My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Truths and Training

Nudge, Nudge.

Izuku was woken up from his sleep by something scaly nudging his cheek. He opened his eyes to see Rías staring at him pitifully, Hungry... The little girl's voice sounded once again in his head.

Izuku stretched and checked his phone, 6:35. It was 2 hours before classes started but he couldn't bear Rías's stare so he got up and patted her head, "Good morning Rías. What do you want for breakfast?"

Rías flapped her wings when she saw Izuku get up from bed, Meat! Eat meat!

He raised an eyebrow at her, Did... she get bigger?

Izuku noticed that Rías seemed a bit bigger than yesterday although not very noticeable.

Rías tilted her head in confusion at his gaze and he then shook his head, Nah. How's that possible.

Izuku quietly changed and left the house with Rías as to not disturb his mother's sleep. He headed to the supermarket and bought raw chicken for Rías to eat. Izuku felt like crying after he used up one third of his allowance in chicken before Rías was satisfied.

I guess I'll have rocks for breakfast from now on, he thought as he munch in some rocks on the road.

*You ate common rock. Gained 1 Strength for 3 minutes.

You ate common rock. Gained 1 Agility for 3 minutes.

You ate common...*

Izuku was full with 5 more rocks and stones he found.

Why Daddy eat rocks? Rías asked as she skipped with her talons and swayed her tail from side to side.

Izuku smiled bitterly, "Well Rías. Your Daddy is poor."

Rías tilted her head in confusion, What is poor?

He just shook his head, "You'll understand when you grow up." Izuku didn't expect a monster to understand economics, much less an infant.

Okay! Rías dropped the topic quickly like any child and went on ahead of him. She flapped her wings and glided for a couple of seconds then landed before repeating the action again, seemingly enjoying herself.

Some people who were on their early walks or were on their way to work whispered between themselves as they saw Rías happily playing around, "What is that thing?"

"Is it a winged lizard?"

"Eeww. Reptiles are so creepy!"

Izuku frowned as he could hear everything in a radius of 1 kilometer so those comments didn't escape his ear either.

A girl wearing a uniform and an oversized sweater skipped towards him and Rías in excitement. She was wary against strangers so Rías got behind Izuku's legs when the girl got close, Human...

"OMG! It's so cute!! Look at those fangs and talons!", the girl exclaimed.

She had messy buns wrapped on her blond hair and wild golden eyes. She squatted on her knees and looked at Rías, who was looking at the girl in caution.

"OMG! Can I touch it? What's its name? What exactly is it? Does it bite? How is it so cute?!" Izuku was attacked around all sides by a barrage of questions and inquiries.

He smiled and answered, "Her name is Rías, she doesn't bite but you will need her permission to touch her."

The girl extended her hand at Rías but didn't touch her, "Rías-chan~ can I touch you?~"

Rías lifted her head to glance at Izuku. He shrugged his shoulders, "It's up to you, if you think it's okay."

Rías eyed the girl up and down before hesitantly walk forward. She sniffed her hand and licked it to give consent of touch.

The messy buns girl's eyes lit up as she touched her head, "Wow! Such cool scales! These fangs are so sharp! Her eyes are so big and cute! These talons look deadly!"

Although the girl noticed Rías's fangs and talons, she didn't look scared. In fact, she seemed even more thrilled as her eyes began getting a bit crazy.

Rías on the other hand, looked at Izuku with pleading eyes as the girl groped her head all over, Daddy... Save me...

Izuku chucked and said, "Well if you don't mind, we have to go to school. I thank you for appreciating Rías."

The girl looked a bit disappointed but let go of Rías. NShe stood up and said, "What's there not to like! She's perfect!"

Izuku said bitterly, "Many people so far find her weird or creepy."

The girl's smile slightly twitched and said sweetly, "Then just kill them."

Izuku's brain seemed to stall for a moment but the girl then burst out laughing, "Hahaha, I'm just kidding! You should have seen the look on your face! It was hilarious! Haha!"

