My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Personal Window

"Hey kid... kid, wake up..."

Izuku woke up in a stinky place as he adjusted his body and stretched. "Where am I?", Izuku asked.

"You are in an alleyway two streets from the subway station. Kid are you okay? You seem to have had a rough night", a man in green and orange from the sanitation department asked concerned from Izuku's ripped clothes.

Izuku, a bit absent minded from just waking up, looked around him and then he remembered last night. Shoot, looks like I slept next to the dumpster all night. Mom's gonna kill me. Izuku shot up immediately from the ground and bowed to the sanitary man and said, "Sorry sir and thank you for waking me up."

The sanitary man smiled and patted his shoulder, "Don't worry 'bout it kid, go home. Oh and kid? We all have our bad days, don't let it get to you."

Probably because the man thinks Izuku has economic problems or got beaten up on his way from school, he got that sympathetic look in his eyes. Izuku just smiled and left. He headed towards the subway and took the next ride.

When he got home, he was tackled by another person, " Izukuuuu. Where were youuu? I-I was very scared, you didn't come home and- and the news of an unleashed monster on the streets and, and wuuuuu," Izuku's mom was crying rivers while Izuku tried to confort her, patting her back.

"Mom, don't worry about it, I'm fine.", Izuku said with a cracked voice and watery eyes. I shouldn't be selfish enough to suicide again.

They stood on the door entrance for a couple of minutes before entering the house. Inside, Izuku's mom looked him dead in the eyes and asked, "Where were you?"

Izuku had came up with some possible questions that she could ask and their answers on his way home, " I had a quarrel with Kacchan and we fought. He didn't hurt me but he ruined my clothes so I stayed over. He said he didn't stand being with me so he went out and he got in some sort of trouble outside but he is fine."

His mom was silent for a couple of seconds then she smiled lightly and said, "Ok then. Just make sure to call next time."

Izuku felt relieved inside but didn't show it, "I'm gonna go to my room to rest because of Kacchan's sleep talking, I didn't get much sleep."

Izuku's mom grabbed her purse and walked out the door, "Well I have to work so make sure to do the chores. Bye."

The moment that she closed the door, Izuku walked to his room and laid on the bed. He began to digest what happened the night prior and remembered something. [Personal Window]


  *[Personal Window]

   Izuku Midoriya 

    Hp: 100/130 (0=unconscious)

    Sp: 50/65 (0=unable to move)

   Vitality:13(3) (1=10Hp, 1=5Sp)

   Strength:10(3) (10=average)

   Agility:12(4) (10=average)

   Physique:9(2) (10=average)

  Nth=New stat(Nth)= Monster     strengthening

Monster skills: none

Monsters: Odogaron: covered in red scales and bony protrusions that resemble muscle tissue and bone. The tail is particularly bony and can be used as a club. Odogaron's most distinctive feature is its double row of claws. Its highly aggressive nature means that anything, be it monster or man, is a potential meal. Despite its size, Odogaron is quite an agile monster. It is able to rush down prey before delivering bites with its powerful jaws. Odogaron's double set of claws allow it to leave deep cuts in prey, causing them to bleed to death. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Elements: unstable 114, water 100,  blast 20*

Extract skill. Izuku decided to get a Skill so he could use something to defend himself without exposing himself.

* Choose target monster*


* Target chosen: Odogaron. Random Skill is being extracted...*

* Congratulations you obtained active skill Cruel Claws: grow up to two rows of deadly sharp claw. Can activate the effect Bleeding. Broken claws can be recovered with stamina.*

This skill... Izuku was a bit speechless as he wanted to hide his identity as the Odogaron but his luck got him the most distinctive feature of the Odogaron: the claws. Well as long as I keep it at one row of claws, no one should suspect I am related to the monster.

Izuku activated the skill. His fingers wiggled a bit before they began to get covered with a layer of keratin, becoming nasty and savage looking yellowish claws.

Oohhh. Izuku admired the claws as he swiped them at nothing, slashing the air. He activated the second row of claws and claws began growing from the place that knuckles should suppose to be.

He played with them a bit more, clashing them together, creating sparks. Then he deactivated them and they shrunk to normal fingers, the keratin retracted into his body.

Now, should I get the second skill? Izuku pondered if it was worth it. He didn't have many Unstable Elements at hand but then again with Elemental Skin it should not be a problem to use them. It's not like I'll use them for anything right now.

*Will you use 50 Unstable Elements to extract extra monster skill?*


* Consuming 50 Unstable Elements... Congratulations you obtained Whirlwind Dash: use 20 Stamina to accelerate with 200% speed towards the battlefield*

Nice. Izuku was glad he obtained this skill as it was very useful whether attacking or escaping. He began to plan to get more Unstable Elements or  Unique Elements but he truly wanted to avoid what happened last night.

He remembered a description of the skill [Elemental Skin] : 25% chance to absorb Unique Elements from your opponent's attack. You are also able to absorb 1 Unstable Element from the environment every hour. You are also able to absorb Unique Elements by enduring special environments. He got up the bed and went into the bath. He filled the tub and went inside. An hour later...

* You have obtained 10 Water Elements*

I knew it. Izuku punched the air as he confirmed that he could get Unique Element in the bath. Although slow, it was a really good progress. He got out of the shower and, while drying himself, received a notification.

*You have received a urgent quest: Pass the UA Highschool Entrance Exam: With your new power, you shall advance towards being an elite and prove yourself worthy of being called as one. Pass the first step into becoming a hero. Prepare yourself for the worst and the harshest of tests.

Time duration: 10 months

Reward: System Skill Item Shop

Penalty: Quirk ownership

P.S. Good luck *

Izuku was already planning on joining UA Highschool but when he saw the penalty for incompletion, he almost fainted. The hell?!? I just got this Quirk and now I'm at risk of losing it?!? This is just... He was dumbfounded at this quest.

What is this P.S....

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