My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Changes

At the dimmed lit bar...

Kurogiri's black mist condensed from a small dot to a human sized fog. It then spat Shigaraki, his arms emitting smoke as they shriveled and contracted from pain, the Wildflames extinguished on the warp.

"Owww.. My arms.. I can't move them, it burns! I'll kill that brat! We were defeated. Even Noumu was defeated, the underlings were captured and Allmight is still alive! You were wrong, Master..."

At a wall in the bar, a computer screen was connected to an unknown caller, the screen on showed the words Audio Only. The connected caller responded Shigaraki's complaining, "No, I wasn't. I was simply overly optimistic. But you know... It seemed seems they underestimated us. I'm glad the Villains League is still under the shadows."

Another voice joined in the conversation, "What has become of the joint work of Master and me? Has Noumu's body not been retrieved?"

Kurogiri respectfully answered the voice's inquiry, "I'm afraid it was sent flying. If we don't have the precise coordinates of its position, I would not be able to retrieve it no matter how many times I warped. We simply didn't have enough time."

The first voice sounded again, "Even though I went as far as loading it up with power to rival Allmight... Oh well... Can't be helped then, what a shame."

Shigaraki remembered Izuku's performance against the Noumu, he got up from the ground and said, "Power enough to rival Allmight... That reminds me... There was this one kid... He fought Noumu one-on-one and almost won if Kurogiri hadn't interfere. He could transform into monstrous creatures like I've never seen before... One resembled a rocky dinosaur, another like a western dragon and then a super strong horned gorilla. Those were the only transformations I saw him use on his attack, I don't know if he has more... I was going to capture him to boost the Noumu production but then Allmight came... Noumu managed to badly injure both of them but it was sent flying by Allmight at the end and the kid spat these horrible flames at us... If that kid hadn't interfered, we would have managed to kill Allmight!"

The first voice of the call said with interest, "Oh? Interesting..."

The other voice said excited, "If we can capture him, we'll be able to make a whole new production of Noumus with a wide range of capabilities!"

The first voice agreed, "Indeed, it's better to take out a possible future Symbol of Peace. But it's for the best if we take him in normally. From my experience, Quirks involving animals, specially combat type animals, tend to have personality and emotional distortions. If we are able to exploit those distortions, he will be as loyal as a dog..."


*Updating System... Rebooting...


Izuku Midoriya

Hp: 10/630

Sp: 315/315





You have received...*

Izuku woke up with a bad headache and a sore body. He looked around and was met with a dark room with a bright light shining directly on him, still on his Rathalos form.

Where am I? He tried to move but, clack shashashasha.

Sound of chains vibrated in the room. Izuku saw a chain cuffed in each of his wing's main bone, talons, tail and neck.

Who? Who did this? He tried pulling the chains but was received with no results. A somewhat friendly voice sounded from a speaker somewhere in the dark room, "How are you doing Midoriya?"

Izuku didn't know to who this voice belonged to, so he answered using Mimicry with caution, "Fine. Where am I? Who are you?"

The voice sounded again, "You are currently being interrogated in UA. I am the Principal of UA, Nezu."

Izuku was a bit relieved but he decided not to trust this voice for nothing, "Could... you prove it? That you are from UA, that is. And where's Allmight? Is he okay?"

Nezu's voice sounded pleasantly surprised, "It's good you didn't trust me at first. People would immediately lower their guards when they encountered someone from 'the same side'. Very well, hold on a moment."

The voice seemed to have disconnected from the speaker.


A door slide open from one of the walls of the dark room, entering two people. One was a familiar figure, Aizawa, and the other was a short man(?) that seemed to be part dog.. mouse... bear? Izuku Appraised,

Name: Nezu

Quirk: High Specs

Status: Interested

So Izuku could be truly sure, he asked, "Mr. Aizawa, what did the drinks I gave you taste like?"

Aizawa didn't expect the sudden question but he still answered, "It tasted something like a refreshing hospital smell but in your tongue."

Izuku sighed in relief as he was now sure he was in UA. He deactivated his transformation, and reverted back to his human form. His scales retracted into his body, his wings morphed back into arms and when the tail retract back into his body, the chain around it was now cuffed into his waist. Nezu and Aizawa had their eyes wide open as they saw how an enormous dragon-like creature morphed into a green hair and eyes boy in tattered clothing.

Izuku was still cuffed by the neck, wrists, waist and ankles. He wondered how the chains morphed with him. He asked once more, "How is Allmight?"

Nezu answered, "He is fine, he's being treated by Recovery Girl."

Izuku sighed in relief and sat back on the floor, he said, "Aren't I being interrogated? Go ahead."

Although Nezu had pretty much confirmed that Izuku was not a spy from his earlier actions, he still went forward with it, "Firstly, why did you hide your Quirk's true capabilities?"

