My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Battle Trails

The second day's beginning was rather... normal. It began with an English class from Present Mic, then math, science, etc. Nothing eccentric, just like a normal highschool would teach.

At noon, Izuku and the class enjoyed a first-rate lunch at an affordable price, courtesy of the Cooking Hero, Lunch-Rush. His Quirk amplified and modified a dishes taste to his will. Of course, Izuku preferred Well-done Steak but they were too expensive and should only be used for emergencies. He had already restocked today's Well-done Steaks.

At the afternoon class, that's when it started their daily heroic studies. Allmight entered the classroom in a dash-like manner, "I am here! Walking through the door, like normal person!"

The students were thrilled to have Allmight as their teacher, "I can't believe it!/Allmight is really going gonna teach us!/His Siver Age suit is so cool!"

Izuku wasn't any different than the others, So cool, his Silver Age suit is so classy. Allmight wasn't wearing his usual blue-red-white-yellow American-like suit but a red one with silverish white designs.

"Foundational Hero Studies! For this class, we'll be building up your hero foundation through various trials. Let's jump right into this! The Trial of Battle!", Allmight began the class, giving them their first trial right up the bat.

"The Trial of Battle?!"

The students were shocked again as the first day they had a Quirk Apprehension test and today they have a Battle Trial. Bakugou let a out a vicious grin and Izuku was also excited as he couldn't release most of his power in the last Trails.

Allmight continued, "And to go with your first battle, we've prepared the gear we had you send in request for to match your Quirks!" With a wave of his hand, a wall of the classroom opened, giving access to some slots that held the gear.

The students scrambled up to get their gears but Izuku didn't. He had just updated his Quirk on his first day of school so he had not applied but he was not discouraged because he had his own suit. "Get changed and we'll be ready to go! Everyone gather at training grounds B!

His mom had gifted him a green with white designs jump suit with a mask that semi-imitated Allmight's head. It wasn't anything fancy or advanced but it was perfect. It's minimalist design was perfect to release all of his Skills without any burdens.

This suit carries Mom's heart and feelings. It might not seem like the coolest suit in the world, but it's the best suit for me. I'm proud to wear this as my hero suit. Izuku came out of his changing room wearing the suit.

He went to training grounds B to find most of his classmates already there. When the final students joined the rest, Allmight began, "Now that all of you are here, let's begin the Battle Trial. And don't forget! From here on out, you're all officially heroes!"

"Oh Deku! You finished changing?", Uraraka's voice came from behind him.

Izuku turned to greet her, "Hi Uraraka! Yeah I- COUGH, Cough," he choked on his own saliva when he saw her hero costume: a pink and black puffy but very skintight suit that was aligned perfectly with her curves. This sight almost made him have a nosebleed. Mineta, in the distance, gave a thumbs up.

"Yeah, my suit came puffier than planned. Guess I should have been more specific on my request. It's a bit embarrassing.", Uraraka said coyly.

Uraraka, the puffiness is not the problem. Of course, Izuku didn't dare to say that. He just nodded and listened to Allmight's description of the Battle Trial.

"This will be an indoor Battle Trial! Villain clean-up is usually seen out in the open but, statistically, most acts of villainy are committed indoors! For this test, you will be divided into two groups, the 'Heroes' and the 'Villains', for a two-on-two team battle! We'll have the Villains guard a nucleus weapon they intend on deploying! The heroes must stop them and their nefarious scheme. If the heroes capture the villains or reach the nuclear weapon before the time runs out, the heroes win. If the villains take the heroes hostage or protect the nuclear weapon until the times runs out, the villains win. Now as some of us may know, pros are often forced to be with different and unknown heroes when the situation calls for it so, we will decide your teammates and opponents by lottery!" Allmight took out three lottery boxes, one for teams, one for the hero side and one for the villain side. He began with the team lottery box:

A: Midoriya and Uraraka

B: Todoroki and Shouji

C: Yaoyorozu and Mineta

D: Bakugou and IIda

E: Mina and Aoyama

F: Sato and Koda

G: Jirou and Kaminari

H: Tokoyami and Asui

I: Ojiro and Hagakure

J: Kirishima and Sero

"Wow, we must be linked or something. Pleased to have you.", Uraraka commented.

Izuku smiled and extended his fist, "Same here! Let's do our best." Uraraka nodded and bumped her fist with his.

