My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Quirk Activated

Izuku began sinking into the ocean as he vomited spurts of blood every once in a while. The impact of falling into almost still water from a tall building would be as dangerous as falling into a concrete floor from a lower height. He didn't regret jumping off, he regrets not being born with a Quirk.

Of course he wouldn't blame his parents for unsuccessfully passing their genes but his own damn rotten luck. He worked as much as any other kid and the same- if not more- ambition to become a hero. Izuku guessed the reason he wanted to become a hero is because he himself needed one, someone to save him from this sinkhole.

But reality wasn't so nice; if he wanted to do something he had to do it himself but how could he do anything without the power to back it up.


That was the root of all his troubles. He had the knowledge, the drive, everything but power. It was useless but he pleaded one more time with all his might, I wish I had my own power, to protect those I love and care for, to accomplish my dreams, without needing anything else but me, ME and only ME!!! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

He screamed as hard as he could but only managed to aggravate his internal injuries, spitting blood and pieces of organs.

Izuku sighs internally as he knew it would be in vain. He never wanted to end like this but life didn't have any plans for him. Just like his nickname useless. He sinks until he reaches the bottom of the ocean, his conscience slowly fading away...


* Quirk Activation: Overcome a life and death situation; you have broken the chains of {BODY}, giving freedom to your {SPIRIT} just like the monsters whose purpose is unrestricted freedom.*

* You have been rewarded with: Mid-Monster Gacha x 1, 50 Unstable Elements*

* You have unlocked System Skill [Monster Gacha] (Low, Mid, High, Elder{restricted}): you can use Unstable(Unique) Elements as payment for a random monster. Use 150, 400, 1000, (???) respectively for each rank. Depending on the Element, Unique Element payments and monster type vary(EX Thunder Elements for Thunder type Monster)*

* You have unlocked System Skill [Monster Skill Extraction] : You will be able to use certain monster skills on your human form, up to 2 Monster Skills per monster. The first Monster Skill is free while the second is 50 Unstable Elements. The Monster Skills are selected randomly.*

* You have unlocked System Skill [Personal Window] :You are able to view/access your Monsters, Skills and Elements.*

* You have obtained Passive Skill [Elemental Skin] : 25% chance to absorb Unique Elements from your opponent's attack. You are also able to absorb 1 Unstable Element from the environment every hour. You are also able to absorb Unique Elements by enduring special environments.*

* You have obtained Passive Skill [Monster's Will] : Being in the peak of freedom, you are now 99% resistance against mental attacks such as hypnosis, mind reading, etc.*

* You have obtained Active Skill [Monster's Body] : Able to transform into a monster from the [Personal Window]. Transformation may cause instinctual corruption on the mind.*

* You are currently in severe danger, will you use Mid-Monster Gacha x 1?


Izuku was so flustered with being bombarded with notifications that he unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of seawater. Being left without a clear explanation on 'why this was happening, what are this notifications, what monster,' he understood that he was given another chance and was in perilous danger. Y-yes.

* Mid-Monster Gacha x 1 has been consumed. Randomly selecting monster...*

* Congratulations, you have obtained The Cruel Claw Wyvern [Odogaron]*

With a pang in his chest, Izuku's body started convulsing as his body started to rip and stretch.

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