Izuku was quiet for a moment, he hugged his legs and said, "I guess.. I was scared. There are all types of Quirks out there but mine straight up could transform me into monsters. I somehow awoke my Quirk last year and gave me the power of unimaginable monstrous creature and beasts. I was scared people would think I was an abomination... just like the Noumu."

Right now, Nezu and Aizawa didn't see a threat to the school, but a normal kid that was just like the others. He had worries and fears just like any other person. Nezu sighed, "Okay then. How many of these 'monsters' can you transform?"

Izuku said reluctantly, "... About twenty..."

Nezu and Aizawa:!!!!

"What?!" They both said at the same time, shocked. They expected about five monsters but twenty?

Aizawa seemed to have thought of something, "Midoriya, at the Quirk Apprehension Trials we had, I erased your Quirk in the Softball pitch so you would give it more effort but you still managed to make a score of more than 1000 meters. Is there a reason why?"

Izuku thought about it for a moment and then said, "I think it did erase my Quirk but not my abilities. You see apart from being able to transform into monsters, I can use some of their abilities in my human form. The reason you couldn't erase my 'Skills' was because they are part of my body now, like a mutant-type Quirk."

Aizawa then asked, "And about how many of these 'Skills' do you have?"

Izuku was again reluctant, "...About forty..."

Nezu and Aizawa:....

Maybe they had been shocked too many times that they simply just accepted his answer.

Nezu started again, "Well I can see you are still hurt from the encounter with Noumu, but can you still transform into the horned gorilla that the students mentioned?"

Izuku smiled bitterly, "I can't. It was just a survival reaction from my body. It simply... happened." Of course, Izuku wouldn't mention his System for numerous problematic reasons.

Nezu nodded in understanding, "Yes, there has been records of heroes achieving breakthroughs when in presence of extreme danger and peril. Okay, we have concluded the interrogation, you may go home. There is a set of clothing and your things outside. Classes were canceled today so come back tomorrow."

Izuku raised an eyebrow, "Today? For how much time was I unconscious?"

Nezu answered, "For about a day or so."

Izuku opened his eyes widely, "Has my mother called?"

Aizawa answered this time, "Yeah, she did. We told her you were staying over to recover. She sounded somewhat flustered and said to come home immediately when you could."

Izuku nodded and pointed at the chains, "I see. Could you remove these chains?"

Nezu took out a remote control from his suit and pressed a button, clack clack, the chains' cuffs opened and fell to the ground. Izuku stretched and said, "Thank you for everything. I'll be going."

He then headed to the door but was stopped by Aizawa, "Wait."

Izuku turned around to hear Aizawa out, "Yes?"

Aizawa suddenly bowed, "Thank you for saving me from the Noumu. I am a failure as a teacher. I won't ask how or where you got that healing drink but you have saved my career as a hero and potentially my life."

Izuku smiled and also bowed, "Mr. Aizawa isn't a failure as a teacher. You put your life on the line to give your students time to evacuate. That itself is commendable for a teacher and a hero." Both raised their heads and Izuku waved, "I'll see you tomorrow then!" He then left the room.

Nezu nodded, "He is a good kid. He's humble, intelligent and strong. Midoriya will make an incredible hero."

Aizawa said in agreement, "He will."


Izuku checked the results of the attack of USJ and the 'update' of his System.

* You have received a reward for completion of hidden achievement Against All Odds: Go against an enemy at least 10 times stronger and win: Bloodline Serum x1, Skill Combination Shot x2!*

*You have received a reward for completion of hidden achievement Battle Versus the Sinister: Defeat the evildoers who wish to oppress the innocent for their entertainment: Special monster Black Eclipse Wyvern [Gore Magala]: a very unique wyvern, sharing traits and similarities to that of the Elder Dragons, possessing six limbs, including the clawed wings on its back. Though, its overall appearance and stance resembles a quadrupedal wyvern like the Nargacuga. Its body is covered in dark exoskeleton plates, with notable features including the hidden feelers that are folded alongside its face, the lack of visible eyes and fanged jaws that are actually parts of its external armor plates. The other unique part is its wings, which are covered in jet-black fur that resemble a tattered and ragged cape. The claws on its wings are extremely prehensile, and even seem to possess opposable thumbs. They are used for grabbing, help at running and maintaining stability. When not engaged in combat, Gore Magala tends to cloak its body with its wings by latching them onto its back.*

*System Skill Personal Window has been updated into [Interface]: a low level intelligence program to sort your information and basic inquiries.*

*System Skill Monster Gacha has been updated to [Monster Shop]: You are able to buy monsters according to your desires and needs. Be warned, monsters, depending on their abilities, can be more expensive than being randomly obtained in the Monster Gacha.*