Allmight continued with the lottery boxes of heroes and villains, "And for our first teams to battle... Hero Team A vs Villain Team D! Villains, head towards the test building and prepare. Heroes, prepare as well and enter five minutes after the villains! Plus Ultra!"

Before Bakugou and IIda left for the training building, Bakugou stopped next to Izuku, "The last Trials were just measurements so that's why you got a high score. Don't get high on your horses. We'll see what your Quirk has to offer, Deku!"

Izuku just smiled and said, "I won't hold back Kacchan, so make sure you don't either!"

Katsuki spat back, "As if! I'll destroy you! Don't cry later for mommy." He then left stomping towards the training building.

Uraraka smiled bitterly, "He has quite the temper alright."

Izuku said, "He isn't a bad person, he just has too much pride to spare. He has always won in life so he feels his place in the world is threatened if someone else gets the attention."

"Alright then. What's the plan then?" Uraraka asked.

Izuku contemplated for a bit, Kacchan is obviously going to attack me before we reach the nuclear weapon. IIda will most likely going to stay to protect the nuclear weapon. If both of them are separated, then...

Izuku let out a sinister grin. Uraraka felt chills going down her back as she saw his grin. Izuku himself didn't realize his mind was slowly changing. "Come with me", Izuku said.

Uraraka meekly nodded her head, Is his plan that good that he even grins? Izuku headed towards the entrance of the main door. Uraraka was confused, "Don't we have to infiltrate the building through a window or something?"

"Don't have time for that", Izuku answered. They arrived at the entrance and then Izuku turned and told Uraraka, "You have to stay here for about 5 minutes before entering the building. Do you understand?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Uraraka didn't know why she had to stay outside but she just agreed as Izuku's previous actions have shown he wasn't a reckless person. Izuku headed inside and activated Stealth, his body, from Uraraka's point of view, began to blur and emit a dark aura that absorbed the surrounding's light. If Uraraka didn't pay close attention, she would think it was just a shadow next to the wall, I should ask him from what animal he got that ability from!

Uraraka wasn't the only one shocked, "What?!"

From the monitors that were being watched by Allmight and the other students' point of view, Izuku had completely disappeared!

Stealth only was discoverable when looked directly at, a special Quirk or high alertness experience, not from a monitor that couldn't catch his specific movements. If they wanted to see the silhouette of Izuku, they would need at least a 200% increase in definition potency.

4 minutes later, Allmight's dumbfounded voice came from the speakers install inside the training building, "A-a-a Team is t-the w-winner!"

Uraraka was also dumbfounded, she hadn't even entered the building and they had already won! Heck, it hadn't even been five minutes! What did Izuku do to win so fast?!

Allmight and the others who had seen what happened were even more shocked, I-is that even allowed?!?

Five minutes ago...(Play the song in this scene)

"You'll just charge at him directly, right?", IIda started to talk with Bakugou about their plan.

"Of course. He isn't my match after all", Bakugou said smugly.

IIda wasn't convinced, "I don't know Bakugou, your Quirk is incredible and all but Midoriya's Quirk is very mysterious and difficult to predict. You haven't seen his performance on the entrance exams, he-"

Bakugou interrupted him, "Yeah, yeah, stop nagging already. Deku has some spider webs and kitten claws. As if that will stop me!"

Before IIda could correct him, Bakugou had already left the decoy room. "Bakugou! Sigh, what a troublesome teammate," IIda sulked as he guarded the nuclear weapon decoy.


Bakugou was mumbling during his search for the heroes, "Damn it Deku! You are wrong if you are even thinking of getting away in one piece. I'll destroy you and the Round Face, and maybe Glasses because I feel like it!"

He then felt a breeze pass by. Bakugou just rubbed his arms, "Damn it! Why did I choose such a light suit as my requested hero suit?! I should wear something heavier so I can sweat more!" When Bakugou was throwing a tantrum about how his suit was too light, Allmight's voice resonated through the hall he was in, "Young Bakugou! The heroes are confronting your teammate! Go and assist him! Quickly!"

Bakugou's eyes widened in shock, Impossible! I made sure to check all the entrances! They should have climbed from the outside through a window! Yeah, that's it! Bakugou immediately ran back to where he came from.

When he arrived at the decoy room, IIda was leisurely sweeping the floor. He cleaned in case Uraraka came to the decoy room, preventing her to use anything to her advantage.