Izuku awkwardly laughed, "Hehe, funny... Well then we must go now... Say goodbye to the nice girl Rías."

Rías directly went behind his legs and then Izuku waved goodbye at the messy buns girl and left. The girl stopped smiling and disinterested walked to who knows where.


Izuku reached UA later than expected but not late. He was entering with Rías at his back, some students around were slightly interested on her but they were running late so they didn't pay much attention.

When he reached the classroom, Izuku turned behind to Rías and said, "Wait here for moment, Rías. I won't take long." Rías reluctantly bobbed her head, Okay...

Izuku entered the classroom, the rustling and chitchat came to a stop, everyone staring at Izuku.

Aizawa broke the silence, "Midoriya, you're here. Why don't you explain to them what happened yesterday."

Izuku nodded and stepped forward the middle of the classroom.

He bowed, "Firstly, I would like to apologize for not being completely honest with my classmates. I have tricked some while lied to others. Although its not an excuse, I had my reasons for hiding my Quirk. You don't have to forgive me but I wish for you to understand my actions. You see, I awoke my Quirk a year ago."

Many students students were shocked by this fact as Quirks manifested at age 4, at most.

Izuku continued, "I know it might sound like another lie but you can ask Bakugou about it. I was Quirkless for most of my life."

Everyone glanced at Katsuki for confirmation. Katsuki had been thinking if Izuku had been related to the monster from one year ago. Now that Izuku had admitted of awakening his Quirk a year ago, he was unexpectedly quiet.

He said indifferently, "Yeah, he was a Quirkless fly back then."

Izuku thought in defeat, It's possible I lost all my progress in being friends with Kacchan.

"When I got this Quirk, I was afraid of being judged as a freak from artificial Quirk implantation, like the Noumu from the attack at USJ. So I hid it. I only used some abilities I could extract from the original monster forms. So I would like to present myself once again. Good morning, I'm Izuku Midoriya and my Quirk is Monsterification. My Quirk revolves around transformation of monsters and the ability to use certain skills from them."

Izuku bowed one more time and lifted his head. The classroom whispered and murmured between each other when Kirishima got up his seat and strode towards Izuku.

He clasped his shoulder and said, "That apology was... so manly!"

IIda and Uraraka also stood up from their seats, "That's so deep Deku!/You hid your power to protect yourself and those around you. You are very dignified!"

Tsuyu also went to him while dragging Mineta, "Thanks Midoriya. We would have been toast if you didn't take care of the villains."

"Yes, Yes!"

Izuku smiled and said, "Thanks for understanding."

The rest of the students were asking things like, "What kind of monster forms do you have?"

"Can you transform into the gorilla guy?"

"The monsters were very impressive."

Aizawa stopped the ruckus, "Alright, be quiet. Socialize after class. Oh, yeah. Where's the thing you mentioned, Midoriya?"

Izuku remembered Rías outside in the hall, "Ah, yes. You can come in now!"

He said loudly.

Rías shyly poked her head into the classroom, located Izuku, and dashed towards him, hiding behind his legs, Lotsa humans...

Aizawa was the first one to ask, "What's this Midoriya?"

Izuku picked up the shy Rathian and presented her, "She is Rías, she hatched just three days ago, from an egg that... came... out of... me..."

Now that he thinks about it, it was pretty awkward to explain were he got Rías. Mineta was the only pervert who asked the question that was in everyone's mind, "Did you give birth?"

Izuku blushed a bit by the sudden question but still answered, "Ahem, no, I didn't. One night, I woke up with her egg on my chest, tied by some sort of bond. You could think of her like Tokoyami's Dark Shadow."

The students once started raising questions, "Is she a dragon?"

"She's so cute!"

"Can I touch her?"

The girls in particular seemed to be fond of her so Izuku was glad Rías was accepted in the classroom.

