My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Attack at USJ

(This chapter is longer than usual as requested. You are welcome.)

The situation got under control and the reporters left, the classes continued. "For the foundational heroics studies, today you'll be supervised by a three-man team made of me, Allmight and someone else. Whether it rains or there's flames, be the hero everyone needs. We'll be doing the Rescue Trial. This time, it's entirely up to you whether or not you use your hero suits. Some of your suits aren't ready to experience environmental harshness after all. The training area is fairly far away, so we'll get there by bus. That's all, go get prepared." Aizawa then laid on the floor in his sleeping bag.


The bus was very similar to the buses used in the city, thus rendering IIda's hard-thought seat assignment useless. Izuku sat next to Uraraka on the farther middle while IIda sat in front to assume his "responsibility" as class president. Bakugou sat in a random seat in the middle.

On the way, the students tried to familiarize with each other as they were going to pass three years together. "Rescue seems harder than battling, no? You need to have a patient and delicate side, (cough) Kacchan (cough)." Izuku started.

"I heard that, Deku! I am very patient and delicate when I need to!" Katsuki's fuse lit up at Izuku's implications.

Uraraka said, "Well, with my Quirk, I am able to lift up pieces of concrete."

Mina also commented, "I am able to melt stuff like concrete and metal to free people, you know?"

Satou said, "With enough sugar, I could also lift large pieces of concrete and metal."

Asui joined in the conversation, "If I'm able to be in water, I'm able to save many people from drowning."

Uraraka turned to Izuku, "What about you, Deku?"

Izuku decided to show them some of his Skills, growing Cruel Claws on his right hand and create a string of Sticky Web on his left, "Well I have sensitive ears so I can locate buried people under the debrris, I can grow claws sharp enough to cut metal, I am also able to produce spider web strong enough to hold a mid sized building in place, I'm also able to adapt my body to be semi-aquatic so floods aren't a problem and I'm very flexible, helping me enter hard-to-reach places. That's about it for my rescue abilities."

Izuku noticed that the others were staring at him weirdly and he asked, "What is it?"

Kirishima said with wide opened eyes, "Are you trying to take our jobs away?! You basically have multiple Quirks inside your body, hot damn!"

Those are only 5 Skills out of the 42 Skills that I extracted. Izuku left that part for himself and just scratched his neck, "Hehe, is that a compliment or a complaint?"

Kirishima bitterly smiled, "My Hardening Quirk is not the best at rescue so I don't have high hopes to make big scores."

Izuku tried to confort him, "Don't worry! It's true that it's not the best Quirk for rescue but it's an amazing Quirk that enhances defense and your offense without restricting your speed!" Of course, Steel Skin is better. Once again, he kept his comments to himself.

Izuku continued, "Although my Quirk seems to excel in most departments, it follows a certain rule: I can't use superior abilities. For example, Uraraka's Zero Gravity or Mr. Aizawa's Erasure or Yaoyorozu's Creation. No matter what animal or beast I imitate, I won't be able to reverse nature's laws."

It was true, none of his monster's Skills were something supernatural. There were elemental attacks and body transformation and enhancements but never something like telekinesis or mind reading and stuff. The Item Shop would be the most supernatural Skill he had, being able to make items appear from nowhere.

Asui seemed to notice something, "Hey Midoriya, can I ask you something about your Quirk?"

Izuku answered, "Sure."

Asui said what she had on her mind, "Your claws... seem very similar to the monster that appeared a year ago, don't they?"

Izuku's heart skipped a beat there but didn't show it on his face, "Why do you say so?"

Asui replied, "I saw a witness's recorded video of the attack of the Sludge Villain in the news, the one Bakugou was involved in? That creature's claws were long and yellow, just like yours."

Does she have my Skill Curious?! Izuku thought nervously.

Bakugou seemed to hear their conversation, raising an eyebrow when glancing at Izuku's claws, and said, "Deku's claws are similar to that mutt but they are not the same. The mutt's claws were even longer and it had two sets of them. I saw them up close when it fought against the slimy bastard. Deku can't even reach the mutt's power level."

Izuku just smiled, I'm that mutt. "Well if the creature has base animal DNA, then it's possible our claws have some similarities."

Asui accepted the answer, "I see."

Then, Aizawa's listless voice sounded from the bus speakers, "We are almost there. Prepare to settle down."

The bus then arrived next to a stadium-like building and parked outside. When they entered the building, they had plastered a dumbfounded expression on their faces. It was enormous, almost as big as the entrance exam. There were places with water excess, buildings burning and and crumbled buildings.

A hero with a big space suit appeared before them, Izuku used Appraise,

Name: The Space Hero/Thirteen

Quirk: Blackhole

Status: Giddy

It was the first time someone's name didn't appear in Appraise. Thirteen began talking, "Good afternoon, students. This is a practical training area I created. To simulate all kinds of accidents and disasters, and I call it Unforeseen Simulation Joint."

This could seriously be Universal Studios Japan, everyone thought.

Aizawa looked around, "Thirteen, where's Allmight? He should have been here already."

Thirteen lifted up three fingers, "From what I was told, he was out hero-ing and lost track of time."

Aizawa slightly frowned, "The guy's at the height of irresponsibility..."

All the students understood it as Allmight being too occupied doing hero work but Izuku knew better.

The three fingers Thirteen rose meant Allmight used up his three hours. It looks like he won't be coming. Izuku hoped everything was alright on Allmight's side.

Thirteen began his(?) lesson, "I've got a thing or two to say... or three... or four.."

They're increasing..., the students thought.