"Where are they?!", Bakugou yelled.

IIda was confused at his behavior, "Where's who?"

Bakugou was reaching his bottomline, he strode forward and grabbed IIda by his metallic suit collar, "Don't screw with me, Glasses! Deku and the Round Face, who else?!"

IIda was vexed by his actions and attitude, "Who am I supposed to know?! You are supposed to intercept them before they come here!"

Bakugou was now pissed, "Allmight told me that you were being attacked by them! Where are they?! You three are friends, aren't you? You wouldn't be hiding them, would you?! Stop wasting my time and tell me where are they hiding so I can beat them unconscious and then beat you up for treason!"

IIda was speechless, he hadn't been attacked by the hero team, he hadn't even seen them, "Bakugou, listen to me. I haven't even seen the hero team so it's impossible for me to confront them. I can't either betray you because it goes against my morals, and look around! The decoy room has no blind spots to ambush you so it would be ridiculous to do so!"

After hearing IIda's explanation, Bakugou became more reasonable but still pissed, "Then why did Allmight tell me to come here?!?" He reached to Allmight through his earpiece, "Hey Allmight! What's all this about?! Are you trying to sabotage us?! Even if you are a new teacher at UA, this is unacceptable!"

Allmight hurriedly answered his accusation, "Excuse me, young Bakugou, but I haven't said anything at all! All of my students here on my side are my witnesses!"

Bakugou was perplexed at this, "Then who was it?"

A voice came from above them, "That would be me!"

Both IIda and Bakugou unconsciously looked up, only to be greeted with a yellow smog. As they hadn't expected the sudden attack, they took in a good lungful of the smog. It didn't smell or taste like anything, it was just visible like dry ice but yellow. The didn't feel anything at all, but that was the problem, they couldn't feel their bodies!

Their legs went jelly and their arms limp, they fell to ground helpless, their muscles contracting from time to time.

"D-de-ku...", was the only thing Bakugou could say through his numb mouth.

*You mounted a sneak attack! Critical hit! Your opponents have been paralyzed for 45 (+15) seconds!*

Izuku smirked at the notification. It was a risky move, had Bakugou not been in an unstable mental state, he would have been caught. Yes, the breeze that Bakugou felt was actually Izuku running past him. Izuku had drank a Dash Juice, giving him a 50% increase on agility. Whirlwind Dash was simply too noisy to use so he used a Dash Juice. He then hung downwards on the ceiling with Suction Pads and used Mimicry to imitate Allmight's voice to make Bakugou go back to the decoy room.

Once Bakugou had returned to the decoy room and started to argue with IIda, he sneaked on the ceiling until he was right above them. When their mental states were in the most critical point, he called out to them and used Paralysis Breath, breathing out a yellow smog and paralyzing them.

Izuku deactivated Stealth and Suction Pads, dropping from the ceiling in his normal body.

He looked down at Bakugou and mentioned, "Oh, Kacchan, had you concentrated on the battle trial and not on your tantrums, you could have actually defeated me."

He wasn't lying, if Bakugou worked together with IIda, even Izuku's whole Skill set couldn't guarantee his victory. He walked over Bakugou's and IIda's numb bodies and wrapped them with capture rope. He then walked to the nuclear weapon decoy, and claimed his victory, "Allmight, I have captured the decoy and the villains. I believe this is Hero Team A's win."

Allmight woke up from his stupor, "A-a-a Team is t-the w-winner!" Most of the students were left with their jaws open, even the most serious ones like Todoroki and Tokoyami couldn't hide the shock from their eyes.

"Isn't that too tyrannical?!/What was that yellow smog?/How did he disappear?"

What Allmight and the others saw was Izuku's disappearance, heard "Allmight's" voice, and a yellow smog coming from the ceiling and paralyzing both Bakugou and IIda. Then Izuku appeared and captured both the villains and the decoy. It was too fast, too overwhelming!

*You have defeated your opponents. You have gained 100 Blast Elements and 100 Unstable Elements. You have been rewarded with mid-rank Rock Thief Wyvern[Dodogama]:an enormous lizard-like wyvern with blue scales with orange stripes covering its body. It has a massive bottom jaw used for storing rocks in its mouth, which will turn orange when they become volatile.*

Nice! We should have more of these in the future. I'll extract the skills back at home. Izuku thought as he ate a deserved Well-done Steak while waiting for IIda and Bakugou to return to normal. Stealth had consumed a staggering 15 Sp in only three minutes, it was a skill that should be used with care. Paralysis Breath was powerful but slow, the yellow smog advanced forward but too slowly, it could be avoided and only be used in close range or special circumstances.

