My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 5

Chapter 5: You helped me therefore I helped you

This is bad.

Izuku knew that he would get into a conflict with the heroes if he didn't act soon. He didn't want to fight against the heroes because he would have to reveal this Quirk in the future if he wanted to be a hero but he would have a criminal record of resisting and attacking heroes.

Even if he didn't fear the criminal records, there were simply too many heroes onsite. He here were at least ten heroes surrounding him. Even though they were helpless against the Sludge villain, these were pro heroes and weren't weak at all.

He truly didn't want to hurt them as he knew they were just doing their job but he would not let him get caught by them either. He had seen rumors on internet hero forums that some people have practiced artificial Quirk infusion, making them into mindless killing machines and freaky monsters.

Now that he was recorded Quirkless in the government birth records, if he was found with this kind of Quirk, not even the term "late bloomer" would save him from experimental research.

The only way he could reveal his Quirk, without fearing consequences, would be with the protection of UA Highschool, the top independent hero school.

If I fight I have to make sure not to kill or severely injure any of them. Seeing the heroes approaching with non- friendly intentions, Izuku decided to brawl it out.

He retracted his claws as he knew how devastatingly sharp they were, ready to tho only head bash or tail smack them. He had just gotten a new chance in this life and he wouldn't go down without risking it. He got into a pouncing position and narrowed his eyes, concentrating to the maximum.

"Looks like we will do it the hard way", seeing that the creature was ready for a fight, the heroes smiled bitterly, knowing this wasn't going to be and easily fight. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Meanwhile, Izuku's brain was going into overdrive with his hero- nerd- muttering, This body, Odogaron, doesn't seem particularly strong, I got hit with a pole earlier on and my scales cracked so it isn't a defensive body either. It seems that it focuses on speed, accuracy and evasion, an agility type body. Gotta make sure I avoid strong heroes such as Death Arms, I could probably slash Kamui Woods's Chain Prison, as long as it doesn't coil around my limbs. Also there is that Mt. Lady, she just did her debut so I don't have much information about her moves but she doesn't seem versatile at speedy moves and currently she can't fight inside the shopping district because of her size.However, she is currently blocking the half of the shopping district while the rest of the heroes are blocking the other half. Now, my next move should be-

"Oooiiiiii", an irritated voice broke the soon- to- happen intense confrontation.

"What do you think you are doing?", Katsuki Bakugou questioned, looking at the direction of the heroes.

The heroes got confused on why would this kid interrupt the capture. "Kid, don't get in the way of this. We have to find what or who is this.", a hero answered.

"Hhaaaa?!?", Bakugou responded, clearly vexed on their attempt to push him aside. "Is this really the case? Are you not trying to capture it so you don't have to explain to your agencies how you, strictly trained, professional heroes, were fooling around for hours while I was stuck hostage by that slimy bastard when an unknown lifeform had, what clearly you don't have, courage to confront the villain? It even defeated him while sustaining a injury in not even a tenth of what you heroes took on doing nothing.

Although I really, really hate saying this, I was saved by this mutt before being saved by our dear heroes. Isn't, by trying to capture it, taking all the credit by yourselves? Maybe it was the correct decision to standby to wait for the correct hero for the job to minimize the damages but to take the credit for something clearly not done by your hands? Tch, how low have heroes fallen?" Bakugou clearly voiced his opinion as loud as he could so the spectators could hear, making things hard for the heroes to act.

The witnesses started to whisper among themselves, "It's true, the heroes didn't manage to do anything"

"Damn that is so low!"

"Don't they have shame?!/Poor doggo".

The heroes were stuck between a rock and a hard place. In one side, if they let the creature go, they would be letting go of a potential danger go. In the other? They were ruining their image as law enforcers to corrupt heroes if they captured the creature. Even if they manage to clear what happened, their reliability and reputation wouldn't be the same.

The heroes trying to clear their intentions turned their back against Izuku, who's eyes glowed with enlightenment.

"Th-that's not true. We were trying-", the heroes didn't manage to finish explaining when Izuku made his move. His arched back became straight once more as he flew across the shopping district.

* You used Whirlwind Dash: - 20 Stamina*

Izuku ran towards the direction of Mt. Lady, who became flustered at the sudden movement and slammed her hand at Izuku, as if squashing a fly.


Izuku evaded the attack with a back step and, immediately on impact, climbed her arm. Before Mt. Lady could react, Izuku reached her shoulder and jumped across her body, unto the building on her left and sped as fast as possible, jumping across buildings.

   "Damn it, hurry up catch it, we can't let it escape!", the heroes, noticing that they were distracted, immediately began running and some catching up with their vehicles. But before they could even run 100 meters, they got squashed by Mt. Lady.

Apparently the recoil of Izuku's jump wasn't light, pushing Mt. Lady, who was squatting to smash Izuku, forward, towards the heroes who were going to assist.

The awkward and embarrassing scene of a giant lady falling over ten heroes would be a memory that will not be soon be forgotten.

Bakugou, watching the red silhouette disappearing in the shadow of the night, muttered under his breath, "You helped me when I was stuck so I helped you when you were stuck. Now we are even, don't wanna be in debt to some mutt."

He then turned towards the paramedic that was called him for a medical check up.

<20 minutes later in some dark alleyway>

I can't believe Kacchan actually stood up for me.

Izuku was having a weird feeling after Bakugou stood up for him, aka the mutt, he actually felt happy. (This is not BakuDeku, it's the feeling like when your cold and independent cat suddenly cuddles to you, don't misunderstand).

After all, he saved Bakugou because it his fault the Sludge villain escaped. Izuku didn't know that if Bakugou knew who he just stood up for, he would vomit blood.

He made sure no one followed him and no was around and became human again. It was a strange feeling as it didn't hurt as the first time he transformed, it felt like that of stretching. His body shrank dramatically, his scales and tail retracted into his body while his teeth and claws shrank and became normal, with the second set of claws fusing into the first. His dim blue eyes shined into bright emerald green, though looking tired.

To Izuku's surprise, he still had his clothes on although ripped and tattered because of the transformation. Looks like I'll use most of my allowance in clothes.

He was about to return home when a wave of tiredness overwhelmed his head, making him stagger. Izuku leaned against the brick wall and slid down, leaning his head against a green garbage dumpster, embracing dreamland.

A small nap won't hurt...

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