Thirteen continued, "As you may all know, my Quirk is Blackhole. Any and all materials will be sucked into its vortex, becoming dust. It, however, a power that could easily be used to kill people. In that way, it's no different from the Quirks from everyone else here. Please don't forget each of you possesses a Quirk that can go awry. One wrong step is all it takes to accidentally kill others. During Aizawa's Quirk Apprehension Trial, you learned of your respective power's potential. In Allmight's Battle Trial, you took the true sense of the danger of brandishing your Quirk against one another."

Izuku thought deeply about it, even his weakest monster, the Aptonoth, is highly dangerous to regular civilians. He should be careful about exposing his monster transformations.

"This lesson will serve as a new start! Let's get studying on how to use our Quirks for the sake of saving human lives! Your Quirks aren't necessarily meant to hurt people, but at the end of the day, I hope you return home having fully understood that your Quirks exist to help others! That is all! Thank you for listening so intently and patiently." Thirteen ended with a bow.

Izuku smiled, That's right. I can use my monster forms to help people, not only fight villains! I should just wait for the right timing to reveal my true power!

"All right, first things first-", Aizawa was going to begin the Trial, when it happened.

On the plaza of the lower platform, a ripple in space occurred as a black mist started pouring from the rip in space. Izuku felt Danger Sense ring intensely inside his head, even stronger than the zero pointer.

Izuku moves next to Bakugou , "Kacchan, something is wrong."

Bakugou glanced at him and whispered, "What do you mean, Deku?"

Izuku told him in a quiet manner, "I don't think this is part of the Trial." When the black mist grew big enough, a hand extended from it. A blue haired man with a hand on his face walked out of the black mist, Izuku than used Appraise,

Name: Tomura Shigaraki

Quirk: Decay

Status: Excited

Decay? Sounds very... troublesome.

Aizawa immediately reacted, "Huddle together and don't move! Thirteen! Protect the students! These are real villains!"

After the blue haired man past through, tens of individuals also came forward, making a big crowd on the lower plaza. The black mist began speaking, "Eraserhead and Thirteen... according to the information we extracted yesterday, Allmight was also supposed to be here and yet..."

Aizawa understood, "I knew it. You were behind the infiltration breach, weren't you?!"

The blue haired man, Shigaraki, seemingly began to talk to himself, "Where is he... We went through all this trouble and rustled so many of us to tag along... You can't tell me, Allmight, the Symbol of Peace, isn't here... I wonder if he'll show up if we kill the kids..."

Izuku felt his Danger Sense ring harder, apparently his threat wasn't a bluff.

Aizawa told Thirteen while adjusting his goggles, "Thirteen. Begin with the evacuation procedures and try calling the school. These villains know how to get around the sensors. There's a chance they have someone with a Quirk that can cause interference." He the began walking to the lower plaza,

Izuku yelled, "Mr. Aizawa! You can't fight them alone! Even if you erase all of their Quirks, that are simply too many! You mainly focus on stealth and capture!"

Aizawa just glanced at Izuku, "A Hero always has more than one trick up theirs sleeve. Thirteen, I'm counting on you." He then jumped from the higher platform into the plaza, erasing Quirks and demonstrating an amazing close combat prowess.

The students stared in awe at their teacher's amazing battle power. Thirteen hurried them, "Let's go! This is no time to be drooling! We have to evacuate!"

They turned and ran towards the exit when the black mist appeared out of nowhere and stopped them, "I'm afraid I can't allow that. Greetings, we are the Villain League. I apologize for the presumption, but we took it ourselves to enter UA Academy, the base of the heroes. In order to engage with Mr. Allmight, we were wondering if we might be allowed the opportunity to extinguish him, you see. Was Mr. Allmight not meant to be in attendance at this juncture? Perhaps, has something been altered? Well that doesn't matter anymore. I must full fill my role..."

What a polite villain... If anyone heard him on any other occasion, they would think he is the polite uncle that apologizes for other's mistakes. But right now, his composure sent chills to the back of Izuku. He immediately figured their meaning with Curious: They came here to kill Allmight and they won't be able to evacuate from here. Izuku Appraised him,

Name: Kurogiri

Quirk: Warp Gate

Status: Composed

Bakugou and Kirishima leapt at the villain, one making an explosion and the other hitting hard.

Boom! Swish!

The attacks missed.

Izuku immediately alerted them, "Kacchan! Kirishima! Get out of there, his Quirk is Warp Gate! You'll get scattered-"

But it was too late. The black mist engulfed them and the students around the crowd of students, only leaving Thirteen, IIda, Uraraka, Shouji, Satou, Sero and Ashido behind.


Izuku saw his point of view covered in darkness, then his body felt light. When he realized he had been warped, he was already falling towards the Flood Zone. Izuku activated Glide and landed on the boat that was meant to be used on the Trial.

He looked around and saw Asui carrying Mineta under her armpit while being chased by some villains. Izuku waved at her, "Asui! Over here!"

Asui noticed Izuku and swam faster than before to reach the boat. Already there, Asui threw Mineta over and jumped in herself.

"Boy are we in a pickle." She said.

Izuku nodded, "They must be the ones behind the breach. The Press breaking in must have been a ploy to obtain Allmight's information."

Mineta exclaimed, "But they won't be able to kill Allmight, r-right?! Once he arrives, he'll go bam and pow and defeat them!"

Asui said hopelessly, "They must have figured someway to kill him. It would be absurd if they all came here to get flattened after all the trouble."

Mineta then pointed to the water, shaking, "T-they're back!"

In the water, about fifteen water Quirk villains were waiting for them to panic, "Come back to the water!/I'll kill you!/Haha, we have a big catch."

Izuku's brain was going overwork with Curious, They must have a way to defeat Allmight. They might want to kill him as Allmight is a big threat to any villain or thug there is.