Aizawa said again with a dark expression, "Again, leave the socializing for the end of class. Sit down everyone. We must talk about the rest of your battle..."

Everyone became deadly silent, Our battle?! You don't mean... more villains!!

Aizawa said in a serious voice, "UA's Sports Festival is approaching, boys and girls!"

Everybody: .... Ah, yes... This is a school.

Someone said, "Isn't it too early to do a major school activity? We got attacked a couple of days ago!"

Aizawa rebuked, "It's exactly why we are proceeding with the sports festival. UA will demonstrate that it has everything under control and isn't afraid of another villain attack. Our sports festival is Japan's greatest event. The country's top heroes are all sure to be watching you because they'll be scouting for you! Naturally, entering a the squad of a famous hero will get you higher status and more experience. Remember, time is limited. If you ever get noticed by a pro, that gives you the standing for a brighter future than otherwise. This is the chance you'll get once a year, for a total of three chances. If you want to be a hero, this is an event you can't overlook!"


End of fourth period. Noon break.

The whole class has been pumped throughout the morning lessons, "The tension is sky high!"

"It'll be a major leap in our lives!"

"I mean, I knew it was coming but..."

Everyone started chatting and the girls surrounded Izuku and Rías with shining eyes, "Can I touch it?"

"Does it bite?"

" Wow, look at its wings!"

Izuku gave a smile, This scene is familiar.

Rías seemed to remember the girl from this morning and shrunk inside Izuku's desk, Ooo, more humans...

Mina said, "Rías-chan, want to play with me?~"

Momo said dignified, "Well it can't be helped. It is a beast after all."

Momo said this but her hands betrayed her feelings as they were fidgeting with one another.

Izuku smiled as he pushed Rías out of under the desk with his foot while saying in his heart, I'm sorry Rías, I love you but you must learn to socialize with at least my classmates.

Rías made a face that said "Why have you forsaken me, father?"

The girls jumped at Rías when they saw her out of under the desk but were way more gentler than the girl this morning. The girls gently patted her head and wings while offering some meat from their lunches.

This gained Rías's trust almost immediately as she became more relaxed and even played around with the girls. Izuku was glad that the girls liked Rías and visa versa. He got up from his seat and went to have his lunch with Uraraka and IIda.

On the way to the cafeteria, the three talked of their reasons of becoming a hero. IIda wanted to continue his family's line of work while Uraraka said she wanted to earn money for her family. Izuku thought about it and said it was his life long dream to be a hero and there wasn't a particular reason.

A figure came dashing towards them while saying, "Oohh, there you are Midoriya my boy! Would you mind... eating lunch with me?"

Uraraka couldn't help but laugh, You sound like a teenage girl!

Izuku was a bit confused why Allmight wanted with him but said, "Sure... Go on ahead guys."

He walked with Allmight to the teacher's lounge. IIda and Uraraka left for the cafeteria. While making line to buy lunch, Uraraka asked IIda, "Do you think Deku is in trouble?"

IIda shook his head, "I don't think so. I heard Midoriya helped Allmight when he was in a pinch so he could be thanking Midoriya. I also heard that Midoriya possesses extremely strong monster forms so it's possible that Allmight has taken an interest in him."

Further into the line, Todoroki narrowed his eyes as he eavesdropped their conversation.


"Fifty minutes?!"

Izuku raised his voice unconsciously as he heard the news from Allmight.

"That's my current time limit and it's getting shorter every time. At the moment, I can stay in my muscle form for an hour and a half if I'm not in combatant that's stretching it." Allmight said as he poured some tea in his true form.

Izuku said solemnly, "I'm sorry I wasn't much help."

Allmight burst out laughing while spitting blood, "You don't have to apologize, boy! If you hadn't saved my bacon back then, I wouldn't have a single second. You gave me quite the scare when you fainted."

