not shut after that.

"Mr. Aizawa?" Izuku inquired, walking out of the crater.

Aizawa woke from his stupor, "Y-yes? What is it Midoriya?"

Izuku noticed Aizawa was out of it, "My score? What was it?"

Aizawa responded, "Ah yes, yes it's... 1080.5 meters!"

Izuku shocked everyone once again. It was the second highest score after Uraraka's infinity.

"N-now then, that's all for today. I really need to go to the ophthalmologist for a check up. Please excuse me."

Aizawa guessed his lack of sleep lately had caused a Quirk malfunction earlier. The truth was he actually did erase his Quirk but not his Skills. Had Izuku tried transforming into a monster or summon an Item or even summon his Personal Window, he would have received zero response!

"Mr. Aizawa, what about the expulsion penalty?", someone asked.

Aizawa hastily responded, "Oh, yeah that. That was a lie. A ruse to pull out your best efforts!"

He didn't have time for that little as all students had gotten good scores. Aizawa then left to check himself out. Most of the class was quiet for a couple of seconds before exclaiming, "What?!?" Mineta, who had gotten last place, cried out of joy.

Well that's that. Izuku was glad nobody got expelled. He stretched and ate another piece of Well-done Steak. Just this test cost him 5 Well-done Steaks, hero courses were expensive. He had gotten 4th place in the class rankings, after Yaoyorozu, Todoroki and Bakugou. He finished what was left and then the bone crumbled to dust, who knew the theory behind it.

He was about to leave when two people stopped him, "WOW, Midoriya! That throw was so powerful! What's your Quirk? I saw you use spider silk and grow some membrane on your sides before, right?" Uraraka and IIda were talking to him with sparkling eyes.

He smiled and answered, "Thanks, though it wasn't as impressive as your infinity score Uraraka. Oh, and my Quirk is Beastification, I'm able to copy some animal abilities like a spider's web or a cheetah's speed."

Of course these were lies but they believed them easily, "No wonder you defeated me in terms of speed. Now I know why." IIda was glad to know his reason to lose.

"Are you going home, Deku?" Uraraka asked.

"Deku?", Izuku was confused why Uraraka called him something only Bakugou says. "That's your nickname isn't it? Deku? I heard Bakugou call you that though."

Izuku now knew why, "Well, actually Kacchan calls me that to demean me but I've gotten used to it."

Uraraka noticed her mistake, "I'm so sorry. I thought it was something like 'Never give up' or 'You can do it' or something along the line so I thought it was a good thing."

Izuku was taken aback by her explanation, he then smiled, "'Never give up', huh? I like it. You can call me Deku, if you like. Let's walk home!"

He then started walking out of the school training grounds. Uraraka and IIda glanced at each other and smiled then nodded, they began to walk after Izuku.

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