Izuku's face grew very dark and then grinned ferociously, "If those bastards are here to kill Allmight then we shouldn't make it easy for them, should we? Then, right now we must fight back!"

Mineta yelled, "What do you mean by 'fight back'?! These villains are confident on killing Allmight! Allmight! Are you a moron or something?! We should just stay quiet until the heroes of UA arrive!"

Izuku began, "All of those villains obviously are well versed in water combat. That means that they have a layout of USJ beforehand. It is clear that they prepared carefully, however, there is something odd of their plan. Asui, you are also well versed in under water combat, then why did you end up in the flood zone? It means that they don't know of the students' Quirks! It's because they don't have intel on our Quirks that made them separate us and overwhelm us with sheer numbers! Our one advantage is that they don't know how to proceed against us. They haven't tried boarding the boat, supporting my theory."

Asui agreed, "It's true, as a frog, it wouldn't be fun to get stuck in the fire zone. However, since they don't have intel of our Quirks, it means that they won't dare to underestimate us. What are we supposed to do now? Also, call me Tsuyu."

Izuku said, "Tsuyu, you and I can fight against some of them on the water and Mineta can produce restrictive purple balls. However, I can only fight 5 villains at most and Tsuyu, you might not be able to fight more than three. Mineta's restrictive ball are also out of the count as the villains are scattered all over the flood. So, we must find a way to fight them together and-"


Izuku was interrupted by a villain who got impatient and broke the boat in half with a compressed water blade. He knew they were now short on time before they sunk and fall victims to the villains.

Izuku gritted his teeth, In order to win... there's no other way!

He clasped Tsuyu's and Mineta's shoulders, "I need you to listen to me. We are running out of time and we can't fight them alone so I have to use my trump card. I am not a monster but it is part of my Quirk so don't panic!"

He then jumped into the water.

Inside the water, Izuku's body began to swell. His tailbone grew out his body and got covered with a fin-like tail with a pointy end. His neck extended and his neck's sides grew a cobra-like membrane. Izuku's face contorted as his skull flattened and jaw grew forward, making it look like a crocodile while two orange-brown dorsal horns grew out on the back of head.

He withstood the pain of ripping and stretching in his body and continued the transformation. His backside started growing deep blue scales, ripping open his skin and taking its place, some dorsal spikes grew on his back from his spine. On his underside, his skin was ripped by beige scales instead of blue scales, giving a smooth feeling. Izuku's arms swelled and grew reddish orange claws and his legs bent into a kneeling position and opened outwards, twisting his joints.

His body grew and grew, arcs of blue lightening ran across his spinal organs occasionally. His body stopped at a length of 33.1 meters and height of more then 3 meters. Izuku opened his eyes, glowing red eyes shone with ferociousness.

*You have transformed into Sea Wyvern Lagiacrus.* Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


"Midoriya!" Both Tsuyu and Mineta yelled as Izuku jumped. The villains said smugly, "Heh, smart kid, knows when to give up when there is no other choice. Come on brothers! Let's rip him apart!"

The villains submerged into the water, expecting to find a drowning helpless boy, but never a creature that came straight from the depths of their worst nightmares.


A deep growl reverberated across the flood zone. Flickers of glowing blue lights were seen on the water, a large shadow could be seen by Tsuyu and Mineta. The villain that was closest to the shadow was so scared by what he saw, an enormous blue serpentine crocodile with lightening arcs flowing through its body and red glowing eyes was swimming directly at them!

The villain didn't have time to react before the creature bit his legs, breaking them apart, "Aaargh!" The second closest villain was smacked unconscious by a swipe of the creature's tail. It was then that the rest of the villains found the creature that was also heading towards them, "What is that thing!/M-monster!/Swim! Swim away!"

The villains started to swim as fast as possible to get away from this monster. Planning on escaping? I don't think so! Stay, I insist! Izuku's crocodile-like face sneered.

His back started to accumulate the lightening arcs around his body into a vertical rectangle made by his dorsal spikes, their original orange-brown collar began getting covered with a tinge of bright blue. Thunder Discharge!

*-20 Sp*

The accumulated lightening suddenly erupted, spreading all over the flood zone. Tsuyu and Mineta saw the lightening bolts evade them like two same polar magnets, swimming in the air around their bodies like blanket. The escaping villains were shocked and burnt one... two... three... four times! Their bodies were too hurt to move anymore, not mention escaping!

They just float in the water, their bodies convulsed from time to time and the lightening arcs dispersed.

*You defeated your opponents. You have been rewarded with High rank Water Monster Gacha x 1*

Tsuyu and Mineta stared in fear at the enormous creature that was approaching them. Izuku stood on one half of the sinking boat while the other two where in the other half, still shocked. Izuku used Mimicry and said, "I know you are surprised by this development but we don't have time for this. We need to help Mr. Aizawa fight the villains! Get on!"

He lowered his neck, indicating them to get ride him. Tsuyu and Mineta awoke from their shock and hesitantly got on his neck, sliding to his back.

Izuku got back into the water and swam to the shore. Mineta puffed out his chest, "I probably look so cool right now, riding a giant beast while sitting sitting next to a frog-girl."

But Tsuyu retorted, "It would be cool if the giant creature wasn't Midoriya giving you a ride because you can't even swim to solve your problems." Mineta then, remained quit for the rest of the ride.

Tsuyu asked first, "What's with this body of yours, Midoriya?"

Izuku said while swimming, "I'll explain everything to the whole class when the time comes. For now,I can say it's just a transformation I can do."

They arrived at the shore and and Izuku put Tsuyu and Mineta on the ground. He deactivated his transformation, becoming human once again. Mom's suit...