He wiped off the blood and said seriously, "But more importantly, let's talk about the sports festival. Are prepared to reveal your monster forms to the whole world? What you are truly capable of?"

Izuku remained silent for a while, If I reveal my monster forms and Rías in the Sports Festival, there is no doubt I'll cause a commotion. Many will judge me and some will want to restrain me. I'll also receive a lot of attention from the villains...

Then, Izuku heard IIda's and Uraraka's previous words came into his ears, "I aspire to be a great hero like my brother!"

"I'm going to give my mom and dad the easy life they deserve!"

Izuku eyes widened and then smiled, "Yes! I will show everyone that I am not monster but a hero!"

Allmight also smiled, "That's the spirit! The UA Sports Festival is big time event the whole nation, or even the world, will be taking note of! It's then when you present to the whole world and show that you, Izuku Midoriya, have arrived!"

Izuku nodded and ate his lunch.

Allmight asked perplexed, "Why are you eating rocks?!"


After school...

(I'm skipping over the crowded exit because it holds no meaning in this fanfic and I'm too lazy to write it.)

Izuku and Rías were leaving the school grounds. Rías was happily playing around with a chewing ball the animal lover Koda gave her.

They were going to pass the main gate when a voice was heard, "A year ago. It was you, wasn't it?"

Bakugou was leaning on the outside of the main gate and stared at Izuku.

  Knowing it was time to tell the truth, Izuku said, "Yes, that was me."

Bakugou remained quiet and then said, "Why did you help me? I bullied you, humiliated you and insulted you. So why?"

Izuku sighed and told what happened with Allmight, except his injuries and time limit, "After being rejected by Allmight, I jumped off a building into the ocean. I was just tired of life, you know?"

Bakugou's eyes widened a bit but didn't say anything.

Izuku continued, "When I was sinking to the bottom of the ocean, my body somehow forcibly opened my body's potential, giving me the Quirk I have now. The reason I helped you out wasn't because of pity or justice. It was because I caused Allmight to drop the Sludge villain. It was my responsibility to help you out. You then helped me out by giving me an opening to escape the heroes grasp, therefore we are even.

We left that behind us now. How about we start anew?" Izuku extended his hand towards Bakugou.

Bakugou stared at his hand and then said, "I will defeat you in the Sports Festival," he then grabbed Izuku's hand and ferociously grinned, "so you better not lose before anyone other than me!"

Izuku also grinned, "Let's see who defeats who!"

They let go and left home together while starting another verbal war. Rías just minded her business and played with her new toy while following Izuku.

Izuku was also planning on training for the Sports Festival when an idea rouse on his mind, Although it's a bit sinister, I can train after school with some of my classmates. This way I can absorb Unique Elements from their attacks and they have a live target to practice on! It's a win-win situation!

Bakugou noticed he was making a weird face and asked, "What so funny, nerd?"

Izuku grinned sinisterly, "It's nothing. Oh right! Kacchan, are you interested in training by blasting me?"


At the end, Bakugou rejected Izuku because he felt something was wrong. Izuku called Aizawa if they could use the training grounds after school and he said it was fine as long as they didn't go too crazy.

He then called all his classmates and managed to make training sessions with Aoyama, Mina, Tsuyu, Uraraka, Kaminari, Kirishima, Sato, Ojiro and Jiro. They started the two weeks of training before the Sports Festival.

Training Session 1: Aoyama

Izuku got Aoyama to shoot his Shield Claw for as much as he could. Results: Aoyama managed to extend his 1 second shot to 2 seconds. Izuku bought a low ranked monster from the monster shop with 170 Light Elements.

Dizzy Bird [Tzitzi-Ya-Ku]: a medium-sized Bird Wyvern of navy blue coloration. It has long, powerful back legs, and muscular forelegs complete with three claws for grasping prey. Perhaps its most unique feature is the pair of retractable frills that line either side of its head, which are bright and vividly colorful in appearance. Its back is lined with a row of short spines, and it has wide sturdy feet. This odd monster blinds both prey and enemies with a special pulsing organ near its head. It then uses its strong legs to deliver finishing blows.