"Ugh...", IIda and Bakugou began to feel the numbness go away and regained their body's senses.

Bakugou sat up and glared at Izuku and said coldly, "I admit you won this round because of my carelessness and the special circumstances, but it doesn't prove that you are better than me, Deku. We'll have our fight one-on-one someday and you won't be able to ambush me like this time."

Izuku smiled, "Of course, Kacchan. I know you will always do your best to come at top. And so will I." Izuku walked out of the the decoy room and glanced at the two sitting down on the ground, "Are you coming?"

IIda stood up and stretched, "Incredible Midoriya! Your reasoning and planning were amazing! I truly didn't expect that paralyzing smoke."

Bakugou just got up and mumbled under his breath, "Damn nerd, I don't need you to tell me what to do."

He just walked behind IIda and Izuku with a thinking expression, Bakugou was ill tempered but not an idiot.

He realized that he could have done better if he wasn't so overconfident.

Izuku explained, "I released a weakened version of a neurotoxin from a Brazilian frog that paralyzes people for about a minute. I also imitated Allmight's voice with a parrot's vocal cords."

IIda was amazed by this revelations, "Truly incredible! The animal kingdom has so much to offer to your Quirk! But... Where's Uraraka?"

Izuku had forgotten about her, "Oh, she's outside standing guard. We should go meet her."

They continued walking down the training building until they met Uraraka already making her way up. "Eh? How come you finished so quickly!? The five minutes hadn't even pass yet!" Uraraka pouted.

Izuku scratched behind his neck, "Well you see..." He began to tell everything that happened. Uraraka was left with a shocked expression, "So Bakugou and IIda couldn't even fight back?!"

Behind the group, Bakugou's eye twitched at the comment, "Oí, stop mentioning it." They kept walking to the monitor room where Allmight and their classmates were waiting for them to come back.


When they got back, Izuku got bombarded with questions and inquiries from the other students,

"Wow Midoriya!/How did you disappear?/What was that yellow smog?"

Izuku was overwhelmed with the students flocking around him, he was used to being alone to train and getting more monsters. Allmight once again saved the day by splitting the sea of students and clasping Izuku's shoulders, "An amazing job, once again, young Midoriya! You made an excellent capture and became the shiniest star of the battle trial. Can any of you tell me why?"

A hand rose from the the crowd, belonging to a girl with a long, black ponytail and a provocative red dress/suit, Yaoyorozu said, "Yes, it was Midoriya because he had everything under control, had various abilities and good composure. Although he neglected the point of team play in the Battle Trial, he made sure Uraraka was out of harm by asking her to stay outside, if any inconsistencies rose. Midoriya devised a plan involving internal conflict between the villain team and a time accurate ambush, causing no collateral damages or injuries. His abilities in stealth, support and offense, of course, played a big part in this plan of his.

On Uraraka's part, she did the right thing on staying out of harms way. The villains' side however, Bakugou could have prevented the incident if he were more alert on the situation instead of clearly being driven by a personal grudge, causing Midoriya's first step of his plan to be successful. He could have noticed that "Allmight's" voice came from the hall instead of his earpiece, thus noticing something was wrong.

On IIda's side, he dropped his guard around his partner when something clearly wasn't right, giving Midoriya the chance to strike his ambush."

Izuku was practically sweating bullets, The hell? Does she have Appraise or something?! She had figured out all of his movements with just seeing them once. Uraraka was glad she listened to Izuku while IIda was making mental notes for his future battles. Bakugou just stood there with a dark expression, nobody could guess what he was thinking.

"W-well then. Let's move to the next battle shall we?", Allmight was also dumbfounded by Yaoyorozu's analysis, "Hero Team B and Villain Team I. Please make your preparations."

The next battle was just as impressive as the first, with Todoroki doing the same as Izuku but in a shorter span of time. He asked his teammate to stay outside and froze the whole building, freezing Ojiro and Hagakure with it.

Katsuki and Izuku both had dark expressions as they saw this. Izuku stated, "He has a strong Quirk." Even with Cold Resistance, that is pretty cold.