The suit his mom has made was now destroyed, his chest completely exposing his ripped muscles. Although he still had his pants, they were left tatters.

"What do we do now?" Tsuyu asked, averting her eyes from his muscular chest.

"I suppose for the time being, our top priority should be calling for help. If things go our way, we can follow the waterside to the exit, avoiding the main plaza altogether." Izuku responded.

"Oh yeah, Mr. Aizawa is holding back the giant group of villains in the plaza." Tsuyu reminded.

Izuku slightly frowned, Mr. Aizawa... "There has to be too many of them. Mr. Aizawa is naturally planning on keeping the villains on check, but it's not wrong to think he jumped in to protect us and is now over exerting himself. I'm not saying to jump right into the fray but we should find openings to relieve his burdens." Izuku and the others stood by and search for ways to help.


Aizawa was jumping, evading, punching and kicking at his enemies around him. He used his capture weapon to tie villains and make them crash into the others. Aizawa erased their Quirks and knocked them out.

However, he was already running out of gas, I can't hold much longer. My eyes are burning and can't keep them  open much anymore. I hope that someone has already managed to contact the school.

Shigaraki suddenly made a move, sprinting towards Aizawa. Aizawa humphed, "Are you the favorite?"

He threw his capture weapon towards Shigaraki, who caught it with his hand and kept mumbling under his breath, "24 seconds... 20 seconds... 17 seconds..."

Aizawa dashed forward, elbowing him in the stomach.

But failed.

"You keep jumping around so it's hard to tell but there are moments when your hair falls over your eyes. Its whenever you complete one action. And the interval is getting shorter and shorter. Don't bite off more than you can chew, Eraserhead."

Shigaraki had caught Aizawa's elbow, which was now decaying, pieces of skin and muscle crumbling to the ground. With the sudden pain in his elbow, Aizawa punched Shigaraki away and jumped back.

My elbow is broken, Aizawa thought as he evaded other villains' attacks.

Shigaraki got up from the ground and said as he massages his jaw, "That Quirk of yours... it's not meant to fight long term mass fighting, is it? So the reason you jumped into open battle like this was to give your students some sense of security? You're so cool, so cool you are but, I'm not the favorite here."

Aizawa felt a sense of crisis behind him but it was too late. Who knows when, a humanoid creature with its brain exposed had appeared. It crashed his fist to Aizawa, smashing him head first into the concrete plaza floor. The creature then jumped on top of Aizawa and crouched on his back. This movement caused Aizawa's ribcage to fracture. Izuku's Danger Sense rang at its strongest frequency, Appraise.

Name: Artificial Human/Noumu

Quirk: Immense Strength/Immense Speed/Hyper Regeneration/ Shock Absorption

Status: Active

Izuku was dumbfounded, Four Quirks?!

"Tell the Symbol of Peace, he is wanted by artificial human, Noumu." Shigaraki said while looking down at Aizawa.

The Noumu grabbed Aizawa's broken arm and Shigaraki said, "You can erase Quirks. A respectable ability, but there's nothing to it in the end. When faced with overwhelming strength, you might as well be Quirkless."

After he finished talking, Noumu twisted Aizawa's arm, "Gwaaa!!"

At this scene, something inside Izuku's mind broke.

Izuku ran, and activated Whirlwind Dash,


*-20 Sp*

He sped through the plaza trying to reach Aizawa. At midway, he began another transformation, his body began to grow. On his head this time, only his lower jaw was the one to extend and swell, growing layers over layers of a rock-like substance, making an enormous stone hammer-like chin. On his back, metallic crystal pillars poked through his back, the fact that the pillars were blunt and not sharp made it more painful. The pillars grew from his forehead to all the way to his wide tail. The tail itself had red glowing rocks encrusted on it.

Izuku's skin was once again pierced with scales albeit them being a lustrous gold, giving an appearance of high defense. Izuku's arms shrunk a bit but not too much, his legs though, grew large enough to carry his growing body. It was very painful but he didn't mind it as Aizawa's life was at stake. His eyes now shone a violet blue light and he grew another set of flat but strong teeth. Izuku stopped growing at a length of 33.5 meters and height of about 2.4 meters, making a heavy build.

*You have transformed into Burst Hammer Wyvern Uragaan.*

Although the skill Whirlwind Dash deactivated after the transformation, the momentum was enough to reach Noumu at great speed. He activated Charge and swung his massive chin towards Noumu.


The Noumu was sent skidding backwards for about 10 meters, leaving marks on the floor. Charge was not originally powerful so Noumu was not really damaged but with the momentum he accumulated, it managed to push the Noumu back for decent distance.

Izuku smashes his chin twice on the ground and roars, GRRAAARRGHH (don't know how to spell Uragaan roars). He deactivated his transformation, revealing his ripped body and tattered suit.

Izuku then kneeled next to Aizawa while taking two Mega Potions, "Mr. Aizawa! Stay with me! Here, drink this!"

He feeds both of the Mega Potions to Aizawa and his expression became much better. His broken and twisted arm's bones begin to move back into place, his face that was smashed into the concrete starts to heal and even his dry eye was recovering. Recovery Girl would call this miraculous as the Mega Potions didn't exhaust the users energy to heal.

Aizawa managed to open his eyes, "M-midoriya? What are you doing here? You are supposed to be evacuating..." Aizawa was between being awake and unconscious.

Izuku called, "Tsuyu! Mineta! Take Mr. Aizawa back to the exit and get him some medical treatment!"

The pair asked hesitantly, "What about you, Midoriya?"

Izuku said resolutely, "I don't think they are going to give us a break. So I'll distract them while you escape. Stop the nonsense and go!!"

Tsuyu and Mineta left with dark expressions, sharing Aizawa's weight.

