My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Results and Accomplishments

Month 5:

  Izuku had an idea to get more Unique Elements, he got wood and went into the warehouse. He opened a window then made 4 stacks of wood, one on each of his sides. He ignited them with Flint and sat in the middle of the fire until he started getting Fire Elements. At the end of the month, Fire Elements: 600/ 400.

He got both a low and mid rank monsters. He got low rank Strange Bird [Yian Kut- Ku]: characterized by its large, fan-like ear frills that unfurl when excited and enlarged lower bill. They have a large, yellow beak with a pink stripe running central down the length of the upper beak. The lower jaw of its beak is significantly larger and bulkier than the top jaw. Yian Kut-Ku's body is covered in orange-pink plating and beige scales. Its wing membranes are deep blue and its eyes are bright yellow. These wyverns are small and relatively light, making them quick and agile. They have an extremely powerful sense of hearing, thanks to the large frills circling their ears.

Extracted skills (Active) [Fireball]: 15 Sp, condensed flames that are able to be released through the mouth. (Passive) [Curious]: when investigating or studying, you have a 50% chance of finding results or more clues that others can't see.

The Mid rank monster was Black Wolf Bird [Yian Garuga]: has a striking purple coloration, large defensive spikes and an extremely tough shell. Its beak is sharp and jagged, and it possesses a silver mane around the edge of its face.

Its extracted skills (Active) [Poison Spikes]: Severe but not deadly venomous spikes that may induce vomiting and uncomfortableness. (Passive) [Earplugs]: 75% resistance against deafening sonic attacks.

  Izuku also got mid rank monster Strange Monkey Fox [Kecha Wacha]: a lemur-like monster with long arms and hook-like fingers and claws. It has bright yellow fur and blue skin. It can fold its spiked ears over its face, forming a "mask" that is likely used to intimidate would-be attackers. It also sports a tube-like trunk and large, forward-facing eyes.

Extracted skills (Active)[Glide]: creates a layer of membrane on the sides of the body, connecting the arms and the legs. (Active)[Appraise]: Able to obtain basic information of objects and people.(Able to use on other monster forms.)

He also got a low rank monsters, that being Red Shell Beast [Volvidon]: Volvidon is a medium-sized monster, slightly larger than an Aptonoth. It is covered in a series of red armor plates, which are segmented around the midsection and allow the Volvidon to curl into a ball. It possesses an extremely long, chameleon-like tongue which is covered in sticky saliva.

With the extracted skills (Active) [Paralysis Breath]: 15 Sp, a good breath and the target won't be able to move for 45 seconds. (Active) [Red Shell Armor]: your body will be covered with a Knight- like armor that boost your defenses but hinders your speed.

Remaining Unstable Elements: 114

Month 6:

  Izuku got this time a low rank monster being Great Boar [Bulldrome]: Bulldromes have large tusks, and a layer of white fur. Bulldromes are more agile when running and proficient at finding and locking onto their victims.

Skills extracted are (Active) [Lockdown]: when locked at the opponent, he/she will not be able to escape from sight, even when not visible. (Passive) [Gluttony]: enhanced appetite and digestion for future feasts.

Izuku also obtained a mid rank monster, Creeping Venom Wyvern [Gigginox]: they are blind, cave-dwelling Wyverns. However, they do not sense prey by smell; instead, Gigginox have a special organ that can detect the body heat of their prey. Gigginox are wide and flat.Gigginox is notably agile, being able to flip around without difficulty, and being much faster, probably due to their flat body, and their ability to sense body-heat instead of smelling. Gigginox will use all four limbs plus its tail to propel itself. Gigginox has an elastic neck and tail, which can stretch out to twice their length in an attempt to attack the hunter. Their top skin is grey-white, and their under-skin is dark red. When enraged a Gigginox's top color will change to a darker grey, almost black hue. Their head, tail and chest marks are white but have eye-like sections that glow purple when inside dark areas; these markings can be broken. Gigginox have a circular, leech-like maw, which contains many sharp teeth.

Its skills were (Passive) [Flexibility +]: your body is at least two more time flexible than others making possible risky evasion and tricky- angle attacks. (Active) [Suction Pads]: grows little pads on hands and feet that suck into surfaces to be able to climb proficiently. Remaining Unstable Elements: 184

Now that more than half of the time duration has passed for the quest, Izuku decided to stop getting monsters and to start familiarizing with the ones on hand.

Izuku has learned many things of his new Quirk during the last 4 months.

1. Monster skills can't be used on other monsters forms that weren't originally from that monster. The only exception is Qurupeco's Mimicry that can allow Izuku to talk while on any monster form.

2. Some skills can be cheats while others just plain useless. For example, when using Appraise, something like this would appear-

Inko Midoriya

Quirk: Light Magnetism

Status: Worried

That is just plain cheat and then the useless, for example Gluttony simply makes Izuku more hunger and an accelerated metabolism.

3. Some skills need other help from other skills. For example Sticky Web is just web coming out of his body but if used in tandem with Weaving Arts, the effects are like night and day.

4. The first transformation of a monster form will be extremely painful and will tear clothes but the later transformations of the same monster don't cause pain, awkwardness at worst, and the clothes don't tear either but are stored inside of the body somehow.

5. Different monsters enhance the human form differently. For example, an agility type monster will enhance the stat agility more than that of a strength type monster, Visa versa, a strength type monster will enhance the strength stat more than an agility type monster.

Izuku trained with sweat and tears and sometimes blood to get to were he is now. The results of his training were apparent as he wasn't a crouching scared skinny kid. He now was standing straight, muscled showing but not bulging. His cute anime like face is now a more sharp and refined young man's face, showing unprecedented confidence. What about his abilities?


*[Personal Window]

Izuku Midoriya

Hp: 400/400

Sp: 200/200












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Yian Kut-Ku

Yian Garuga

Kecha Wacha




Monster skills:

Cruel Claws, Whirlwind Dash

Intimidate, Pounce

Heavy Strike, Healing Honey

Soothing Song, Danger Sense

Mimicry, Flint

Sticky Web, Weaving Arts

Aqua Body, Create Water

Stealth, Night Vision

Detailed Ear, Cold Resistance

Fireball, Curious

Poison Spike, Earplug

Glide, Appraise

Paralysis Breath, Red Shell Armor

Lockdown, Gluttony

Flexibility +, Suction Pads

Elements: Unstable 3066, Water 134, Fire: 88, Ice 102, Blast 20*

Izuku felt his heart being clenched, he thought this was a dream and would wake up any second now. Having a Quirk was his lifelong dream and, now that he has such a powerful one, he feels too blessed. Trying not to cry, Izuku goes home to rest for tomorrow's entrance exams.

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