My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Training for UA

Izuku was staring at the ceiling, thinking how to begin his training. He had to consider some things, first, Monster and their skills. Currently, he is too weak with only one mid rank monster and two skills. With some calculations, he obtains 24 Unstable Elements each day, 720 on a month so he could get 4 low rank monsters or 1 mid rank  monster or save 2 months to get a high rank monster. Not to mention the payment for the second Skill for 50 Unstable Elements.

Izuku prioritizes skills now so he decided to get some low rank monsters. Now the second thing to consider was Unique Elements. This Elements could be obtained fighting and defeating enemies.

However, Izuku didn't want to risk getting caught again so he will only fight when nobody is there or when he doesn't have an option but to fight. He could also obtain them by enduring special environments such as swimming in the ocean or maybe meditating in a forest or something.

Izuku remembers that the building he jumped from was a very large abandoned warehouse. Perhaps he could train his monster forms inside where nobody can see him. The next day , Izuku woke up early and left home. After a some thought, he went back and got a second change of clothes, just in case.

For the next ten months, Izuku studied and went to school on the mornings then trained for the entrance exams.

Month 1:

Izuku managed to obtain 3 low rank monsters. The Alpha Raptor [Velocidrome]: A striped dinosaur- like monster with bright red crest.

He extracted the skills (Active)[Intimidate]: Use 5 Sp to make your target feel inferior or insecure. 20% chance to make the target stagger. And (Active)[Pounce]: use 5 Sp to leap at your target and pin him/her down.

He also obtained Blue Bear Beast [Arzuros]: noted for its turquoise colored fur and ursine body structure. It has a ridge of erect hair aligned with its nose. Its back is made of a tough hide, somewhat characteristic of a carapace. Hair runs from its cheeks, connecting to its back, where it forms a trim along the sides of the back. The claws of an Arzuros have elongated, red nails. Each claw has a tough brace encasing and protecting the wrist and forearm. Arzuros has large, bulky legs connected to much smaller feet and a short, wide tail.

Izuku extracted skills (Active)[Heavy Strike]: a daunting swipe with great power. Stronger the longer it holds the power in: 5 seconds max. (Active)[Healing Honey]: eating honey restores 2 Hp per ounce.

Then Izuku obtained [Aptonoth]: They have black stripes along their grey leathery backs and a head reminiscent of a Hadrosaur. They have a large, two-pronged crest protruding from their heads and a flat, spiked tail.

He extracted (Active)[Soothing Song]: 10 Sp, your singing gives 100% recovery for Hp and Sp to your allies. (Passive)[Danger Sense]: Greater awareness of your surroundings and incoming danger. (Able to use on other monster forms.) Although these monsters were very weak, they had very useful skills such as [Danger Sense].

Remaining Unstable Elements: 184

Month 2:

Izuku decided to obtain 2 Mid- rank monsters. He obtained Colorful Bird [Qurupeco]: resembles a large bird with Pterosaur-like features, such as a fanged beak and leathery wings. It is mainly lime green with some scales being tinted yellow, it also has a clump of iridescent purple feathers on its back between its shoulders. The Qurupeco has a short, stubby brown crest extending from the back of its head. The Qurupeco's soft crest stretches over the top of its head and when calling opens out into the shape of a megaphone, amplifying its calls. Its most notable feature however is its bright red vocal sac which inflates when calling. The Qurupeco also has a pair of thick, bulky growths on its wings which produce sparks when struck against each other, much like flints. It uses these to ignite its mucus, causing fiery explosions. Its tail is shaped like a fan and can unfold revealing brightly colored skin, most likely as a warning for any would-be attacker. The Qurupeco's feet seem to have only 3 frontal digits on each foot. It may also have a back digit, but its stubby appearance makes it looks more like a heel. Its feet are also partially webbed.

The skills he obtained were (Passive/ Active)[Mimicry]: imitates voice or roars of others at almost 100%(Can be used in other monster forms). (Active)[Flint]: creates a spark by stroking both limbs together. Can be used to ignite flammable material. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Then he obtained Shadow Spider [Nerscylla]: physically resembles a real life Arachnid, but is much larger in size. Its long, strong legs allow it to move at fast speeds, even sideways. At the tip of its abdomen is a large stinger it may use to attack. Sharp, poisonous spikes protrude from its back. Nerscylla is armed with four powerful legs and two claws, each one tipped with a formidable barbed hook, used for holding prey as well as keeping its grip while scaling walls. In addition, it possesses a massive pair of retractable jaws which can inflict a poisonous bite. It can produce a strong, sticky webbing that it uses to trap prey and build nests.

Extracted skills (Active)[Sticky Web]: 1 Sp per meter, creates extremely sticky and strong web. (Passive)[Weaving Arts]: enables one to inherit the knowledge of arachnids on how to use spider threads as weapons and traps as well. This month produced nice results.

Remaining Unstable Elements: 4

Month 3:

This month, Izuku decided to work on the ocean so he could get Water Elements: 500/400. Izuku got the mid- rank Water Beast [Royal Ludroth]: It has a crown-like crest composed of several finger-like appendages tipped with black spikes as well as a large, spongey yellow mane. The Royal Ludroth has a long, serpentine body with four squat limbs. Its hind pair of legs are shaped like paddles for swimming, and its foremost pair are more muscular, tipped with developed digits ending in long black claws. Its jaws are lined with shear-like plates in the place of teeth.

Extracted skills (Passive)[Aqua Body]: proficiently fight inside bodies of water or humid environments. (Active)[Create Water]: 5 Sp per gallon, create water in times of need. Izuku decided to get a high rank monster next month so he saved his Unstable Elements this month: 674

Month 4:

Izuku got his first high rank monster, Swift Wyvern [Nargacuga]: It has black scales, black fur and nightmarish red eyes, giving it the look and style of a predatory black panther. Its dark, feral appearance suggests that it may mainly be a nocturnal predator. Its tail erects large spikes which can be flung and linked up with its attacks for devastating hits. Their vertebrae and tail muscles are extremely flexible, making the tail of Nargacuga also prehensile. Its tail is also its most powerful weapon. The scales at the end of the tail can also be shaken to produce rattling sounds similar to that of a rattlesnake.

Its extracted skills were (Active) [Stealth]: 5 Sp per minute, your skin begins to blur into the environment. Still discoverable with certain detection or eye Quirks or simply very high alertness. Those who see you use the skill can still see you. (Passive) [Night Vision]: nocturnal eyes that let you see in the dark.

Izuku also obtained low rank monster, White Rabbit Beast [Lagombi]: A large, wombat-like Fanged Beast. Its ears are long and highly sensitive, and its face features a beak-like mouth along with small red eyes. A Lagombi's belly is made of a low-friction material and is shaped so that it can slide upon the ice like a sled. It is covered in a thick fur coat to keep it warm in its sub-zero homeland.

Extracted skills are (Passive) [Detailed Ear]: gives superb hearing to the user. (Passive) [Cold Resistance]: gives 50% defense against cold and ice attacks.

Remaining Unstable Elements: 144

To be continued...

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