*Item Shop has unlocked three new items: Bloodline Serum: Awaken a monster's next link in its evolution path. Unlocks next subspecies. Warning! The awakening is very painful! 500 Unstable Elements. 1/3

Skill Combination Shot: Morphs similar Skills into one, possibly reducing ones Skill use burden. 500 Unstable Elements. 2/3

Psychoserum: Awakens one's sixth sense, greatly increasing accuracy, awareness and reaction. 15 Unstable Elements. 0/5*

* System Skill Monster Skill Extraction has been upgraded: 25 Unstable Elements reduction on the second Skill extraction.*

* You have awoken Skill [Bond]: You have created a special link with (Unnamed). You are able to feel her emotions, thoughts and presence from a certain distance.*

* You have awoken bond Skill [Inheritance]: (Unnamed) can inherit one skill from you every month. Skills must be compatible with (Unnamed).*

* You have awoken bond Skill [Kinship Attack]: You and (Unnamed) are one. Release a disastrous attack when Kinship Gauge is full. Must be together to activate.*

*You have awoken special status [Kinship Gauge]: when you and (Unnamed) fight side by side, your Kinship Gauge fills up.*


Izuku was overwhelmed by the information he received. He tried out the new skill, Interface, sort out my current unclaimed rewards.

*High rank Water Monster Gacha x1, Gore Magala x1, Bloodline Serum x1, Skill Combination Shot x2.*

Nice. Now Izuku didn't have to read all over the Personal Window to find his stuff. However, something was bothering him.

What is (Unnamed)? He didn't remember "bonding" with someone or something. He just shrugged it off for later thought. Claim High rank Water Monster Gacha.

* Claiming... Congratulations, you obtained Bubble Fox Wyvern [Mizutsune]: Like most other Leviathans, Mizutsune has a long, slender body. However, it is one of the few Leviathans to actually have fur on its body. This dark purple fur covers its chest, underbelly, legs and tail. Its scales are light colored and resemble those of a fish. Its head has a long snout and is beautifully adorned by many fin-like appendages. These fins are pink with yellow markings, and they can also be seen on its back and tail. Its feet are said to be quite different from other Leviathans and allow Mizutsune to move swiftly on land.*

*You have 1/4 of the monster set Fated Four.*

Izuku reviewed his results as he was reaching his home. In front of his house, he heard a scream, "No! Stop it!"

Izuku immediately ran to the door, Mom's getting attacked?!? Izuku swung the door open, ready to fight but was surprised by the scene he saw.

His mom struggling against a small, green creature in a tug of war for a kitchen apron. The creature resembled a Rathalos very much but with dull green scales, a tiny spike stub on its chin, and big and cute eyes with blue irises and yellow sclera(the white part of our eyes). It had some fuzzy fur on its back and while its tail spikes haven't grown big enough to be threatening. Its wings were small but big enough for temporary flight. Izuku didn't even use Appraise when its information appeared in his mind,

Name: (Unnamed)Rathian

Rank: Special

Skills: Poisoned Tail, Fire Breath, Queen of the Land, Bond, Tail Swipe, Inheritance.

Kinship Attack: Blooming Sakura Slash

Status: Playful/Infant

Izuku was surprised that the little Rathian was the one that he bonded with him. The little Rathian seemed to sense something and it turned to look at Izuku. Feeling the Rathian was distracted, Izuku's mom took away the apron from its jaws.

She turned and saw Izuku, elated, she said, "Izuku! You're back! I was going to clean your room yesterday when this thing jumped at me! It nibbled everything and sometimes spat small flames! I haven't slept in almost the whole day!"

All over the house, there could be seen bite marks in the couches and burnt marks on the furniture and walls but Izuku wasn't paying attention.

Right now, Izuku and the Rathian were having a stare down. Izuku checked out the Rathian while it did the same.

The little Rathian's eyes lit up and rushed to tackle Izuku, Daddy!

Izuku heard a 5 year old girl's voice on his head before he was tackled by the little Rathian. It was still an infant but it weighed about 60 pounds and was about the size of a big dog. It pushed Izuku down and nudged its head on his neck and chin, Izuku could feel the still newborn tender scales brush on his skin. Izuku woke from his stupor of the sudden development, D-daddy?! What?!

Izuku picked himself up with the Rathian on his chest. The little Rathian wrapped itself in its wings and leaned its head on Izuku's chest, it began purring with its throat. Izuku's eyes slightly twitched, Are you cat or something?

He told his mom, "Mom, I got this. Why don't you go rest for a bit."

His mom was too tired to discuss with his son about this creature so she left for bed, "Yes Izuku. I'm glad you're okay..."