He extracted (Active)[Flash]: 5 Sp, emits a dazzling light that blinds enemies to attack or retreat. Be warned, it also blinds allies. Izuku also extracted (Passive)[Retreat Tactics]: finds the best, quickest, safest or quietest way to escape perilous situations. Although this monster was weak, it had very useful skills.

Training Session 2: Mina

Izuku got Mina to range attack him with her acidic Quirk while he evaded with Aerial Arts and Create Elytron. Results: Mina learned to attack from a distance and repel flying opponents. Izuku bought a mid ranked monster with 400 Toxic Elements.

Poison Bewitching Bird [Pukei-Pukei]: slightly resembles a chameleon, with limited color-shifting, and its eyes are similar to frogs. It has a pair of wings and is covered in green, feather-like scales that vary in color throughout its body, excluding its orange underbelly and . Its underbelly is covered in white osteoderm-like protrusions. Despite being reptilian in nature, Pukei-Pukei has vibrant feathers around its neck and wings.

He extracted (Active)[Poison Breath]: 10 Sp, although not lethal, it causes nausea and possible vomiting, preventing the enemy to lose focus on the battle. Izuku also extracted (Passive)[Bully]: 10% boost in all round abilities when faced against weaker opponents. Izuku was speechless at the last Skill.

Training Session 3: Tsuyu

Izuku placed Tsuyu in a dry environment with Wildflame as the cause. Results: Tsuyu because more adept in handling dry environments and fire. Izuku bought a mid ranked monster with 400 Beast Elements.

Demon Frog [Tetsucabra]: a large Amphibian with a striking orange and indigo coloration. Its lower jaw harbors large tusks along with a large set of molars that are capable of crushing prey with ease. Tetsucabra also has a spiky stubby tail that swells up when angered.

He extracted (Active)[Boulder Block]: 15 Sp, Smash the ground to summon a giant boulder to block an incoming attack. Izuku also extracted (Active)[Stamina Sapping Saliva]: 5 Sp, spit a green globular substance that can decrease enemy stamina. Izuku thought the last skill was useful but disgusting.

Training Session 4: Uraraka

Izuku got Uraraka to use her Zero Gravity to lighten him in different monster forms, starting by light ones and then advancing into heavier monsters. Results: Uraraka's weight capacity increased drastically. Izuku bought a mid ranked monster with 400 Gravity Elements.

Floating Sky Wyvern [Paolumu]: a bat-like wyvern that slightly resembles the Honduran white bat. Like said bat species, Paolumu is covered in white fur and has a pink face. Though it is covered in fur, Paolumu also has some brown scales covering its back, underbelly, and tail. The Paolumu has rodent-like buck teeth this is because its diet consists of the eggs that comes off the coral which it sucks in using its incredible breathing power.

He extracted (Passive)[High-Capacity Lungs]: your lungs can preserve high amounts of air. Helpful when used on places with less oxygen. Can be used to blow strong currents of air towards your enemy. Izuku also extracted (Active)[Float]: greatly reduces your weight, making it possible to float. Doesn't use Sp but you must hold your breath for this Skill. Works perfectly with High-Capacity Lungs.

Training Session 5: Kaminari

Izuku, in his Lagiacrus form, fought in an one-on-one combat with Kaminari. Results: Kaminari's voltage rate increased without frying his braincells. Izuku bought a high ranked monster with 1150 Thunder Elements.

Thunder Wolf Wyvern [Zinogre]: a quadrupedal monster with superficially lupine features. It has highly developed limbs, sharp fangs and claws. Its forelegs are extremely powerful and can kill prey in one brutal blow. Despite its hulking size, Zinogre is very agile and is able to perform many impressive aerial and land-based maneuvers. The spikes on its body mostly lie flat, but when it has built up an electric charge they stick out vertically into the air.

