My Monster Hunter Academia Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Before the Exam

< The Day of the exam>

Even though the exam was today, Izuku still had to report to school. The day was nice and he felt excited to start already. He got to class and sat down at his seat then waited to for class to start. "Oiii, Deku!", with a loud Bang, the door was kicked open by Katsuki Bakugou.

He walked up to Izuku and stared down on him.

"What is it Kacchan?", Izuku didn't back down from his loudness and looked at him.

Bakugou's eyes slightly narrowed at his new attitude, "Looks like you finally grew some, huh? Hey, are you really sure you will participate at the entrance exams? Don't you think you should leave it to the real competition to confront me?"

He sneered and looked at Izuku's reaction.

Ever since the incident of the Sludge villain, Bakugou's temperament has cooled down by leagues and didn't bother  Izuku much as he was too occupied preparing for the UA Exams.

Izuku just stared with lazy eyes and said, "Though you haven't heard about it, I finally awoke my Quirk after all this years."

Bakugou's eys widened with surprise, "How is that possible?!? You clearly didn't have a Quirk last time! How?"

Izuku chuckled and answered, "The doctor had the same reaction. Apparently I suffered a phenomenon call 'Late Bloomer Syndrome' where my body's potential was locked until I reached a certain age."

Izuku had made up this excuse when people questioned his abilities. Bakugou immediately grabbed his collar and said coldly, "Show me."

Bakugou felt something was wrong as Izuku didn't move from his seat, he didn't even budge.

Before Katsuki started to use more force, Izuku lifted his hands up in the air in surrender and got up from his seat, "I give in, I give in. It's nothing really great, I was evaluated as having Beastification: I am able to use abilities of some animals such as spiders and cats, look", in one hand he  created Sticky Web from his wrist in his left, which shot recklessly, and used Cruel Claws at minimum with his right hand where his fingernails became one-inch long claws.

"Nothing really great though, at least compared with you." Izuku knew it was not good to confront Bakugou right before the entrance exams and now Bakugou saw that Izuku was still weak even with Quirk.

He released Izuku's collar and left to his seat, "Tch, damn straight. Just stay out of my way, not like you are going to survive much in the exam anyways."

Izuku sighed in relief as he managed to avoid confrontation with Bakugou.

At this moment-

May the UA Highschool entrance exams participants Katsuki Bakugou and Izuku Midoriya please take the bus to UA Highschool grounds. Let's wish our participants best of luck. Thank you, have a nice day.

Izuku and Bakugou both got up from their seats and exited the classroom. Izuku walked excited as Bakugou walked behind with his hands in his pockets, "Hey Deku, you know we are taking entrance exams for a highschool, not taking a trip to the candy store, right?"

Bakugou was vexed by Izuku's easy attitude, as if the entrance exams were the easiest things in the world. Izuku smiled and said enthusiastically, "Yeah, we are applying for the #1 Hero Highschool! How can I not be excited!"

Bakugou just muttered, "Damnable nerd", became quiet for the rest of the walk.

A bus was parked in the front of the school gates, a bit much for two students but no one complained so they just decided to board it. Izuku sat in the first one on the right side while Bakugou , for unsaid reasons, sat at around the middle of the left side. The bus then drove towards UA Highschool.


They arrived at UA in an hour and half. They trip was probably what most of you expected: Izuku trying to converse with Bakugou and then receiving "Shut up" back.

Anyway I digress, Izuku came up to the front gate with sparkling eyes. Bakugou just passed by him without any worry. Looks like he will be a hard nut to crack. Izuku smiled bitterly as he truly wanted to befriend Bakugou without him exploding every five minutes. 

Izuku entered the gate, full of excitement.

"Excuse meee!!!", A scream came from above-behind Izuku.

When he turned his head over his shoulder, he saw a brown short haired girl flying- or more like crash-gliding - towards him. He was confused as to why this girl just didn't stop or land of her Quirk was Flight but he just side stepped to the left.

The girl just went gliding past him, without any intentions of stopping, towards a tree at full speed. Izuku sensed that this girl truly lost the control of her speed and direction so he extended his hand and casted Sticky Web, shooting towards her back.


Ochako Uraraka is currently late to her hero entrance exams. This morning she was immersed in a documentary investigation of a supposedly "Monsters' nest". In an abandoned warehouse next to the sea was rumored to emit monster roars, screeching and a kid's screaming and sometimes laughing.

Someone decided to make some money by making a live investigation of this "Monster nest". As many had heard of a certain monster that appeared 10 months ago, this video had many viewers, many expecting to see the monster that had already disappeared many months ago.

When investigating this warehouse, they found many scratches on the floor, large cobwebs that didn't some to be made by your neighborhood spider and some burnt marks and ashes. What kept the viewers stuck on the screen were the piles of ripped clothing of the size of perhaps a teenager, and many of them littered across the floor.

Although they couldn't find any monsters or teen remains, the internet was flooded of rumors and scandals of the city being prey to a monster that didn't even spare bones or blood of its victims when it had its feast. It had attracted the attention of some heroes but since there were no clues or proofs that there was a monster, they decided to just watch the warehouse for solid proof.

Izuku, who was oblivious to the situation, would be so surprised that his "Hidden base" is flooded with heroes and camera men, who want to catch this "scoop" and sell it to the local newspaper, when he returns in the afternoon.

Ochako was so into the suspense of the investigation that lost track of time and missed the bus. To make sure she reached in time, she took a deep breath and ran at full speed. After having enough speed, she jumped and activated her Quirk Zero Gravity.

At first everything went good but when she began reaching her destination, she was already gliding too fast. If she deactivated her Quirk at this speed, the consequences could be horrifying. She could prayed to land on something soft or that somebody stops her.

When she was about to crash into a green haired boy, she warned him and he managed to avoid her. She was glad she didn't hurt anyone on her way home but she now saw her trips end: a tree. She could only hope she didn't get injured enough to not be able to participate in the exam. That when she felt a yank on her coat. It didn't stop her immediately but greatly reduced her velocity.


That's good. Seeing that the Sticky Web stretch and stopping the girl's crashing speed, Izuku was joyous. He had tested the strength of Sticky Web and found it was almost impossible to rip with raw strength; it only stretches, even with his enhanced strength. It could be cut off, although with much difficulty, burnt to cinders, frozen then broken and diluted with water. Conclusion: great against physical strength but weak against elements. What could he say, the skills were not omnipotent.

The Sticky Web streched and, like a slingshot, launching the clumsy girl back. This time it was much less fast then last time so the girl managed to deactivate her Quirk and landed albeit staggering.

"Hoooo(sigh), thank you for stopping my crash.", the girl bowed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Izuku just smiled and detached the Sticky Web from her back and said, "No problem. Be more careful next time."

The girl then looked at the large clock on the side of the school gate and exclaimed, "I'm late, gotta go! Thank you once again." She bowed once more and left.

Izuku just waved her off and also glanced at the clock. Yep it's about time. He then collected the Sticky Web and ignited it with Flint, turning it into ashes. Izuku admired the school building once more before entering and finding his seat next to Katsuki.

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