After they had left to a safe distance, Izuku got between Shigaraki and Noumu, and the retreating Tsuyu and Mineta. He planned his next movements carefully, The Noumu has very high strength and speed so I must use a monster with the same attributes. Nargacuga has the fastest speed of my monsters but it doesn't have good defenses so one hit from Noumu will be the end. Uragaan has the best defensive capabilities but it's too slow, I'd just be making myself a punching bag. I'll just be left with...

While Izuku was planning his next moves, Shigaraki was shocked at this development, He pushed off Noumu?! The living weapon to kill Allmight was shoved off by this kid! Who is he?!

At this moment, Kurogiri warped next to him, "Shigaraki, I'm afraid a student that I didn't scatter escaped the USJ grounds and is now escaping to alert the heroes."

Shigaraki's mood couldn't be worse, a hero's death escaped from his hands, a kid that could rival the Noumu's strength had appeared and now the heroes could arrive at any moment, "Aaaarghh, it's game over.... It's game over, for now. Shall we go back?" Shigaraki thought maliciously, But first, I'll capture this kid! I'm sure master will be interested on his Quirk. He can create more Noumus with his 'monster form'.

When Izuku heard with his Detailed Ear that a student had managed to escape, he was joyous, I just have to hold them off until the pros arrive. He got into position and activated Whirlwind Dash once more.

*-20 Sp*

Izuku began his third, new painful transformation with gritted teeth. His arms extended to the sides and grew in length and thickness, his fingers opening outwards while membranes grew in between them. His feet grew into clawed talons that were tinged with a deadly black at their tips. Vibrant red scales grew on his body and carapace grew on his back, with a black design that appeared through his head, all the way to the tail. His tailbone had grown into clubbed tail with spikes on its sides, looking quite menacing.

His arms morphed into a pair of enormous wings with red scales on the backside while beige on the underside, designed with black flames on them. Izuku grew at a length of 22.3 meters, a height of 5.4 meters and a wingspan of 17 meters! His deep blue, pupiless eyes were filled with determination.

*You transformed into Fire Wyvern Rathalos.*

Seeing Izuku heading towards them in an unknown monster form, Shigaraki immediately acted, "Noumu!"

The Noumu boosted forward with astonishing speed, readying a fist for Izuku. When they got close enough, Noumu swung his fist,


But missed.

With the help of the knowledge provided by Aerial Arts, Izuku had flapped his wings at the last moment, stopping his advance, the fist of Noumu swung by his head. Izuku extended his talons forward, grappling Noumu's waist and stabbing through his spine, collapsing its nervous system.

*Deadly Poison Talons has been resisted by Hyper Regeneration.*

Damn it! Izuku wouldn't be able to poison his enemy. That doesn't matter. I can still do this!

He flapped his wings and carried the Noumu into the air. Izuku flapped his wings again and crashed back into the concrete, Noumu was unable to retaliate.


It's not fun being plummeted to the ground, is it?! Izuku remembered how it smashed Aizawa into the ground. He got angry at the memory and lifted the Noumu back into the air and smashed him into the ground again.


And again. Bang!

And again. Bang!


Tsuyu and Mineta had arrived with the group that hadn't been warped. Uraraka went and hugged Tsuyu, "Tsuyu, are you alright?! What happened to Mr. Aizawa?!"

Tsuyu hastily explained what happened.

"What?! Midoriya/Deku is fighting against the weapon that the villains were planning to use on Allmight?!?" The students yelled altogether.

Tsuyu nodded, "Look! He is currently fighting right now!" She pointed to the main plaza, where Izuku was using his Rathalos form to evade Noumu's punch.

"Go, Deku!/Just hold on a bit longer!/We already sent IIda to call the heroes!" They cheered Izuku but he was too concentrated on the battle to pay them any mind. Then they saw how Izuku grabbed the Noumu by the waist and crashed it again and again, "Wow!/His 'monster form' is so powerful!/Yeah, beat it to a pulp, Deku!"


Izuku's mind was somehow getting distorted as he smashed Noumu into the floor, More! More! Let me see how much you last!

He stopped smashing the Noumu and opened his mouth, releasing Wildflame.

*-1 Sp per five seconds*

Bright red-orange flames flowed like a torrent from Izuku's mouth, right at Noumu's head,

Whhooooshhh(Flame noises).

Ten seconds...

30 seconds...

1 minute!

Izuku then stopped the Wildflame release. Noumu's head was no more, a black but clean burnt mark was left on its stead. He loosened his talons and released the Noumu. He turned to Shigaraki and Kurogiri, "You are next."

Shigaraki just said expressionlessly behind the hand mask, "Noumu!"

Izuku immediately felt his Danger Sense ring but it was too late. The headless "corpse" got up and grabbed Izuku's right wing with its left hand and Izuku's neck with his right, tearing the wing right off.

*You sustained a critical hit! - 150 Hp! Flight based Skills are now disabled!* 

RHRHAAAHR(Rathalos roar)

Izuku roared in pain, the lost wing still twitching in Noumu's hand. His wound spraying blood furiously to the surroundings.

"No!!! Deku/Midoriya!!!", the students in the distance yelled.

Noumu's head began growing from scratch, returning to its unsightly face as if it was never lost. Noumu threw the wing aside and followed with a right uppercut to the chin, flipping Izuku to his backside, and then stepping on him. Izuku spurted a mouthful of blood.

*You have received damage! -63 Hp!"

"Deku/Midoriya!" The class exclaimed as they saw how the Noumu overwhelmed Izuku almost immediately.

At this moment, Bakugou, Todoroki and Kirishima arrived next to them.  Bakugou asked, "Oí, extras! What are you watching?"