Izuku took the little Rathian to his room and closed the door. Inside, his whole room was a mess, his books were on the floor and there were eggshell pieces on the desk. I now know where it came from.

Izuku put the Rathian on the bed and began to clean the room. The little Rathian stared at Izuku with great attention and curiosity. After he was done, he sat cross legged on the bed and leaned his back on the wall. The little Rathian dug its head on the cushion of a pillow, its big eyes staring intensely, like a curious kitten, at Izuku.

He smiled, "I guess I should give you a name."

The Rathian's big eyes adorably lit up and it bobbed its head, Name! Yes, yes!

Izuku thought for a while and said, "Flamy."

The Rathian cutely shook its head, No!

Izuku tried again, "Greeny!"

The little Rathian shook its head again, No Greeny!

Izuku thought again... Rathian... Rathian... "How about Rías?"

The little Rathian stood silent and then excitedly bobbed its head, Yes! Me like Rías!

The Rathian, no, Rías flapped her wings happily and skipped along the bed. Izuku patted his lap and said, "Come Rías. Time to rest." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Rías jumped into his lap and curled into a ball, Rest! Yes, yes...

It didn't take long before Izuku could hear small snores coming from her. Rías had 'played' with his mom all day so she was quite tired.

Izuku smiled as he patted her head, What am I going to do with you?

He gently reached for his phone in his pants and called Aizawa. It rung to the second ring until he picked up, "Hello?"

Izuku greeted, "Hello Mr, Aizawa, it's Izuku Midoriya. Please forgive the interruption but I need to ask you about something."

Aizawa was not really occupied as it was too early to go hero-ing for him, "What is it, Midoriya?"

Izuku tried his best to explain Rías existence, "Well you see, I have this... thing.. that I forgot to mention about my Quirk. I have... something... like.. Tokoyami's Quirk! I was wondering if I could take it to class tomorrow."

Aizawa thought for a moment and then said, "As long as it doesn't cause too many problems, it's fine."

Izuku's smile froze, "Ah, I see... Thanks once again, Mr. Aizawa. See you tomorrow in class." He then hanged up.

Izuku glanced at Rías and thought, Will an infant monster behave itself?

He'll have to wait for tomorrow to find out. Izuku then remembered something, Claim Skil Combination Shot x2.

In his hand, the space blurred before two vaccine-like syringes appeared. They had a metallic casing and a vial inside the casing. There was a deep blue liquid inside the vial. Izuku got one of the syringes and aimed it at his vein in his left arm. It pierced rather easily, Izuku felt a stab in his arm but nothing intolerable. The deep blue liquid was expelled from the syringe into his arm. He felt a chilling sensation before a list of combinations appeared in his mind:

Option 1(Pounce, Heavy Strike, Charge)

Option 2(Danger Sense, Night Vision, Appraise, Detailed Ear, Lockdown, Advanced Compound Eyes)

Option 3(Red Shell Armor, Steel Skin, Flexibility +)

Option 4(Cruel Claws, Poison Spike)

Option 2! Izuku chose this one as he thought it would be the most possible useful.

*Combining Skills... You have obtained (Passive)[Territorial Sense]: Able to hear everything in a range of 1 kilometer and produce a map inside the brain as if seeing everything.*

What a nice Skill! Izuku could feel in his head the heartbeats of Rías, the snores of his mom and the people working around the neighborhood, creating a giant map in his head of everything- people and building alike .

He did the same thing with the second syringe and chose option 3.

*Combining Skills... You have obtained (Passive)[Adamantine Body]: Your body is very shock resistant, light, both flexible and durable, adept on evasion and blocks.*

Izuku's body got lightly tanned but not very noticeable. He decided to extract Skills since he was already on topic.

*Extracting Monster Skills on Mizutsune... Extracted (Active)[Bubble Burst]: 10 Sp per bubble, create condensed water bubbles that explode with great strength. Look harmless but powerful. Extracted (Active)[Water Cannon]: 1 Sp per 5 seconds, A high intensity water beam strong enough to bruise skin and break bones.*

* Extracting Monster Skills on Gore Magala... You extracted (Active)[Frenzy Virus]: release pollen-like black scales that spread and infect both allies and enemies. Allies will receive a 25% boost in all round abilities while enemies receive a 25% deterrence in all round abilities and have their natural recovery nullified. Can only infect 10 random individuals. Extracted [Pathogen Feelers]: outer organs that manages the Frenzy Virus. Able to control which individuals the virus infects or make the virus dormant in ones body.*

Izuku was joyful for the Skills he obtained. They were so powerful and now he had a support type skill.


He yawned and stretched, he still needed to recover his Hp. He leaned his head on the wall behind him, petting Rías's wings, and thought, I wonder how tomorrow will be...

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