Katsuki kept quiet before he said, "It is but I can defeat him." Izuku just smiled at his stubbornness, He'll eventually mature.

The Battle Trials continued until late afternoon. "Good work, everyone! For your first full training exercise, you all did wonderfully! Now then, I need to make my report so, without further ado, I'll be going!"

Allmight quickly left the training grounds. Everyone thought Allmight was just jittery as he had been through his first class but only Izuku knew he was reaching his three hour limit, It's not easy to be both a good teacher and a hero within three hours.

Izuku was about to leave before he saw Bakugou leave with a dark expression. He recognized that face, it was the same face he himself made when Allmight told him he couldn't become a hero, I should go talk to him.


Katsuki's mind was in a turmoil, I lost to... Deku! It was all my fault! I could have prevented all that if not for my tantrums. It would have been me that received Allmight's praise, not him! And what Ponytail said! And that half and half ice bastard! Why is this happening?!?

Katsuki felt tears welling up from anger and humiliation. He walked up to the exit gates of UA when he saw someone leaning on one of the gate doors, "You know, sulking doesn't fit your image."

He saw Izuku move and walk towards him. Katsuki immediately looked away so Izuku wouldn't see his tears, "What is it, Deku? Are you here to laugh at me?! To tease me for all the bullying I gave you?! Go ahead! Do anything you want, just don't give me your pity because I don't want it!"

Izuku walked up to him, and stood right in front of him and asked, "Do you believe in destiny?"

Katsuki was perplexed, "What?"

Izuku repeated, "Do you believe in destiny?"

Katsuki answered with some hesitation, "No, I don't."

Izuku smiled, "I don't either. I came to tell you that it's not set in stone if you are going to win or if I am. It's all about if you have the courage and the abilities to do so. Just because you lost this round doesn't mean you lost your whole life! So stop behaving like a goddamn cat that got its tail stepped on and mature already!" Izuku ended with a hand on Katsuki's uniform collar and exclaimed at his face.

Katsuki's eyes lit up, That's right! Deku just got lucky this round as the terrain was at his advantage! He isn't necessarily stronger than me! He straightened his back and smacked away Izuku's hand, then said with a vicious grin, "Who's sulking, Deku?! You just got lucky this time around, next time it'll be you who ends down in the ground! Don't you dare get the idea you'll win again!"

Izuku responded with a his own vicious grin, "That depends if you have what it takes!"

"Oh but I do have what it takes! And I got to spare!"

"That's not what you showed me today!"

"Today you got lucky I was distracted!"

"Them would you be able to defeat Todoroki on the Battle Trial?!"

"Ha! I could defeat two of them half and half bastards in a single sitting. And you know what-"


Without either noticing, the both of them started walking home while making verbal battles and accusations. If a random person saw this scene, they would think it's the typical best friends boasting about their abilities and accomplishments. They left the school grounds as the sun began to set...

The lightbulbs were dim and they flickered from time to time. A man with a bartender suit added liquor to a  glass with ice. The bartender's head though, was a wavering shadow, supported in the neck by a metal casing. He pushed the glass forward to a young man while saying, "Have you read this? Apparently he became a teacher." He pointed to a folded newspaper with the title, Allmight, now a teacher at UA Highschool?!.

The young man had sick, pale blue unkempt hair wearing a simple and casual black shirt and black pants while his face was unrecognizable as it was covered with a hand-like decoy mask. Not only his face, his neck, shoulders and arms were covered with hands. The young man said, "Say, Kurogiri. What do you think would happen once the 'Symbol of Peace' got sniffed out by villains?"

At the young man's feet, a humanoid monster was kneeling down, it's brain uncovered and teeth sharp. It made Izuku's monster's weirdness a run for their money, comparing it against them. The heroes and students of UA Highschool weren't aware of the disaster that was to befall on them.


Okay so, first things first, there is no yaoi in this story so chill out to those BakuDeku shippers. That scene was to build a bridge called friendship, OK?! I'm planning on making Bakugou and Izuku friends/rivals as to make the original story a bit different. Izuku's and Uraraka's interactions May seem like IzuOcha but it's more like brother and sister. The attack on USJ is coming and for that chapter, I'll be mostly focusing on Izuku/Tsuyu/Mineta scene and Aizawa vs Noumu scene. Maybe I'll mention the statuses of other students around the chapter but you should know them as I assume you've read the manga or watched the anime. Thanks for reading!

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