My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 4

Chapter 4: I really hate dogs

Isn't that, t-that the Sludge villain from earlier? What's it doing here? I'm sure Allmight cau-...

Izuku, at this moment, realized, he screwed up.

It must've been when I gripped into Allmight when I wanted to question him! He cursed at his past fanboy impulses as he thought on what to do on this situation.

When I climbed onto Allmight... that was hours ago! Could Kacchan still be holding on since then? He inhaled a lungful of cold air as he remembered he couldn't even endure 40 seconds before almost losing his strength to resist.

That's some pride alright. Izuku guessed the reason Katsuki still hanged on was, not cause of his Quirk or the heroes' intervening but his massive pride that knew no bounds.

Now... what to do? Izuku thought of his objectives: 1. Save Katsuki 2. Not getting caught. Simple to say but hard to do. For the first, he had to arrive in front of Katsuki to separate him from the Sludge villain. He first needed an opening when the heroes backed off so he wouldn't be interrupted or obstructed. Then had to have a way to remove Katsuki from the villain. Last time he got caught, Izuku's fingers went through the villain's body as it was liquid .

He had to find a way to successfully taking off the villain... He glanced at his frightening claws then to the wall of a burnt black building. He swiped his paws, SLASH. Almost tripped because the yellow claws slashed through the wall easily, too easily.

Damn, I know it got burnt but it's still concrete and bricks! He stared at his claws, dumbfounded.

He could definitely slice the liquid off but it would just climb back up as long as the villain was conscious. At this moment Katsuki was going to start another fit of rage. The heroes, already knowing the destruction his explosions could cause, backed away.

Chance! Izuku's now pale blue eyes glowed as he found his chance to attack, he would think of other details on battle. He arched his canine body and sped towards the Sludge villain with an outburst of speed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


With the wolf-like howl, Izuku swiped at his opponent face, just on top of Katsuki's spiky hair. A risky move but very precise and accurate. The Sludge villain, without even having time to react, had his eyeball flying away.

"Aarrgh" The villain's painful screams sounded across the shopping district as he stared fearfully at the creature in front of him. The heroes watched with wide opened eyes as they couldn't see the creature's attack until it arrived at the villain. Even Izuku was shocked as he never expected his body to be this fast. He felt a chunk of his energy being used as he stared at the notification that arrived at his vision.

*You used Whirlwind Dash- use 20 Stamina to accelerate with 200% speed towards the battlefield*

The heroes and side-viewers finally reacted after hearing the villain's painful scream, "OMG, what is that?!?"

"Is that a monster?!"

"Maybe it's a hero?"

Izuku didn't have time to focus on what others thought of his new body when the Sludge villain, in pain and rage, grabbed a traffic light pole with his hand without form and swung at Izuku, hard.

Izuku, without the proper training and experience, swung his right claws at the Sludge villain's arm, separating it from the main body but didn't stop it from arriving at Izuku's left shoulder. Bang! Some scales crack as the pole vibrates from the impact, also being bent a bit.

* - 25 HP*

Damn it. HP?!? As in Health Points? That means if it reaches 0 I die? Izuku had cold sweat when realizing he had been careless. We was about to finish the battle as fast as he could when a notifications came up.

"Damn dog, who do you think you are?" The Sludge villain roared as he began to summon his cutoff liquid limb. Then he noticed, something was wrong. The liquid trembled but didn't budge. The Sludge villain got close to the little puddle and realized there were some red blood little veins all over the puddle.

* You activated Bleeding: you have a 33% chance to activate this effect on an attack. Target slowly loses HP and  prevents healing. Loses effect on 30 seconds.*

Izuku was happy to finally find a way to stop the Sludge villain from recovering. He just had to keep attacking until he doesn't have enough energy to hold Katsuki and then snatch him away.

"Damn dog, what have you done to me?!?" The Sludge villain was frightened as his advantage against heroes was his non-formable body. Now that this creature could slowly chip him away, he was naturally scared. Izuku excitedly pounced into the Sludge villain as he tried dodging the creature.

* You activated Bleeding

    You activated Bleeding

    You activated... *

The Sludge villain got overwhelmed by a flurry of attacks and began rapidly think to where he should escape.

Catch another hostage? Too many heroes around.

Escape through the crowd? All the eyes where on him.

The sewers? It seemed plausible. He began searching around to find a manhole he could slip into.

He found one under a flaming car just close enough to reach but far enough for the heroes to catch him. Hehe I'll push this kid into the damn dog's attack to shift away all the blame into it to distract the heroes.

His body began losing more liquid so he knew that it was better to finish it now. The dog-like creature made a vertical swipe downwards with its right paw.

The Sludge villain's extended tentacle limbs pushed Katsuki's body towards the incoming claws. Izuku's ghoulish blue eyes flashed as he, instead of continuing the attack, immediately stepped onto the floor, twisting his body to the left. Then, with its left paw slashed at the tentacles, finally freeing Katsuki.

"Damn mutt, fina-" Before Katsuki began complaining, Izuku bit into his back shirt collar, throwing him to Death Arms who was watching in the distance.

The Sludge villain, who was rejoicing that the creature and the heroes got distracted, didn't manage to finish his celebration as a boulder- like tail came, smacking his remaining liquid body into the air.

Sigh- I really hate dogs.

Was his last thought before landing into an open metal dumpster, losing consciousness from the heavy impact and fluid loss.

* You defeated your opponent. You have been rewarded 50 Unstable Elements, 100 Water Elements and 20 Blast Elements*

Nice. Deku thought it was amazing to receive rewards from enemies. Now to run away from this disaster...

The dumbfounded heroes began to wake up from their stupor as the Sludge villain, which they had been fighting for hours, got defeated in 10 minutes by this creature. They began to form a semi- circle to keep the creature from leaving.

"Hey fellow," Death Arms started, "do you mind letting us ask you some questions? And where is your Hero License? Can we see it, if possible?"

Izuku got stuck in an awkward situation as he didn't want trouble for fighting without a Hero License or to explain where he suddenly got a Quirk, so he decided to stay quiet and stealthily look of an opportunity to launch Whirlwind Dash to escape.

The heroes got embarrassed as the creature didn't answer Death Arms question nor do any actions to prove harmlessness. "Maybe it's not even human," some heroes concluded.

"Then we must not let it escape", Kamui Woods, preparing his Chains Prison, said, " to find its origins and purpose." The other heroes eyed each other and nodded, they began to circle the creature, to prevent it from escaping, and began preparing their Quirks to attack.

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