He extracted (Active)[Thunder Charge]: 5 Sp, a state where you accumulate large amounts of lightening and electricity. Boosts Thunder Skills by 75%. Izuku also extracted (Passive) [Thunderstruck Combat]: a set of close and ranged combat techniques that carry the speed of lightening and the power of thunder.

Training Session 6: Kirishima

Izuku and Kirishima fought on a fist for fist brawl. Izuku used Adamantine Body, Heavy Strike, Charge and the newly acquired Thunderstruck Combat. Results: Kirishima's Hardening could withstand heavier attacks and last longer. Izuku bought a mid ranked monster with 400 Blunt Elements.

Landslide Wyvern [Barroth]: a large, bipedal monster characteristic of the Brute Wyvern class. It is noted for the large crown structure atop its skull, which houses its nostrils. Its body is covered in rigid plates of armored hide that help protect it from the harsh desert environment. Barroth possesses a pair of small red eyes and a mouthful of long, peg-shaped teeth.

He extracted (Active)[Head Smash] 5 Sp, an attack that has a 50% chance to stun. Izuku also extracted (Passive)[Earth Affinity]: 10% boost to Earth Skills.

Training Session 7: Sato

Like Kirishima, Izuku and Sato fought on a one on one brawl. Results: Sato's Sugar Rush limit extended from 3 minutes to 5. Izuku bought a high ranked monster with 1100 Might Elements.

Roaring Wyvern [Tigrex]: a large, quadrupedal wyvern characterized by its massive head and jaws, powerful limbs and striking yellow/blue striped coloration. The top of its head is tipped with a pair of horn-like ears, and its segmented tail ends with a spiny protrusion.

He extracted (Active)[Concussion Roar]: 15 Sp, an ear-splitting roar that cause enemies to stagger and horrible headaches. Doesn't affect allies. Izuku also extracted (Active)[Blood Rush]: 20 Sp, Anger forces you to enter in a state of power. 50% increase in Strength and Agility. 1 day cool down.

Training Session 8: Ojiro

Again, Izuku and Ojiro had a one on one brawl. Results: Ojiro had an epiphany on a new martial arts technique for his own use. Izuku bought a low ranked monster with 150 Beast Elements.

Jumping Dog Wyvern [Great Maccao]: The Great Maccao's feathered crest sets them apart from its Maccao pack. Although superficially similar to its younger brethren, a Great Maccao is bigger and bulkier, with more brightly-colored plumage. It also has powerful legs it uses to kick threats and to move with great speed, and its spiked tail allows it to propel itself forward and jump with tremendous force.

He extracted (Passive)[Kickmaster Arts]: inherited knowledge on the best way to use the legs to draw devastating, crippling or killing kicks. Izuku also extracted (Passive)[Forager]: increases the chances of receiving better rewards after defeating an opponent. This monster was very weak but had useful skills.

Training Session 9: Jiro

Izuku had Jiro attack him with sonic attacks while he endured them but it wasn't that bad as he had Earplugs. Results: Jiro learned to use her Earjack on a longer range and in different tones. Izuku bought a mid ranked monster with 500 Sonic Elements.

Twisting Snake Wyvern [Najarala]: a large Snake Wyvern with bright green skin adorned with large orange-yellow plates on its back and tail. It has a long serpentine body with small though fully functional fore- and hindlimbs that aid it in moving around on uneven ground. Najarala also has a large beak-like mouth similar to that of a parrot, along with a small pair of tusks.

He extracted (Active)[Sonic Shards]: 1 Sp per shard. Fist size scales that release a searing sound that makes enemies flinch or stagger after being struck or after a set time of 2 minutes. Izuku also extracted (Active)[Ultrasonic Emitter]: 5 Sp, emits an almost unheard sound that detonates the Sonic Shards without needing to strike them or wait for the 2 minutes.

