My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Upgrades and Breach

Now that Izuku had exposed some of his abilities, he decided to get more monsters. He had currently 4357 Unstable Elements.

Izuku first decided to extract the skills of his new monster Dodogama:(Passive)[Blast Resistance]: 35% defense increase against explosions and blast. This skill was heavenly sent for his future battles against Katsuki. (Passive)[Stone Stomach]: Able to eat various stones, minerals, gems and crystals for a random effect. Effects vary on the eaten material's value and purity. This skill will work perfectly with Gluttony. He now decided to get high rank monsters first.

He used the Monster Gacha and expended his 600 Fire Elements with 400 Unstable ones to obtain a high-rank monster, Fire Wyvern [Rathalos]: large, bipedal wyverns with a spiny, armored hide covering their body. Its shell is primarily bright red, with black markings throughout. Rathalos possess a flame sac which is used to produce deadly flaming projectiles from the mouth. The talons upon their feet are highly poisonous and are known to inflict toxic mortal wounds on larger prey. In addition, their long, thick tail features a heavy spiked club at the end. Rathalos' wing membranes feature ornate patterns which are likely used to attract potential mates.

He extracted (Passive)[Aerial Arts]: Immediate expertise knowledge in the air such as evasive, offensive and defensive tactics. This skill worked perfectly with Glide as he could only glide in a straight line or tilt to the sides before this Skill. Now he could flip, dive and even spin in the air. Then he extracted (Active)[Wildflame]: 1 Sp per five seconds, produces hard to extinguish flames that hungrily devour whatever they touch. This Skill was different from his Fireball skill as it had a general sphere form while Wildflame doesn't. It was a powerful Skill but he doesn't want to use elemental Skills as they would be hard to explain from which animal he imitated them from.

He then used the Monster Gacha to buy another High-rank monster: Burst Hammer Wyvern [Uragaan]: A Wyvern with a Theropod-like structure. Uragaan is covered in a lustrous gold-colored hide. Its back is lined with hard crystals and its chin is plated with a rock-like shell, suggesting the Uragaan has evolved a tough exterior due to life in volcanic regions. Its underbelly is covered in a sticky, tar-like substance which it uses to affix explosive rocks to itself.

He extracted (Active)[Charge]: 10 Sp, a tackle that doesn't deal much damage but is can't be blocked from. This Skill will work good if used in tandem with Pounce. He also extracted (Active)[Steel Skin]: turn your skin into a metal-like compound, boosting both your defense and attack but ignoring speed. Perfect to use with Red Shell Armor.

Since he wanted to keep some Unstable Elements for the Item Shop, he bought a Mid-rank monster using 100 Water Elements and 300 Unstable Elements: Shield Crab [Daimyou Hermitaur]: has a large, crab-like body. It is covered in a red and white carapace and wears the skull as a protective shell. It has broad, shield-like claws and long antennae. It can use its claws as shields to defend itself from attackers, and can also use them to dig into the earth in order to attack foes from below. It can shoot pressurized jets of water and can use its massive weight to crush enemies.

Izuku extracted (Active)[Shield Claws]:Arms morph into full body sized claws used to defend and attack. (Active )[Defense Stance]: 1 Sp per second, enter into a defensive position where you become an immovable fortress. Can't move in this state, 200% Physique increase. With both of these skills, combining them with Red Shell Armor and Steel Skin, Izuku's defensive capabilities flew through the roof.

The last monster Izuku got was Mid-Rank Piercing Beetle [Seltas]: a large, mantis like insectoid with a brightly-colored, highly resistant exoskeleton, which is covered in spines and knobs. He has six legs, the foremost pair are armored and weaponized for combat, and a pair of collapsible wings. His head is hidden beneath a large, armored canopy that extends far beyond the rest of his upper body. He has a pair of compound eyes and powerful slicing mandibles.

He extracted (Active)[Create Elytron]: grows insect-like wings. Although defensively weak, they are extremely fast and lifting-wise strong. Quite noisy. This Skill had come right in time as he had just gotten Arial Arts. Both working in unison will make a difference in the battlefield. Izuku lastly extracted his last skill, (Passive) [Advanced Compound Eyes]: Greatly enhances eyesight, to the point of able to see up to half a mile clearly. It was a very useful Skill that enhanced his reaction time and accuracy.