Uraraka went to them and explained the situation.

"So Midoriya transformed into a monster and fought the weapon the villains were going to use to kill Allmight?!" Todoroki stated a summary with shocked expression.

Uraraka then pointed at the Noumu sitting on top of Izuku with teary eyes, "H-he was already winning b-but that thing made its comeback and ripped his right wing off! Now Deku can't get out of its feet!"

Kirishima then exclaimed, "Then why don't we help him out?! He'll get killed at this rate!"

Satou rebuked him, "It's not that we don't want to help him! It's that we can't! We proke that thing's attention and cause more casualties and injuries. We we'll be making more harm than help!"

Kirishima didn't give up, "Yeah but if we work together-"

While the others were discussing on what to do, Katsuki stood silent with a thinking expression. 

He then said, "We will not help."

His comment enraged some of the students, "How can you?!/Even if you lost to Midoriya, this is too much!/That's just too cold!"

Katsuki yelled back, "Didn't you hear the Frog Face?! If the nerd wanted help, he would have asked Frog Face and Grape Shorty for help. You'll just get in the way if you get near! If you have the confidence to fight that thing on a one-on-one, then be my guest!"

The students then became quiet. They wouldn't be able to fight the Noumu even if they all joined in.


After getting stepped on, Izuku tried activating Wildflames to fend Noumu off. But received a right hook to the face before having the chance.

*You received damage! -57 Hp!*

"You have a very strong Quirk... Would you like to come with us peacefully or should we just bring your corpse back? Choose quickly cause we don't have much time." Shigaraki said with a sick smile.

Izuku said through his gritted fangs with Mimicry, "S-screw you!"

Shigaraki grinned, "We'll take your corpse, then. Squash him, Noumu!"

Noumu lifted his foot and smashed it into Izuku's chest, caving in his ribcage and fracturing his ribs. He vomited blood nonstop.

*You have received critical damage! -60 Hp! You have received more than half of your max Hp in a single monster form! Canceling monster transformation...*

Izuku's body shrunk at a dramatic rate, his scales and tail retracted into his body as his wing transformed back into an arm. The ripped wing didn't transform back. He was a complete wreck. Lost one arm, had a bruised face and his chest was deformed.

Shigaraki sneered, "What? Out of gas? Were is your earlier ferocity?!"

Izuku gritted his teeth, As if! Steel Skin! Red Shell Armor! Shield Claws! Defense Stance!

His body's skin turned into a metallic gray tone while a red knight-like armor covered his entire body. Izuku's left arm morphed into a giant crab-like claw that shielded his whole body. He put the tip of the Shield Claw between his legs and entered a position that enhanced defense but he wouldn't be able to move.

*1 Sp per second*

Currently, he could only last 4 minutes with the remaining Sp he has, as long as he has Hp, that is. He had 253/315 Sp and 300/ 630 Hp left.

Shigaraki sneered again, "The strongest shield against the strongest lance, huh? I don't believe Noumu can't break you! Noumu!"

The Noumu then started a flurry of punches on Izuku's "Ultimate Defense".

283 Hp...

255 Hp...

211 Hp...

168 Hp...

124 Hp...

68 Hp...

His Steel Skin formed bruises, Red Shell Armor dented and caved in, and his Shield Claw broke and cracked.

Damn it! I won't even last the 4 minutes! Izuku was now flustered as his defense did reduce Noumu's attacks' power but it was too fast! It landed at least one hit every second! Obviously, the villains were not going to stop attacking so he could use some Potions. Izuku spurted another mouthful of blood and his joints began cracking and spraining.

*You are arriving at the 30 Hp and judged to be in perilous danger! Will you use emergency tactics?*

Yes! Izuku said without hesitation.

*You can use 2000 Unstable Elements to temporarily obtain a provisional monster for your current situation! Will you use emergency tactics?*

Yes! Izuku once again said without hesitation, although it was a massive amount, he could always recover them.

*Confirmed! Consuming 2000 Unstable Elements...

Congratulations, you can use Golden Lion [Rajang] temporarily!*

Izuku felt the pang of transformation in his chest and then the pain arrived. All four defensive Skills deactivated at the transformation. On his head, two ox-like horns grew on the side while his face morphed into that of a monkey. His lost arm began regrowing from his shoulder stump as both of them started to grow massively, the ripped wing in the distance shriveled and became dust. From his neck to his back, a lion-like dark brown mane grew. His body physically resembled a gorilla while having a monkey tail.

*You have transformed(82%) into Golden Lion Rajang!*

Izuku felt tremendous strength under his ripped muscles. He faced the Noumu who was still stepping on him, and opened his mouth. Hyperion Beam!

*-50 Sp*

Out of his mouth, condensed lightning came out like real Thunder, crashing into Noumu, sending him flying away. Shigaraki was again shocked at Izuku's battle Skills and felt wary against this monster form.

He was now annoyed of this "game", "Alright, I'm bored now. Noumu finish him!"

The Noumu got up and dashed to Izuku, swinging a fist at his face.


Shigaraki: ?!?!

The expected BOOM or BANG didn't sound but a muffled pomf?! Shigaraki then moved to the side to see what happened(he was behind Noumu), becoming extremely shocked: Noumu on a punching position while his shaking right fist was in Izuku's unmoving, enormous hairy left hand.

Izuku had caught Noumu's fist! He then pulled back his right fist while holding Noumu's fist with his left hand and...


The expected onomatopoeia did come this time. Izuku had punched Noumu right on the face, Comebacks feel so good!

Shigaraki was now alerted, "Noumu! Finish him already!"