Training Session 10: Rías

Izuku decided to train with Rías for one reason, she got BIG. She went from the stature of a big dog to the stature of a large horse and a wingspan of 8 meters. The little girl's voice changed to a 15 year old girl. Her status went from infant to juvenile.

Izuku could already ride her and fly through the skies. It felt different than using Create Elytron, it felt more... fulfilling, more meaningful. Izuku sparred with Rías so he could get used to his new forms and skills while Rías began building battle experience. He made sure to activate all monster forms so he wouldn't experience pain in the middle of the Sports Festival. It was 1 very painful hour.

Izuku then summoned the Bloodline Serum and a vial with blood red liquid appeared on his hand. He wanted to use the Bloodline Serum on Rías but...

*You can't use Bloodline Serum in this monster!*

He could do nothing but use it on his Rathalos form as it was his personal favorite. He took a deep breath and drunk it. It didn't taste like nothing in particular but it was very warm as it trickled down his throat. Then, a list of monsters appeared in his line of sight.






Yian Kut-Ku

Royal Ludroth

Kecha Wacha










Izuku took a deep breath and confirmed, Rathalos!

*Monster form confirmed! Beginning evolution... *

Izuku dropped the vial and clutched his neck as pain erupted throughout his body. Flames started spurting out of his throat uncontrollably as his body began absorbing those flames and transforming into his Rathalos form. It was, however, not the same. His usual red scales were blue and the webbings on his wings were green.

He finished his transformation after 10 painful minutes.

*You have successful evolved into Azure Rathalos: a Subspecies of Rathalos, and thus, it shares almost all of the same characteristics. However, its shell that is usually fiery red is now an azure color, hence the Azure title. Its wing webbing is lime green, and its tail has one single red spike on the end. It has higher stamina, higher health and higher attack power, and is considerably more aggressive.*

Izuku felt this form was at least two times more powerful than the last Rathalos form. He stretched and flapped his wings, shook his tail and opened and closed his jaws. Rías watched him with glittering eyes, Daddy looks so handsome!

After talking with her for a couple of days, Rías had learned to speak better than when she was an infant. Izuku raised his head, But of course!

Now Izuku checked his results from the last two weeks, Interface.


Izuku Midoriya

Hp: 970/970

Sp: 485/485












Royal Ludroth



Yian Kut-Ku

Yian Garuga

Kecha Wacha








Diamyou Hermitaur



Gore Magala








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Monster skills:

Cruel Claws, Whirlwind Dash, Intimidate, Pounce, Heavy Strike, Healing Honey, Soothing Song, Mimicry, Flint, Sticky Web, Weaving Arts, Aqua Body, Create Water, Stealth, Cold Resistance, Fireball, Curious, Poison Spike, Earplug, Glide, Paralysis Breath, Gluttony, Suction Pads, Thunder Discharge, Lord Of the Sea, Blast Resistance, Stone Stomach, Aerial Arts, Wildflame, Charge, Shield Claws, Defense Stance, Create Elytron, Bubble Burst, Water Cannon, Frenzy Virus, Pathogen Feelers, Flash, Retreat Tactics, Poison Breath, Bully, Boulder Block, Stamina Sapping Saliva, High-Capacity Lungs, Float, Thunder Charge, Thunderstruck Combat, Head Smash, Earth Affinity, Concussion Roar, Blood Rush, Kickmaster Arts, Forager, Sonic Shards, Ultrasonic Emitter, Territorial Sense, Adamantine Body

Elements: Unstable 276, Water 34, Ice 102, Blast 120*

Izuku had made an enormous progress with this round of enhancements. He could relax for the rest of the day. Tomorrow was the Sports Festival and he managed to get stronger. Of course, he helped others get stronger so he didn't feel guilty for taking advantage of their Elements. He returned to his human form and rode on Rías, "Let's go home."

She flapped her wings and shot towards the direction of their house to rest for tomorrow's events.

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