All though it was a shame, Izuku hadn't found a new place to transform so he'll have to settle with just the Skills. Personal Window.


  *[Personal Window]

   Izuku Midoriya 

    Hp: 630/630

    Sp: 315/315












Royal Ludroth



Yian Kut-Ku

Yian Garuga

Kecha Wacha








Diamyou Hermitaur


Monster skills:

Cruel Claws, Whirlwind Dash

Intimidate, Pounce

Heavy Strike, Healing Honey

Soothing Song, Danger Sense

Mimicry, Flint

Sticky Web, Weaving Arts

Aqua Body, Create Water

Stealth, Night Vision

Detailed Ear, Cold Resistance

Fireball, Curious

Poison Spike, Earplug

Glide, Appraise

Paralysis Breath, Red Shell Armor

Lockdown, Gluttony

Flexibility +, Suction Pads

Thunder Discharge, Lord Of the Sea

Blast Resistance, Stone Stomach

Aerial Arts, Wildflame

Charge, Steel Skin

Shield Claws, Defense Stance

Create Elytron, Advanced Compound Eyes

Elements: Unstable 2057, Water 34, Ice 102, Blast 120*

This upgrade was a better for his defense as Izuku didn't have any defensive Skills before. He yawned as it was already late at night. He left his backyard and entered his room, laying on his bed. He looked over to his desk. Seeing the egg unmoving like always, he sighed. After two months, the string-thin link had grown to a chopstick thickness. All though it was slow, progress was still progress.

Izuku got up the bed and went to the desk. He patted the egg and mumbled,  "Make sure you grow up big strong, we won't have it easy in the future so I might need your help."

He picked it up and laid back on the bed. Izuku unconsciously hugged the egg to his chest as he slowly drifted to his dreams. He didn't notice that, in his right backhand, a light blue mark started to form. It shone dimly before slowly retracting back into his hand...


The next day, Izuku arrived at UA and had a baffled face. The main entrance was packed with people broadcasting live and teachers preventing them from entering, "What kind of lessons does Allmight teach?/Lend us some of your thoughts!/Can we have a word with Allmight?"

Izuku could see in the distance with his enhanced sight how students were being stopped by the cameramen for interrogations. So troublesome. He felt annoyed by these people crowding the entrance.

Bakugou had now arrived next to Izuku, "So damn annoying."

Izuku nodded in agreement, "Indeed."

Bakugou and Izuku had reached an unspoken agreement to only confront on battles. In Uraraka's words, a fated battle between men.

"We are going to arrive late to class if this keeps going. Whether we wait for them to scram or get caught in their stupid interrogations, we'll be late!" Bakugou was seriously pissed but he can't beat up civilians, specially those from the media, they could potentially ruin his future hero image.

Izuku rubbed his chin before his eyes lit up, "I think I got it!"

Bakugou raised an eyebrow, "What is it now, nerd? You gonna spray them with some paralyzing smoke or something?"

Izuku didn't answer as he walked forward to the crowd and closed his eyes.

Izuku then opened his eyes, his pupils were now vertical and his irises were a creepy sick yellow. The reporters and cameramen immediately felt as they were being held by a knife to the neck, ready to lose their lives at any moment. One by one, they started collapsing to the ground, some breaking their cameras and equipment, not daring look up.

Bakugou was shocked at Izuku's oppression towards normal people, with just one stare they were already at their knees. This caused Bakugou's competitive fire to burn even more furiously, I'll see the day I step over Deku, who can oppress people with a single stare. That will make me look even more awesome.

Izuku sent a thumbs up to Bakugou, "You are the only one who can still stand and talk after being Intimidated. They didn't even last a second."

He pointed to the reporters and cameramen who still wouldn't lift their heads. This comment caused Bakugou's pride to swell up again, "Of course! It's only natural for me not to be intimidated with such petty tricks."