Noumu got up from the ground and charged at Izuku again. Izuku didn't fall back and also charged forward. They started to make full out brawl, Noumu mindlessly made blows while Izuku blocked, parried and counter attacked like a pro. It was obvious that Izuku was gaining the upper hand on this fight.

Izuku then prepared to end this fight, Hyperion Beam!

*-50 Sp*

Or so it was supposed to end.

The condensed lightening beam was about to land on Noumu when a black fog caught the attack and made it disappear. A cloud of black fog appeared above Izuku's head and the Hyperion Beam appeared once more, landing on his head, crashing it into the concrete.

*You have received self damage! Your Hp has been reduced to 1! Exiting provisional monster transformation...*

Damn it! I forgot about the warping guy! Izuku cursed inwardly as he vomited blood and his body returned to normal.

His head was then grabbed by Shigaraki with four fingers, except the index finger, "Looks like your little freak show is over. Time to say game over!" He smiled sinisterly as he slowly closed his hand to torture Izuku's mentality.

Is this the end?! Izuku had seen what Shigaraki's touch could do. Now with his low Hp, he'll really die.

Suddenly, a gust of wind past by and Izuku felt like he warped again, except there was no darkness, just a bright smile, "The students told me what happened, young Midoriya! You have my apologies for arriving late and my admiration for saving Aizawa! Now leave everything to your teacher!" 

Izuku said exhaustingly, "But Allmight! Your time... limit..." Izuku then succumbed to his tiredness.

Allmight put Izuku down at a safe distance and prepared to confront the villains, his smile was nowhere to be seen, "You have interrupted this official hero course, caused havoc and even badly injured one of my students. I hope you have made your last call home, because you won't be coming back tonight."

"Ooh, Allmight! You are so heroic at coming to save your student with such a great timing! You were fast, very fast, but not as fast as I thought... It seems like our intel was correct after all! About how you're weakening..." Shigaraki acted tough but, he was cursing inwardly, Damn that brat! Even if Allmight has truly weakened, Noumu has used up too much energy!

Allmight also made a bluff, "Nonsense! I just didn't need to use my full power! Now then, you are the "weapon" that will kill me?"

He looked at the Noumu with caution. Getting here was not easy. When I encountered young IIda, I didn't have any time left. Now I'm over exerting myself to get every single second I can. I've got to end this! Why you ask? For I am, The Symbol of Peace!!

All might dashed at Noumu while Shigaraki commanded it to do the same. Allmight and Noumu went for a full frontal blow-for-blow. The gusts of wind were powerful enough to prevent Shigaraki and Kurogiri fro interfering, "Give it up, Allmight! Noumu has Shock Absorption, it was created to absorb your 100%!"

Allmight's eyes shone, "It's Shock Absorption, not Shock Nullification! That means there is a limit! If it was created to withstand my 100% then I'll give more than 100%!"

Allmight began speeding up and putting more weight into each punch. This caused his old injury to open up again, making him spurt blood. But it was apparent that Noumu was getting overwhelmed by Allmight's sudden boost.

Allmight continued, "A hero is someone who smashes through every obstacle life puts on their way. Do you know what I mean, villain?!" Noumu lagged on the last blow, giving Allmight the perfect opening for his finale,

"It's Plus Ultra!!!"

Allmight made an uppercut on the center of Noumu's chest, breaking its Shock Absorption's limit. Noumu was sent flying outside the stadium, breaking through the ceiling of the USJ.

"I've really gotten weaker. In my heyday, it would have only taken 5 good punches. But today, I threw 200(It's less because he hasn't given One for All away) of them suckers."

I should find my successor already.

Shigaraki was very angry, "No! You used cheats! You... should have been weaker! How dare you lay a hand on my Noumu! Did... he lie to me?"

Allmight said back with confidence, "What's the matter? Where'd your bravado go? What happened with killing the Symbol of Peace? I'm here, try it if you can!"

The students who were witnessing the scene from a distance were in awe, "Amazing!/Allmight is so strong!/But why isn't he attacking the other villains?"

Uraraka said, "I'm going to help Deku out of there!"

She was about to leave when she felt a hand on her shoulder, Bakugou said, "Don't. If you do, you could be caught hostage and ruin the nerd's and Allmight's hard work."

She was going to retort, but Uraraka stopped as she saw a a never seen before seriousness on Bakugou's face. She simply nodded.

Back at the plaza, Allmight was in a troubled situation, his body began releasing steam nonstop. I can't last any longer! I can't even move anymore, that Noumu expended too much of my energy! One more step and I'll snap back at my true form! I have to scare them away!

"Well? What are you waiting for?!"

Take the bait! Go home! If I can just maintain this form a little longer... 

"If Noumu was here... If it were him! Why is this happening?!" Shigaraki was began scratching his neck in tantrum.

Kurogiri stared at Allmight and said, "Shigaraki, please calm yourself. If you look closer, you can clearly see the damage Noumu succeeded in dealing him. The reinforcements are certain to make an appearance in mere minutes. However, I propose, that if you and I combine our efforts, there might be a chance of eliminating Allmight."

Shigaraki stopped scratching his neck, "Yeah... You're right. After all the trouble, how could we fail to defeat the final boss...? Above anything, we must avenge Noumu!"

Shigaraki then dashed to the immobile Allmight while Kurogiri went in front of him, warping Shigaraki right to Allmight.

They're attacking! Everyone run, quickly!

Allmight prepared for the worse as Shigaraki reached to grab his head... 


A wave of red-orange flames splashed at Shigaraki's body, scorching his hand that was about to to grapple Allmight. Kurogiri wasn't spared either as the flames ate away his black mist.

Izuku, in his Rathalos form, slumped to the floor again, sighing in relief. He had woken up right on time before Shigaraki decayed Allmight.

