My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Is that a dog?

Pain spread all over Izuku's body as he began his transformation. The sides of his skull caved in as his upper teeth and lower jaw spread forward, growing sharp fangs while the last two of each side sticked out like small tusks. His enlarged arms and feet started growing yellow and dangerously sharp claws, one could see that they shouldn't be underestimated. Frighteningly enough, another set of claws began growing over the existing ones, as if he grew extra fingers.

Blood red scales started to pierce his skin, exposing his red muscle and fat. Izuku was never buff. Calling him skinny wouldn't be an exaggeration. However now, muscle tissue started swelling and growing as if steroids were taken into his body.

The scales began to tighten around his body and hardened to take form. His vertebrae also poked through his back making it look more intimidating. His tailbone grew into a bony mass that looked like it was covered in cement and rock. His eyes didn't grow but dimmed, turning from shiny esmerald green to a ghoulish pale blue, having quite a contrast with his scarlet red body.

Izuku's overall change became one of a large canine, covered in bloody scales and a stone grinder-like tail. From head to tail it had a size of about five meters long and from its frontal limbs to its head was almost two meters in height, almost taller that most adults.

*Transformation successful*

Izuku felt like he was reborn into an overpowering being. He knew it was an illusion as it was his first time feeling powerful. This feeling is dangerous. This kind of feeling could get him killed if he overestimated himself.

He looked at his sides, noticing he was still in the bottom of the ocean. Felt like this body had a greater capacity for oxygen. He adjusted his clawed paws in to the soft sand and arched his back, pouncing towards the shore.

Pushing himself out of the water, he thought. It feels... natural but strange. Just what is this?!?

He recalled one of the notifications saying he activated his Quirk by overcoming a life and death situation but, why didn't it activate when I got caught by the Sludge Villain?

He thought about it and he remembered that when he got caught, he was pleading for someone to save him, not like before were he wanted the power to save himself.

Hmmm... Interesting requirements... So this is an [Odogaron] huh? Izuku stared at his reflection in the ocean, almost crapping himself when he saw those pale blue eyes.

Freaky but cool I guess...


His thoughts got interrupted by an explosion nearby. Is there a fight nearby? He thought that probably he could give his new Quirk a go but... apart from not having a Hero License, he could easily be mistaken as villain with this kind of look. Maybe another day he should...

In the distance, he heard a familiar raging voice from a shopping district,"Bastard, LET. ME. GOOO." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Izuku immediately lashed his already turned head around. K-kachan?

He considered going to check but should he? Katsuki Bakugou was a bully from his childhood but he began to think, Although he did say plenty of mean things, he is the only honest person who told me to stop my stupid, imposible dream.

Instead of just laughing it out or giving fake hopes, he dead stopped Izuku from doing any stupidities. He would always make a great ally... of course if he fixed that temper of his... At least I should check it out...

After some internal battles, he decided to check the situation. It's not like anyone would recognize me. At worst, I'll escape with all my might.

Izuku crouched like a beast stalking its prey, slowly but steadily make his way to the shopping district where the explosions came, unnoticed.

Damn it, I was careless.

Katsuki Bakugou was lamenting he didn't pay attention to the path he was walking before he got caught by the sticky bastard.

But Come ON! Why hasn't the heroes done anything? This has been going on for hours!

Katsuki glared at the heroes that were either making calls or waiting for an opening in the Sludge's irregular movements. Useless. This is exactly the reason I will become the number one hero so I don't have to wait for the "Advantageous" Hero to save people people's a*ses. What bull crap!

Being covered and suppressed by this slimy bastard wasn't only disgusting and uncomfortable but also very embarrassing for the "future" number one hero. Just when was to go into another fit of rage, a red shadow jumped from the flames of a building, speeding towards the Sludge. Katsuki was startled by this creatures sudden appearance, Is that a dog?

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