Izuku just shook his head, Your legs went weak and you began to stutter. Of course, Izuku wouldn't say that as he already was on semi-good terms with Katsuki, "Let's go, they won't bother us anymore." Izuku then walked forward with Katsuki just behind him.

Aizawa, who was keeping the reporters and cameramen on check, suddenly saw their legs wobble as they all fell to the ground. He then noticed Izuku and Bakugou heading towards the main entrance. Izuku had glowing cat-like yellow eyes while Bakugou glanced at the kneeling people with disdain.

"Good morning, Mr. Aizawa. How are your eyes today?", greeted Izuku.

"Mornin'", Bakugou simply said.

Aizawa answered with a slightly shocked expression, "Ah, good morning Midoriya, good morning Bakugou. Yes, my eyes are fine, the doctor said I should just rest more. Midoriya... are you the one doing this?"

Aizawa pointed to the people kneeling. "Oh, that. Hold on..." Izuku closed his eyes and deactivated Intimidate. The pressure that was pushing them down immediately got dispelled but the reporters and cameramen didn't dare to get up as they feared that the feeling would come back if the moved.

Izuku opened them again, his eyes shining the usual green, and embarrassed scratched his neck, "They didn't let us pass so I had to scare them a bit."

Aizawa's and Bakugou's eyes twitched at his comment, Scare them a bit? More like frighten them to death.

Aizawa said, "Anyways, let's go to class, you should be the last ones." Both Izuku and Katsuki nodded and went behind Aizawa to class.

A more courageous female reporter stepped forward, "Maybe we can encounter Allmight on campus and-" Bang! Bang! Bang! The main gate closed at the the detection of an unknown intruder, locked by three thick metal barriers.

"Aren't you being too much?!/Just a word or two would suffice!/We've been here for two days!" The reporters and cameramen complained.

Behind the crowd, a young man with pale blue hair stood there, watching the metal barrier with interest.


At classroom 1-A.

Everyone sat as Aizawa walked to his desk, "I hope everyone has rested from yesterday's Battle Trials. I took the liberty to check your marks and evaluation. Bakugou, stop acting like a little kid. You are wasting your own talent."

Bakugou just lowered his head, "... I know."

Aizawa continued, "Now let's get on home room notices. I'm sorry to have to spring this to you all but..."

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Or so they thought, "We need to pick a class president."

So normal! All the students thought with a sigh of relief.

All the students began lifting their hands, "Me! Me!/I wanna be it!/Let me do it!"

Almost all the students were making a commotion but Izuku. He didn't want to be class president as he had too many secrets and he wanted to pass most of his time with the monster egg.

"You are not participating, Deku?" Uraraka asked.

"Not really interested in this." Izuku responded.

"Be quiet everyone!" IIda yelled, "This is a task that must be handled with responsibility! Just because you want to do it doesn't mean you should. Which is why we should settle this with a vote!"

Of course, IIda said all this with his hand straight in the air.

"Whatever, just finish before home room ends," Aizawa then got back in to his sleeping bag and laid on the floor.


At the end of the class, the results were out.

Tenya IIda: 3

Yaoyorozu Momo:2

Katsuki Bakugou:1

Kirishima Eijiro: 1


Izuku had voted for IIda as he thought he was the most appropriate for the job.

"Damn it! Who voted for Glasses?! Was it you, Deku?!" Bakugou raged at his loss.

Izuku just feigned ignorance, "I remained neutral..."

IIda had a straight face but was feeling joyous, "Indeed, democracy is the only way after all."

So the class president was IIda while Yaoyorozu was class Vice President. Aizawa woke up from his nap and got up, "All right, since you have already chosen them, scram to lunch." He then left to who knows where while Izuku, Uraraka and IIda headed for lunch.


"Hey Deku?! What the hell are you doing?! That is supposed to be your lunch?!"

Bakugou, after being rejected from other tables, ended sitting with Izuku and co. The reason he was exclaiming was because Izuku brought  several rocks and minerals in a lunch box.

"Well you see, some animals like crocodiles can eat rocks for digestion so I wanted to try if I could do the same." Izuku explained. He wanted to try the different effects of eating different stones and minerals of Stone Stomach.