"GAAGH!! It burns! It burns! Get it off! Why is it not extinguishing?!" Shigaraki frantically tried putting off the fire from his hand by smacking it out with his other hand, only to spread the flames to his other hand.

Kurogiri didn't fend off any better, 30% of his warping mist was burned right off into ash, "Shigaraki! We must leave, now!" Kurogiri extended what he had left of warping mist and wrapped Shigaraki with it.

Before they warped, Shigaraki glared at Allmight and Izuku with killing intent, "For the time being, we failed... But we'll get you next time, Symbol of Peace, Allmight! And also you freak show!" They then warped out of USJ, unknown when they would confront again.

Allmight turned to Izuku, "Thank you, young one. If you hadn't interfered right now then my head would be rolling- cough."

He spat a mouthful of blood while half of his body returned to his true form, looking like a piece of abstract art.

"Allmight! Deku/Midoriya! Are you all right?!" The students came running from the exit area since they saw the villains escaping.

"Looks like my secret will be discovered after all." Allmight smiled in defeat.

Oh no! They'll see Allmight's true form! Izuku could see that Allmight's body was covered by clouds of dust and steam, preventing the students from seeing Allmight's state.

We must go...! Izuku got up from the ground and limped towards Allmight. His Rathalos monster form recovered after the boost from the provisional monster form.

"Young Midoriya, what are you doi-"

Allmight didn't finish his question before Izuku bit Allmight's shirt and swung him onto his back.

Once he made sure Allmight was on position, Izuku he spread his wings open and began flapping his them, albeit with difficulty, and flew through the hole Noumu made when sent flying by Allmight.

"Where is Midoriya taking Allmight?" One student asked. The others were equally confused.

Five minutes later, IIda returned with the pro heroes from UA. "Where are the villains? And Allmight?"

The students then retold what happened at their best capabilities.

The Principal asked, "So does anyone know where Midoriya took Allmight?"

The students glanced at each other before shaking their heads. The Principal narrowed his eyes, "We can't rule out the possibility of Midoriya being an infiltrate from this 'Villain League' and just kidnapped Allmight. Fighting the villains could just be ploy to hide his real intentions."

The students from 1-A exclaimed immediately, "That's impossible!/Deku saved my life twice already!/He got extremely hurt to protect Mr. Aizawa!"

Aizawa had already woken up from his injuries, although he was still hurt, the Mega Potions had helped a great deal. His arm was now just a bit fractured, his face was only bruised and his eyes didn't burn anymore.

He glared at his students, "Shut up."

They became quiet and Aizawa turned to the Principal, "I would have also been suspicious of Midoriya by his actions. Why did he hide his Quirk's true capabilities? Why did he take Allmight? I don't know. However, with all due respect, I don't think he is an infiltrator from the Villains League."

The Principal tilted his head in confusion, "Why is that?"

Aizawa continued, "When he interfered the Noumu from killing me, Midoriya gave me to drink two green drinks that tasted like refreshing hospital smell. My arm that seemed it would never recover and my fractured skull began healing. If Midoriya was truly an infiltrate, we would have just given me to Asui and Mineta, leaving my wounds to worsen. When I saw his face, even for a few seconds, his eyes contained genuine worry and fear, just like any kid his age."

The Principal became silent for a while, his fuzzy ears twitching from time to time. He then sighed, "Alright then. Let's arrest the villains here and go back to UA. Attend to any injuries and begin our search of Allmight and Midoriya. If Midoriya isn't truly an infiltrator, then he should be able to answer some questions, with Allmight as a witness of course."


In the air, Izuku was flying toward UA. Allmight, back to his true form, said, "Thanks kid, you saved my twice already. Where are we going now?"

Izuku answered with a tired voice, "We are going back to UA so Recovery Girl can treat you."

Allmight then said in a serious voice, "You could get in serious trouble for hiding your Quirk like this you know..."

Izuku was silent and then said, "It's not that I wasn't going to reveal it. I just needed people to trust me that I wasn't some sort of monster like Noumu. I'll probably get expelled for this, right?"

Allmight answered with hesitation, "Well that is the decision of a the Principal. If he determines you have no hostile intentions towards the school, teachers and students, then you'll be fine. Otherwise..."

"That's good then. I really don't have any bad intentions. I just-!"

Izuku was trying to explain himself when his body suddenly stiffened up.

Allmight noticed something was wrong, "What's up kid? Are you-!"

Allmight couldn't finish his question when Izuku's body went limp and they dropped from the sky.


the wind passed by them as they dropped faster and faster. Allmight panicked and smacked Izuku's scaly head, "Kid! Kid, wake up! We're falling!"

Izuku regained consciousness for a couple of seconds. He couldn't flap his wings any more. He could only place Allmight to his chest, then positioned his tail to support Allmight's back, wrapped Allmight with his wings and lowered his head to give a better survival probability, making himself into a scaly round shield. They then crashed,


Izuku's wyvern body bounced and skipped across the ground, leaving craters and holes behind,




Izuku's body rolled on the ground before stopping. Allmight, albeit being dizzy, removed Izuku's protections and stood up.

He panicked at Izuku's unmoving body and he patted his face again, "Young Midoriya! Wake up! Come on! Stop fooling around! Look! UA is right over there!" From the distance, UA main building was already in sight, just a couple of miles and they would reach the main gate that was being fixed.

He stopped patting his head and moved to his enormous chest, pushing the limp wing away. Allmight put his head on Izuku's chest, only to find no pulse...

Hp: -1/630

(Yeah so I killed Izuku and now this will become an My Hero Academia Isekai.... Just kidding. Make sure to give a good review and share if you like my story!)

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