IIda was a bit worried, "Midoriya, are you sure that's safe? You could critically damage your digestive system."

Izuku comforted him, "It's fine. At worst, it will taste bad." He then grabbed a common rock and munched it. All three of them were dumbfounded, Don't crocodiles swallow rocks whole?! Why are you chewing on them?!

*You ate common rock. You gained strength +1 for one minute.*

Yep, a normal rock would produce normal results. Izuku thought that Stone Stomach had potential for temporary boosts in battle, he just needed to find and eat the correct material for the correct situation.

"Doesn't that hurt?" Uraraka asked worriedly.

Izuku answered her worries, "Not really. It feels like I'm chewing a very thick cookie or burnt bread. It doesn't seem to taste like anything, though,"

Bakugou muttered between bites of curry, "Damn freak."

Next, Izuku picker up a common Quartz and also wolfed it down, Hmm crispy. This mineral was crispy rather than crunchy, like potatoes chips.

*You ate Quartz. You gained 1 Hp.*

So Quartz restores Hp, huh? This could also be a healing skill like Healing Honey. Izuku wanted to do more experiments but, "Security level 3 has been breached! Students, please promptly evacuate!"

The siren rang and an announcement was sent by the speakers. "What the hell is security level 3?" Bakugou was annoyed his lunch was being interrupted.

The students got up and ran to the exit, clumping into crowds while pushing each other. Izuku slightly frowned as he, for only a second, felt his Danger Sense ring. He got up from his seat and checked the situation through the windows of the cafeteria.

Outside the building, the reporters and cameramen from this morning had entered the school premises and were currently clashing with the teachers. Izuku felt relief as they were just the press and not real danger. Uraraka and IIda came towards him while Bakugou walked behind them with his hands on his pockets.

"What's happening Deku?", Uraraka asked.

Izuku dispersed her worries, "Don't worry, it's just the media that broke inside to interrogate Allmight."

Bakugou said vexed, "Those bastards from this morning? Don't they fear the school's retaliation?!"

IIda also agreed, "Yes. This is unacceptable! This is an elite school for hero training. These acts of vandalism are clearly out of line!"

Izuku was also annoyed by their persistence but they should stop the crowd of students panicking. The crowd all tried to squeeze into the exit door, pushing and shoving the others. Heck, he even saw a girl being pushed down to the ground, getting kicked and stepped on by the other students.

This went over the line of Izuku's patience, these are our future heroes? He closed his eyes and activated Intimidate. Bakugou grinned viciously as he recognized his movements, he enjoyed watching people drop to the ground, helpless. He had already forgotten that he had once succumbed to this Skill before.

Izuku's pupils once again were now vertical and his irises were a creepy sick yellow. The students became deadly quiet as they felt the tremendous force on their backs, even a needle dropping could clearly be heard. Some dropped to the ground, some became stiff and the most braver ones looked back at Izuku but still couldn't hide their fear from their eyes.

IIda and Uraraka weren't affected by Intimidate but were shocked at the pressure Izuku was emitting.

"Class president, can you explain the situation outside?"

Izuku woke IIda from his awe, "Ah, yes. Listen everyone! We are not being attacked! The ones infiltrating the school are the people from the media! Please be assured we are not in danger! Make firm and composed lines so we can evacuate safely and unharmed."

The students finally calmed down after hearing that it was the press that had entered UA without authorization. They helped those on the ground and all walked away to their respective evacuation areas. Then, the police arrived at UA and withdrew the press.

After the situation cool led down, Izuku stared outside the window next to his desk, completely ignoring IIda's speech to the class on how to handle evacuations responsibly. Although there were no major injuries, Izuku still wondered, Why did Danger Sense ring at the presence of a couple of reporters and cameramen? And why for less than a second?


At the main gate...

The gate that was once strong and mighty this morning, more than half was now reduced dust. The teachers and heroes examined the gate with confusion, "Could an ordinary reporter have done this?"

A small figure walked from the crowd of teachers and stood in front of the crumbled gate. He said, "Someone instigated this. Has some element of evil penetrated the school grounds? Perhaps is this a declaration of war..."

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